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It is Time to Buff Celia ( Light Magician ) and Eleanor ( Light Unicorn )

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  • vietnamclan
    commented on 's reply
    Do you have her ? Did you try it ? Dont judge the book by the cover. Her skills set are horrible, unpractical skills set. Cant apply to the battle. Yeah you read her skills set looks nice, but when you use her, you will see how disappointment of her skills. 48% accuracy, you think you use that leader ? Let be real here. Stop freaking talk nonsense here. You go ask other players who has her. You said Hathor stunned and cant sleep. Hathor skills set are practical to use in real battle gw rta and ctc ladybirth.

  • Jug
    Can only speak for Eleanor. She is only lackluster when compared with Amelia because defense buff > crit reduction (in human form) and has more synergy with units like Feng Yan, Bulldozer, Copper. For that, maybe change that crit reduction to revenge buff, vamp (like Vamp Lord), or a heal?

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  • JeannettePoisson
    Celia was recently nerfed.

    She was used one time in September 2019 8-finals, AFTER the nerf.

    Hathor can't sleep anything when she's stunned And Hathor doesn't have 113 base speed, and she doesn't have a 48% accuracy leader.

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  • It is Time to Buff Celia ( Light Magician ) and Eleanor ( Light Unicorn )


    Please look at Celia' second and Third skills. she need to have solid skills set. Celia current skills are not fit to current meta. she cant support, she cant attack, she cant make opponent sleep. she is useless, not like harmonia,triana, or vivachel. they have a solid skills set, their skills r truly support monster. secondly, Eleanor needs to rework on her skills. she is worse than amelia. glancing and crtic rate reducing is useless. eleanor cant survive herself in battle of RTA, then how can she support other unit?. please make celia and eleanor viabl. so they can use everywhere. I would rather pick Hathor first pick in rta than celia or eleanor, Why ?, because they r unusable.

    it been 3 years, and Com2us Team and game Developers never look at the monsters need to buff.

    whoever have those 2 monsters, please give comments, so com2us and developers reconsider it.

    thank you