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Shazam (Light Beast Monk) balance

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  • Shazam (Light Beast Monk) balance

    I have been a player of Summoners War since 2014/12/23, but as you can see, this profile is brand new. I am not usually one to find something within a game that compels me enough to come to their forum site and make suggestions, because who am I to tell someone else how to run their game haha.

    However, since summoning the Light Beast Monk (Shazam), I haven't only left him in storage the entire time, I have had many many people telling me that i have the worst luck for summoning him. This isn't entirely unwarranted considering Shazam compared to all other light/dark monsters is quite saddening.

    I have also watched all of his brothers get buffed, Rahul (Dark Beast Monk) even getting buffed twice. While they all desperately deserved these balances, Light Beast Monk was left behind.

    Shazam is honestly not worthy of being a light natural 5 star monster due to the fact that his third skill only lands Glancing. I have talked to many others who have also summoned Shazam and I have not found a single person who is happy with him. While there are probably a few who think that he is okay, his third skill is terribly niche.

    I'm not asking for a game shattering buff that makes Shazam over powered beyond belief, but to put it in comparison, ISIS (light desert queen) on skill 3 grants both oblivion and silence to the enemy. So say that Shazam was given just oblivious instead of glancing, it would still take combining Shazam and Kumar's (Fire Beast Monk) third skills just to match ISIS's.

    My Suggestion would be an aoe strip + aoe oblivious. This wouldn't absolutely break him considering oblivious isn't useful against monsters who do not have passive skills, but it can still be very useful under certain circumstances.

    At the end of the day, it is up to the developers to decide what to do with Shazam. I just want to be able to actually use him and not have people telling me that I am so unlucky for summoning him.

    Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this! Please leave your comments and responses of how you feel as well.

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    Your suggestion to buff him is unreasonable. It would take away from what makes Isis unique. The main idea of the beast monks is that they are a VERY tanky HP Based dps bruisers that have a way of controlling the enemy with debuffs.

    Shazam has two things very weak about him, that are also outdated in his kit.

    1.) 1 turn def break on skill 1 ----> 2 turn def break.

    - This change is very important because having this being a 1 turn def break is weak. In order for a unit to take advantage of this, either your allies are speed tuned to go right after the def break lands, or Shazam is runed vio and procs for the extra damage. If Shazam has to proc for this to be viable, then that speaks a lot about the skill/unit kit.

    2.) 2 turn AOE glancing kit of skill 3 -----> AOE strip and stun for 1 turn with a 50% chance (100% on crit) (skillups make this go up to 75% chance on noncrit). Damage based on MAX HP

    2.) 2 turn AOE glancing kit of skill 3 -----> AOE stun for 1 turn and AOE cleanse (100% chance to stun). Damaged based on MAX HP

    - My reasoning on this is simple. He's been so bad for so long, and nothing about him is good. This is a light nat 5 with a Nat 3 skillset at best. Com2us has been very slow and patient with how they buff and nerf all of these units. A big factor to consider when buffing a unit is how they will work when paired with other units that are currently top tier.

    Hopefully Com2us looks into units like Shazam, Woonsa (worst/least viable Nat 5 stripper in the game now), Celia (heavy nerf to second skill, I know on paper she's amazing but try to use her now (or use Sonnet)), Geldnir (they must have known this unit was trash and intended on this), and Grogen (they seem too afraid to fix the obvious issues and just leave them.)


    • CLS_Ikarbb
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      I would love to see AOE Oblivion, because this would shut down the crazy nonsense we see from passives (like Verde in RTA, Vanessa Trianna, Diana, Nyx, Nephtys). Shazam would become a TOP TIER unit. Its kinda like AOE branding is a unique thing about Thebae, and AOE silence + oblivion is unique to Isis.

      I have Shazam, so I would love your idea for a buff, but I think it would too strong to strip and oblivion. It would be nice to actually see this and it would make sense for Shazam. I posed the other two ideas as viable options. Saying unreasonable was a wrong choice of words. Just afraid it would be too strong....though it'd be nice to see Shazam actually be a threat.

    • Baby Back Rigs
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      Honestly the only reason I gave a suggestion was because it seemed like everyone else gave ones or people didn’t give them any credit lol. All I really care for is to shazam to just get looked at. Anything would be better than what he is currently. I want to be a proud shazam owner for once haha

    • immatx
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      CLS_Ikarbb Wait, so giving him oblivion would make him too much like Isis but giving him strip stun wouldn't make him too much like Giana? XD

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    Dunno, never had him but while his dark brother strip and debuff, why not him "steal" and debuf ? Pretty much compansate the lack of utility imo.


    • Baby Back Rigs
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      Thank you for your comment! It really would make up for his lack of utility. Even just a strip glancing aoe would be better than nothing!

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    Garbage unit that needs buffs like so many other ld nat 5s. Total joke that Asima and Tian Lang got buffed before him. Ld nat 5 only patch notes when.


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      Totally agree, Shazam is being ignored a lot of times since beast monks were introduced... Com2us should share some love on his kit finally.


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          Bump also, before anyone hops on me for my suggestion, remember it’s only a suggestion and C2U ultimately decides what happens to him. I will just be happy with anything being done to his third skill lolol


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            1st skill > 2 turn def breaks
            3rd skill > AOE 2 turns unavoidable
            glancing unbuff + shield protection for whole team based on Max HP


            • Baby Back Rigs
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              In my opinion, glancing isn’t worth being on a light or dark nat 5*. But it’s up to Com2us anyways lol I just hope they do something and soon. He’s been ignored for WAY too long.

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            Bump for future balance patch


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              S3 AOE glancing + put him on treathen state

              so that more people crys about being able to strip theathen state.