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Fire Whomever Nerfed Shaina

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  • Fire Whomever Nerfed Shaina

    Seriously. Whenever it is, I don't care if it's the CEO of Com2us, have security escort them from the building, let them come their belonging later.

    There have been some real boneheaded decisions applied to this game since 2014, but this takes the cake! This far surpasses the implementation and further bungling of violent runes. You took one of the most useful monsters for dungeon runs, one we worked hard to perfect, gave her the best runes, pushed her skills to maximum, just so you could make her completely useless, ruin any teams we had for ToA and DB10. For what? Did someone on PVP complain? Was it a whale? I leave this because it's getting more boring and more difficult (which is NOT how improvements are supposed to work), and when I come back after a few months, you managed to make it worse!!! No one I used to run with at the beginning still plays this game. I wonder why that is...

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    I know why noone whom you used to run this game at the beginning doesnt play the game anymore. Its simple answer. They were as bad as you are.

    If you see nerfing Shaina as making game harder, then better clean your glasses. They removed one stage from dungeones, which recompasate the time and the time BTW improved on that since you can target the middle boss. you dont need shaina. You know what would be a nerf for dungeons? You cant use two same monsters on dungeon, just like on ToaH. Then we have a problem. And excuse me, what about Loren? Toah was never easier, just put two talias, one sabrina, healer (fran pepehands) and auto whatever rotation. Giant 10? Loren! So giant will never attack you, only counter attack which is "XD". Dragon 10? Full twins, two talias and just nuke the guy. Whats the problem? Necro? Bruh, we were doing necro with Lich, so no point of even talking about that.
    Oh and you have atk bar reduction on toah? Verad, Water homonoculus, loren, fran, ganymade, charlotte (shes crazy good there). Bro. Just git gud.

    Idk. Quit game just like your friends.


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      I'm afraid that if a one unit change causes that much distress to you then I agree with wiewiorevo. Seriously, this only affected one of my accounts and to be honest barely did a thing. I have only built the twins in one account simply because I couldn't be bother building them over and over again. My main did build a shaina to 6 star also though, all its done is waited in storage. Why? Don't need it - got plenty other useful mons six stared there.

      What a **** reason to request anyone loosing a job. Geez!


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        Then you should just go play Angry Birds


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          After the nerf all that happened to me was that I discovered a faster DB10 team. And yes I have a fully skilled Shaina, and the skill ups did take place before the nerf. Considering how long you claim to have been playing, it baffles me how you can build everything you do in this game to depend on one monster alone (because let's face it, you sure made it sound like that). Even a blind guy can see how that's going to backfire.


          • xaviertkk
            xaviertkk commented
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            i did 2 and 3rd on l35...

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          Seeing how Shaina is still among the top metas in Lumel/Karzan I won't worry much about that guy's job...


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            Considering Shaina is overall better in pve now....


            • Spike13
              Spike13 commented
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              Worse in Hole and worse in dragon for starter team (atk bar pushback was a huge pro) if u are at a point where atk bar pushback doesn't matter u shouldn't use her at all

            • bulldullzer
              bulldullzer commented
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              if u are at a point where atk bar pushback doesn't matter u shouldn't use her at all
              This is a factually incorrect statement I often seen from "mid-gamers"... I use Shaina so there is next to zero chance I start the fight without armor break. No one care if the dragon goes down in 5 animations instead of 6 from replacing Shaina with another Talia, but it makes a world of difference if the boss have armor break in first round versus not having it.

              The are many monsters that can nuke hard, but none have close to armor break consistency that Shaina has. Late game favors specialized units. Shaina happens to be one, and this is why Shaina remains one of the most used monster in DB/NB10, and is in majority of the top end DH teams... Stats don't lie.
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            • immatx
              immatx commented
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              Spike13 I'm starting to wonder if you don't know what "net" means. Btw you should tell all those guardian rta players to stop using twins in dragons, they seemed to have missed the memo since that's what most of them seem to use when you check out twitch streams.

              bulldullzer Exactly

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            Tbh it is always a **** feeling to build a monster just so it gets nerfed later on, especially to just introduce a free-to-play version of it (loren) which is arguably stronger, therefore accomplishing nothing.

            although the guy did overreact, the replies are pretty pathetic.


            • JeannettePoisson
              JeannettePoisson commented
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              Loren wasn't "introduced", she was always there, just not flavour-of-the-year. \_(²·²)_/.

            • 3b0d99
              3b0d99 commented
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              JeannettePoisson Loren was buffed about 5 months ago, and people started recognizing her 1 month after that. she was already stronger than shaina even before shaina was nerfed.

              but what made her explode was the very same nerf, because plenty of people needed a replacement for pve, and there she was, the element neutral that works in every dungeon..