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  • Monster storage QoL

    I’ve gotten tired of waiting to mess around with a monster until the moment I decide to actually six and build it. With new 2A presumed to come out soon (Sieq was mentioned by name during original release), it makes sense to start saving skillups for 2-3* units, and I’ve always kept at least one of any 4* or LD monster.

    For the last few weeks, I’ve instead been feeding all of the skillups for a given family to one of the units, saving a copy of each element of the family and then feeding any extras to whatever element I think is coolest and moving on. Yes, this has really slowed down my 6* rate, but it should pick up soon since I have a few families I’m getting close to having one each max skilled.

    I think one possible option for this to make it easier for new players is to have any new monster pop up a small check box in the bottom left when you summon it. “Set as Primary ‘name here’”. When you mark that box off, the monster would be locked, and appear linked to that monster icon in the catalogue. Your unit is now searchable and examinable from the monster catalogue via all the good search features found there. A second button in a different place (or perhaps the same place but only if you already have a Primary of that unit) can send a summoned monster to the catalogue as a Skillup Token for that family. You can go into the catalogue and see that you also have 4 other units of the same family and color that aren’t locked, and can hit a button to skill up your Primary with those units (element only or all family members).

    Setting it up this way means your catalogue becomes your storage for one Primary and a bunch of (unawakened level 1 unruned) units of each monster, leaving your actual storage nearly empty for use with things you’re working on leveling and using or evolving for fodder. No more throwing away the last of your wind werewolves because you forgot to lock the new one after using the old one for fusion. No more tossing out a fully skilled up monster by accident or in a hasty decision because it was there. This is designed to make it easy to keep one of every unit in the game and get them all fully skilled up, then pull them to level and awaken and finish up as needed. The Primary would be workable at all times, able to be removed and awoken and sixed and runed and then put back. The skillup token units would not be, only one unit can be designated as the Primary. If you want to level a fodder unit or have a second Leo you’ll keep that extra unit in your regular storage or island list. This is also useful for RTA, where the unit listed as Primary is the one you know you built Violent and the one in your regular monster tab is the janky alternate tanky triple rev build.

    This wasn’t really a concern back when we had only a few hundred monsters and only really needed a small handful of those. It wasn’t any big deal when we knew almost exactly what would be good and fun in a year. Now, with constantly shifting meta and 2A making units fun that were previously junk and so huge a monster list that it’s become difficult to sort them all in our normal list/storage, this is becoming increasingly more tempting to work towards. I have at the moment over 400 units in my monster storage, mostly locked Primary units with a few skillups I haven’t gotten around to feeding (or want to evolve skill with in the case of some 4* fodder). That’s a lot to keep organized and work with, and I’m looking for a new way to handle it going forward.

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    I actually like this suggestion a lot. +1 I'd be happy with this.