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[Buff] Molly (Light Mermaid)

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    I agree that Molly is one of the LD Nat4 that need a buff but you need to think about it very hard before making a proposal, your suggestions are rather too op or too shallow, keep recording every comment and suggestion in this topic to improve your post.


    • KChong1985
      KChong1985 commented
      Editing a comment
      I have been thinking about it. Hence, the proposals. I also keep all proposals under 1 thread. I don't make multiple threads to annoy people.

      You can freely shoot my proposals down with an explanation rather than "too op" or "too shallow". If you see my posts, i give a detailed explanation, instead of just saying "you're wrong".

      You can say that i'm wrong, and i could be wrong, but do explain why i'm wrong and give suggestions. This is called "constructive criticism". Of course, i will provide counter arguements to defend my suggestions too.

      Best if you can do this format: "this is too op because <reason>. Instead do this <suggestion>".

      Any suggestion from your end would be very much appreciated. If you prefer not to participate constructively, feel free to also just ignore this thread. Thanks!
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    I think maybe she should either
    - heal a bit more (Maybe 15% of HER own MAX HP)
    - or Increase the Glacing effect to 30%.
    Right now I found tetra way more useful. Healing with her own max HP can be pretty good for mons that don't have too much HP. I get that Molly can be annoying, but that's all, you will not really loose or win a fight because of her, it will only slow it down. I've personally never had any trouble fighting against her and giving her a spot on my defense or offense has never really worked. I get that her passive means you have slightly less chances to apply debuffs but I would rather bring something more reliable like immunity or a good healer like chasun. She doesn't really fit in to any role other than being a tank.