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  • Xiong Fei modification

    Xiong fei is a fusable nat5 thats often used as a frontline tank and a shield breaker. He isn't that good on anything else as his damage is lackluster and doesn't really compare to his more praised brother the "unfair bear" so id like to suggest changing his awakening effect to make his 1st skill to scale on his own max hp/defense. Yes this would increase his stat requirements but it would give him more utility as he'd be doing a bit more damage and he'd be used more outside of raids and necropolis,and he would be more on pair to his wind brother. (Obviously not the same level because feng still has his passive) but it'd make him more useful.

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    have you ever seen people build a bruiser xiong fei? he is pretty annoying.


    • ViralPanda
      ViralPanda commented
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      I've seen one in despair, indeed it is annoying so much than i would have ever imagined lol

    • Gorben
      Gorben commented
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      I have faced one with a bruiser build, he was super annoying to the point that I thought he would solo my destroy Camilla... That being said, the same runes on any other bruiser monster would have probably done a lot better.

    • 1drakon1
      1drakon1 commented
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      How often do you see him though? Ive never seen a xiong fei outside of raids except for that one time a guy used a full fusion team in rta... He was an easy target