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Buff Laika/Chow/Jager 2nd skill

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  • Buff Laika/Chow/Jager 2nd skill

    I've seen a lot of suggestions asking for reworks to these dragon knights passives as they have all fallen out of the meta and are far less relevant than Ragdoll/Leo in PvP. My suggestion is to just buff all of them at once by making their 2nd skill stronger and more interesting. I was thinking something like this.

    Justice: attacks the enemy and stuns them with a 40% chance. The damage of this skill increases for each dead ally and the stun chance decreases by 10% for each dead ally.


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    I would love to see chow buffed like that, but I don't think that's necessary. Justice does good damage on a two turn CD. That a pretty good skill lol

    Not sure they need any change, but if they do, a slight modification of S1 should be plenty (give them a little chance of something or maybe some HP leach or destroy that would be fun)
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      How about we buff the bad nat 5s first yeah?


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        Laika is good?

        Obviously they aren't going to buff them one at a time it would all be at the same time in a balance patch.


        • immatx
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          ddemons24 Comment next time. I wouldn't say Laika is good, but he's definitely not bad.

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        Meh the S2 is not bad. Maybe you just miss Laika's pre-nerf awesomeness.


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          A single target nuke is fine and all. But, it’s nothing special. I understand this post because these units are boring. I have chow and Liaka and rarely choose to use them. Sure the damage is good but, there are many other units that do good damage with more to offer a battle.
          Not every unit needs to be a Swiss Army knife but, a Nat 5 as a one trick pony is lack Luster.


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            If you want to add stun then lower the multiplier of the justice or increase the cd by 1.

            Justice multiplier for now is 800%, capped at 1240% at 2 turn cd when they are alone, in which this skills is hits like a truck even for initial multiplier (one of the highest s2 single nuke) and with short cd as well. For comparison, Phoenixes s2 (Perna, Teshar, amd Jaara) have 900% initial multiplier then reduced until 504% multiplier according to the hp left on the enemy, and that’s it, huge damage without any addition. Same as Chimera squall (Lag, Taor, Shan) that have huge multiplier according to speed (around 200 spd is required to match Phoenixes s2 at 900% cd, and 302 spd is required to match justice at 1240% multiplier) that has damage only without debuff (spd buff provided on crit)

            So you cannot have everything. Choose 1, huge damage without any addition of debuff or damage with stun BUT with longer cooldown (3-4 cd) and/or decreased multiplier.
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              Originally posted by ddemons24 View Post
              Laika is good?.
              Laika, Chow are already very good, its 2 turn CD on this skill, they are good already. Maybe we buff dead nat5s?


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                IMO Monkey and Valk need S2 buffs way more than DKs do.
                Also stun makes no sense with the skillset and seems lazy. Why not add something interesting like ignore dmg reduction or destroy.


                • immatx
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                  Someoner Umm what? Mk S2 has aoe stun and single target def break, with both also having other bonus effects. Valk S2 is only arguably weak on Akroma. Trinity and Camilla it doesn't matter, Kat it works well but doesn't really matter, and Vanessa has a great S2.

                • Someoner
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                  immatx It's obvious I was talking about wind and fire monkey just like OP specifically omitted leo and ragdoll. Justice outdoes weak 3 turn (when fully skilled up) CD single target attacks any day of the week, the only reason why valks are used are their S3s, the rest of their skillsets are outdated af.

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                I would be happy with it ignoring shields or any buff to the S2 honestly.

                I think laika chow and jager are all lacking compared to Leo and ragdoll and it makes more sense to buff the s2 a little than each of their passives


                • Gorben
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                  I like chow far far more than Leo. In fact I use chow a lot more than leo. Torrent is a nice skill, but the condition for activation is very finicky. You better bring a well oiled team with him. Most of the time, you end up not using torrent waiting for the condition to be met. 50% of the time, you miss the activation and leo died without doing much.
                  Also, usually on the leo team, my monsters are runed slow because "why waste stats" which means that when leo goes, it is almost a 100% loss just due to the lack of spd.

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                laika is still scary.


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                  buff my ragdoll 2nd skill too plz