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Increase condensed magic crystal drop rate in rift dungeons

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  • Increase condensed magic crystal drop rate in rift dungeons

    The drop rate of condensed magic crystal is abysmal compared to the rate of the elemental crystal’s drop rates.

    Ex: consistently getting 2 condensed magic crystal to 8 elemental crystal.

    Reasoning: outside of homunculus and magic box crafting the condensed magic and elemental crystals have no use. Leaving the player with absurdly high amounts of elemental crystals and ridiculously low amounts of condensed magic crystals after fully crafting a homunculus or crafting a magic box.

    Possible alternative: lower the required amount of condensed magic crystal required to craft magic boxes and homunculus to match the amount of LD crystals needed to craft homunculus skills.

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    I agree, some tweaks are necessary.


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      This would benefit us alot


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        +1 it's a pain in the ass farming those to craft runes or even to craft the legendary boxes every week


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          You are obviously still in the early farming stages for the homunculous. Later on you won't really be using the condensed crystals and will want more elemental crystals. You will see when farming for reapp stones. I have almost 4000 Condensed Magic Crystals but only around 100 of each of the elements.

          Its like mid vs high essence. At first the high essence seems so hard to get and you might fuse mids to make highs. Eventually you will realize the struggle for mids is the real issue and will have more highs than you will ever know what to do with them.

          Just be patient.


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            Editing a comment
            You are obviously not farming for Legendary Magic Boxes (as the thread-owner was mentioning) or even Team-runes - then you would happen to have the same Problem
            If you only farm for reapps and The 2 Legendary Magic Boxes per week you will get out of the week 0 condensed magic Crystals and About 200 elemtal an 50 pure magic Crystals than you cant use
            When you craft runes - you will have a large amount of pure magic crystals