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  • Rework Manannan

    The newly released Beast Riders are literally Manannan 2.0s. Single target strip ignore def. Others increases attack up to 100% based on attack bar reset. The criteria to achieve these conditions are SO EASY which almost always guarantees the increased damage. Top that with all these new monsters are SPEED SCALING!! And when they die, they get REVIVE and GUARANREED INCREASED DAMAGE!! These are Manannan ON STEROIDS AND OTHER DRUGS!!!!

    Please rework Manannan so he becomes a little relevant to the current meta. Just make him useful.

    I gave Manannan a 200 spd rage set. Doesn't kill anything. I took those same runes and gave it to Water Sniper. Water Sniper just kills everything with 55k ignore def. Manannan is just trash.
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    I still am under the shock of 126 base speed of that fire rider.. Dunno what to say about Mannanannan...
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    • Swazky
      Swazky commented
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      It's 123. Spectra has the 126 base speed

    • ViralPanda
      ViralPanda commented
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      Yeah imagine the shock lol

    • finzero
      finzero commented
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      yup, it's 123. but it still shocking considering her skills is scale with speed..

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    so they release a new op mob so we should buff other ones ??

    Just wait a bit that they have sold enough trans pack and they will nerf her don't worry


    • KChong1985
      KChong1985 commented
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      Well, if new mons are similar to old LD nat5s and over shadows them, then game is starting to have power creeps.

      Imagine how op it is to combine manannan + theomsrs + perna into 1 monster? Oh right, they're called beast riders. LOL!

    • thib04
      thib04 commented
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      KChong1985 I agree with you, they created a power creep with those beast riders (look at fire lol)

      They just wanna milk p2p player base for christmas as usual, a nerf will probably come in a few months after that.

      It's becoming easier and easier to see what com2us is doing xD

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    Originally posted by thib04 View Post
    Just wait a bit that they have sold enough trans pack and they will nerf her don't worry
    lol, put aside the transmog pack, i think some beast rider gonna get some nerf..


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      What about this?

      King of the Ruins (Passive): Attacks hit all available targets. [Automatic Effect]

      This way, he can AoE Strip and reset, and AoE transfer debuffs. Much more interesting than current passive.
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      • DerickJose
        DerickJose commented
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        thats broken lol

      • KChong1985
        KChong1985 commented
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        Interesting.. Manannan will get my fastest swift set. Get turn 1 and aoe reset. If he fails, well, he's useless for the next 2 turns.

        Maybe aoe is too strong. Maybe just 2. The 2nd one is random. The 1st one is targeted?

      • JeannettePoisson
        JeannettePoisson commented
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        Right now, one stripper + zaiross does that.

        Also, on turn 1, he might strip shield instead, making it 50%.

        On other turns, he might strip one of 2-4 buffs, so he still needs a stripper.

        So he's not really reliable as a turn-one one-trick-poney and still needs a stripper for longer fights. Not really op