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How to make Camilla relevant again

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  • How to make Camilla relevant again

    Beelzebub, Belial, Leona, 2a miho,garo all of these are monsters that do Camilla's job better than her since they are more "relevant" and have better tools to make their job as "sticky bruisers" easier.
    now Camilla never really feels like an actual threat anymore except in very specific RTA matches and in GW, now it's not that she is a bad unit it's more like that she feels outdated just like chow Laika and Jagger which are also single target bruisers that are meant to be a sticky threat but got irrelevant and outdated over the years and they just got buffed because of that, so there is no reason that Camilla won't get the same treatment too since she has the same problems as them.

    Here are my suggestions for a buff that would make her more relevant:
    Option 1: have her second skill scale with both her and the opponent's max hp (like marble's third skill)

    Option 2: add her passive an additional effect with a 1 turn cd that heals(10%) which procs when she is hit with a critical strike in addition to her current passive.

    Option 3: make her gain speed the lower hp she gets.

    Option 4: make her gain crit damage the lower hp she gets(or just cd stacks like fire mk just cd)

    option 5: make her have a built in destroy or nemesis.

    please note that all of these options(except 1) are suggestions for an additional effect to add to her passive.
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    Option 1: She's not about damage at all. She's a simple, binary "can your remaining monsters kill me or not"?

    Options 2-5: All they do is make her harder to kill. She still does exactly the same, and isn't any more or less relevant at all. You could give her better runes and tadah! Same result.

    The question we should ask is not "how to design convoluted passive skills whose results are the same as better stats?", but "if we wanted to make her shine, how could we do that"?

    Her place isn't with 3 other tanks or bruisers, but with a cleaving 3-team. "Oh, your 1-2 supports survived? Can you kill this now?"

    If you want to use her in AD, make sure you max your laser.


    • Sumatoman
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      You don't bring cami into a cleave team. Actually you can't even call that a cleave team when there is cami inside. Dude, I have cami and I love her. I know exactly how to make her shine. In siege, look for noobs. Full fire team? Cami solo. Destroy those noobs with supreme rune quality. Just look for players with poor runes, Cami solo easy. She super good. Don't bother to use her in an even rune quality match. Not worth it, there are always a better replacement for her. She is meant to solo or two man a team. She is meant for bullying the weak.

      {"can your remaining monsters kill me or not"?} That is not cami. That is rina. Cami is "I am grinding you till death"
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    I would like her damage to scale based on opponents speed. The faster the opponent the more damage she deals to it. That would make her more dangerous as long as the scaling was a threat.

    but agree with op storage guardian until she’s buffed or the meta shifts away from speed.


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      The mean reason why cami is not good anymore is because of the attack bar reduction. It kills her. She doesn't get the chance to move, to be effective. She doesn't have big burst of damage and now don't even have the sustain to grind the opponent out.


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        I used camila quite often on gwar and AD tho. She's quite good to tank and deal dmg while other water nuker can't really do it since they're squishy. Well, I don't mind to buff her tho. But is she really need to get buff now while others is still lacklust?


        • Sumatoman
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          The thing is she is becoming less and less effective on arena defense and now she is only good in gw and siege. Cami is not used as often as she used to be. Might as well ask a buff now. Who knows how long it will take com2us to buff her. If we are lucky we might get a cami buff next year!
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        • DrWord
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          Sumatoman I still use her on AD to stall people tho. I don't mind on her buff but instead of this. Is she really in the list of getting buff? For me, I think Com2Us should have a balance patch that fixed all those LD units only instead of just few LD units in the balance patch.

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        Personally I would prefer adding anti-revive to her passive, making her a good counter to the common Perna, Vanessa, and Psamathe AD...


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          How about make her passive heal herself as well as an ally with lowest hp. After all,her 3rd skill is call first aid. I don't think she need any damage buff.

          Another idea, additionally gain a turn when hp drop below 30%. cooldown 3 turns
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