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Xp boost QOL for mid-late gamers

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  • Xp boost QOL for mid-late gamers

    Hi com2us. For a lot of players the xp boosts build up between 6 starring monsters and events and monthly rewards.

    Can you please consider a qol update to xp boosts?

    Perhaps allowing Them to be traded in for crystals for instance so players not needing to use them or having too many building up can sell and not feel like they are being wasted.

    Alternatively, the reward to 6 staring monsters when late game could give you an option between xp boost and something else such as crystals.

    Thank you for considering. We love this game and want to keep making it better.

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    Agreed +1 I got too many. Also id hope they can implement x3 scenario 1 day a month some day and also remove powerup and evolve animation.

    We get too many tbh