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  • Different Ranking Idea

    I have seen several threads regarding the ranking system. I think the ranking system is broken as it is, and in need of a major overhaul.

    Personally, I would much rather them make it percentage based. Guardian can stay number capped, in my opinion. The reason I say this is because I find it frustrating that I am constantly told that I have the monsters and the runes for C2 easily, but I can't seem to finish a week out above F3. The absolute closest I came was a couple months ago was rank 13410.

    I don't know where to find the numbers for the server population, but I feel like they could change the requirements to be X points, top Y%. And I can't do rush hour, which is why I never finish at least C1. I go to bed early because I have to be up at 0530 every morning. I think it's BS that I can go to bed as C2, and wake up F3, because everybody and their mother hits my AD, or rushes past me in points.

    Again, this is me not knowing what exactly the server population is, but for the sake of this discussion, I used my wings to drop my rank as low as I can go. This wasn't too hard since I haven't really used my wings this week yet. So I am now Challenger 1 with rank 11,947,809. Just doing a mediocre rounding to 12 million players on Global, we will use that for all future calculations.

    The top 1% would rank all the way from #1 to #120,000. This means that based on this estimation, I am in the top 1% of the players on Global. If they changed it to where the top 1% was C1 + and kept the Guardian ranks locked to the top 300, it would make some players not want to give up on Arena because of how pointless it is. This would be assuming that the ranking system only takes active players into account.

    Let's hypothesize that the ranking system does take inactive players into account. For the sake of fairness, we knock off 50% of the 12 million guesstimation, and we are left with 6 million. The top 1% is now only to the top 60,000 active players. I am STILL in the top 1%. There would have to only be just over a million players to knock me to the top 2%. But somehow, even being in the top 1% of players, I can't seem to get C1. Meanwhile there are people who set up trap defenses and leave them alone all week and get bumped all the way up to C1 without using a single wing.

    If it were up to me, I would have the ranking system based on the number of active players each week. The requirement to be considered an "active" player, would be to use at least 15 or 20 wings per day, OR a weekly wing minimum of 70 or something, because some people can't play every day. If you aren't classified as active, you can still get like 10 crystals or something. But otherwise, you aren't counted for the rankings for that week. The requirements for each rank would be as follows: F1 - top 20%, F2 - Top 18%, F3 - top 15%, C1 - top 10%, C2 - top 8%, C3 - top 5%, G1 - top 500 or 1%, G2 - top 200 or 0.4%, G3 - top 50 or 0.1%. Legend will always be just #1. Guardian rank determination between number and percent would be based on whichever number is less.

    Also, there is an easy way to eliminate rush hour. This method would be to limit the amount of points you go up for victories. No more waiting until Sunday night when everybody is asleep to go up 700 points. The idea is to set a reasonable daily cap on the number of points you can increase your score by. If you have 1400 points at the beginning of the day, you can end the day with only 1500 points maximum. You can still enter arenas after you hit your daily points, but they would only reward Glory Points. Maybe add a Glory Point to each battle after you hit your daily limit. But if someone beats your AD, or you lose an AO, and drop down to 1492, you can gain points again until you reach that 1500 point mark. This example of 100 points of course is just to provide an idea what I am talking about, I don't know if 100 points is the best answer or what could be considered reasonable.

    By putting those systems into place, the players who are actively playing in arena are rewarded for their efforts.
    I am 100% aware that the current ranking system has been in place for a long time, but it isn't flexible and I feel that the requirements are too steep.

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    I am usually staying in C1. Only made it once to C2. I think the most critical aspect of breaking past F3 is a good understanding of AD. I have a lot of guildmates with better monsters and better rune quality than me that never finished C1. I also never rush (except the day I barely made it to C2). I hate the idea and refuse to do it.
    How many times do you get hit per week? Most of my guildmates that cannot break into C1 get hit 50 or more times a week. This is way too much. I usually have between 5 to 10 hits before sunday, then another 5 on Sunday. All the C1/C2 that I know have similar rates.

