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More Magic Crystalls from Rift-Dungeons

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  • More Magic Crystalls from Rift-Dungeons

    Hello, i started to farm the rifts to get the homunculus. I farm most constant on Rang A and i had to say that i get much more Element crystals that these magic crystals.

    Most i get 2 or max 3 of the magic onces and 5-7 from the elementals.
    Im now at the last Skill from water homi and have 1000 water crystals, 500 light and dark ones and close to 700 magics while i need 1000 too.
    That means i have to do 100-150 Runs more just to Farm the magic crystals.

    Furthermore if you wanna get the Legend Magic treasure you need much more magic and pure crystals than the elemental but what you get is much more elemental onces.
    So please raise the amount of magic crystals.
    Thank you

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    Once you finish the Homunculus however, they start stockpiling. I have almost 4000 of them and I still get the boxes every week. They make it low on purpose so it encourages you to improve your teams as well as making the Homunculus grind actually take time and effort.

    It might be a hurdle now but this becomes irrelevant once you reach higher levels.



    • Stvevan
      Stvevan commented
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      Even if u have SSS teams you will lack magic Crystal if u farm fight runes.

      You always end up with excess element crystals.

      It isn't irrelevant at higher levels. You are totally wrong.

    • Bluemoon_45
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      Stvevan you do have a point but it's as big of a hurdle as grinding for the Homunculus

    • Stvevan
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      Homu can be done in a matter of weeks.

      Reapps/rune farming is constant.

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    Yes they need to improve both the magic and pure.

    if you farm just reapp you get stuck farming extra energy to get the required pure.

    if you farm fight runes then you soon run out of magic.

    so yes SSS should drop 10


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      No this problem does not go away at higher levels. I craft fight runes a lot and this is what my inventory currently looks like. The 9999 pure magic crystals are useless besides reaps and legendary boxes and regular magic crystals drop at too low of rate. They should either allow us to fuse regular magic crystals with pure magic or other elements or increase the drop rate of regular magic crystals. Another options would be to allow players to choose between pure or regular magic crystals to craft runes.

      Click image for larger version

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      • cruxio002
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        Legendary box is a scam. Once you get all mana your trust in com2us goes beyond negative.