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Elite Achievement Rewards -- should be light/dark nat 5 scroll

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  • Elite Achievement Rewards -- should be light/dark nat 5 scroll

    I believe that the Elite Achievement reward should be a light/dark nat 5.

    ~Whining below: skip if you like~

    This partially comes from a place of extreme frustration. I have been playing the game for 4 years very actively, and have spent more money than I would like to admit on L/D scrolls. Cleared TOA/TOAH for the L/D piece every reset for years, gotten all monthly scrolls, done at least 5 summons-worth of shop refreshes to buy pieces per month in the past year, not missing any event LD scrolls-- and after summoning (low estimate) 500 LD scrolls, still nothing. Yet several of my friends have 2+ and have not spent any money on scrolls. In world arena--I face people with a whole team of LD 5s. Yes, runes are always more important--but just not having a single LD5 after 4 years of playing the game feels very frustrating.

    ~whining over~

    Adding the achievement as an LD5 would not really be broken. You have to invest a very significant period of time to get this achievement, and it would be a great reward for those who have shown a lot of loyalty to the game--giving it years.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    it's ok to be a dreamer...


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      I think that might be too broken but I agree that an LD Scroll isn’t enough. Maybe if it was like a LD Legendary or a regular Transcendence Scroll, then maybe it could work. I don’t know though.


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        It is hard to complain on something free that has been implemented, but I feel the rewards are a little cheap as well.

        Some of these achievements are extremely difficult and completing all of them is end game, even late end game. Could have been a bit more exciting.


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          transcendence scroll plsss.


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            LD nat 5 scroll would be to op - but i too think that the LD is a joke for all the stuff you have to achieve and it beeing the last achievement