    Changing the way the ranking work may satisfy you in short term, but ultimately, it does not change anything. The new C1 is still an F3 :/


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      after recently attempting to get c1 for a guildie and failed horribly (rip annie) heres what i have to say about the arena system:

      1) people are simply getting stronger and stronger everyday, in f3 i am fighting teams full of will runes and without a stripper, thats gonna be a challenge. but to have arena be so gated by monsters (both in ad and ao) it seems a bit unfair, but we cant really do anything about that. it is what it is.

      2) g3 in f3. HOLY HELL nothing is more frustrating then stepping into an f3 battle with your 283 bernard with speed lead (shaina) only to be outspeed by a fran. that is just disgusting. they need to rework that system. here my suggestion.

      if you havent done any battle in the last 24 hrs, your point earned are cut in HALF for the next 24 hrs (this will also help cut back on some last min sunday rusher not 100% but every bit helps) additionally, you will no longer show up on the match up list.

      3) boosters are a HUGE problem. this only affect the minority, but for it to be allow at all is just stupid. i dont have a sure 100% fix but something along the line of "after 2 lost, any further loses will no longer give points to the defender. defender can also no longer rev more than 2 times) idk not perfect but its something

      4) ranking in itself. i think we need to cut the % base ranking all together. Legend: 1 G3: 50 G2: 150 G1: 350 adding a total of 150 new player into the guardian ranks. for conq: c3:1500 C2:5000 C1: 15000 this adds an additional 7.5k players into the ranks.

      also, for the sake of being generous and having ranks mean something, double the crystal rewards. and for legend, 2 ld scrolls instead of a guarantee ld nat 4(this will also help fight boosters)

      5) rush hour. ive been against this for so long and have form many ideas and such and my honest believes is that arena closure needs to be 100% RANDOM. no announcements no warning no set schedule. this will not only forces people to maintain ranks but be more competitive if theyre trying to finish a certain ranks and such. this also test your ad as well as your ao rather than just how fast you can clear something. it also make bruisering a more possible play style as guarantee wins > fast wins. more strats and more rune checks as oppose to just can you deter lushen users with your ad?

      the current system is outdate and needs an overhaul. there are cheaters and botters all other the place, people with c1 runes ending g3 because they pulled op arena mons like halphas and such.


      • Gorben
        Gorben commented
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        1/ High F3 is actually a lot more challenging than Mid C1. There is a psychological aspect as being C1 so everyone is getting a lot more cautious. The defense get hit a lot less in C1 than F3 so it is in turn easier to maintain. On the bright side, fighting in F2/F3 is a lot more fun than fighting in C1/C2. The higher you go, the more boring it gets and that apply to GW and GS as well.

        2/ Yes farmers are a pain. IMO what should be done if that you do not get any points if you play below your level. For example a G3 is not getting any points unless he is rank 1000 or above etc.

        4/ You still need points to rank Fighter and below.

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      The crux of the matter is your rank points are getting tanked whenever the rush hour comes.
      No matter how much you climb, getting hit 5-x times in a single hour will dip your hard earned points you've gathered for the whole damn week.
      While farmers just exploit the system since successful defenses don't give coins anyway.


      • Nailyou866
        Nailyou866 commented
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        This is why I have shifted to what should hopefully be a scary enough defense that many may not even bother with it. It is Psamathe (L), Jeanne, Ritesh, Tiana. But I think the current system, as it stands, needs an overhaul. By shifting it to a percentage based, active player base, and capping the amount of points you can gain in a day, it would help give better advantages to all players. The power creep that has occurred since the Arena's inception makes it almost impossible for new players to join the higher ranks, without the high ranking players quitting. Shifting the system to the percentage based rankings makes it much more flexible for any increase or decrease in the server population.

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      I see rush hour the main problem. Everyone told me too i have mobs and runes for c2/c3 on eu server , never make it to go over c2. To say more , on last months , happens to drop from c2 on f3 even with 13 wins on rush hour...