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  • Free cristals for endgame players

    I wonder why com2us take the decizion to allow endgame players a heavy farming in low rank g1 siege.
    Now'a'days is a usual fact to meet in siege wars guilds with only 3 endgame players active and 12+ inactives or very low players. We all know this kind of farming system bring to the 3 endgame players around 1000 cristals every siege. Also we all know that under rank 1000 in siege 99% of players are medium low players (f1/f3 arena rank) who don't stand a chance against the deffences of a endgame player (g1/g3 arena rank) , this way the 3 endgame farmers made theyr 30+% contribution and the free 1000 cristals reward versus the almost 0% contribution of othe medium/low gammers.
    Unfortunately we see this happening every 2 siege wars with no chance of improoving ... even getting worst.
    So i would like to ask some of the developers or a mediator from com2us , why com2us is giving all this cristals to endgame farmers at the disadvantage of medium/low players ? Is obviuos that 1000 cristals/siege , aka 2000 cristals/week , aka almost 8000 cristals/month is a very big advantage for the endgame players.
    Why don.t you find a solution to balance ?

    P.S.1. Yes , i know , my english is very bad.
    P.S.2. Yes , i asume many endgame farmers/players will rage at this post.

    Like solutions to stop this powerfarm and massiv crystals collection by endgame players since now we have :
    1- lower reward for single player
    2- change match making in function of siege rank , war rank , arena rank on single players , rta rank.
    3- make siege unable for inactive players si a guild can register inactive players in siege
    4- don.t alow players to use monster in deffence under a certain rank in function of their arena/rta rank/personal reccords
    5-start banning heavy abusers and crystals farmers , 1000crystals is a too big advantaje and is against com2us rules
    6- cap maximum contribution in function of rank (F C G)
    7- rank multiplier for both crystals and guild points , a player in a guild at rank 1600 shouldn.t take way better rewards that one in a guild at rank 400 , even if is alweis G1.

    At this moment , staying on chanel 65 of EU server i make it to count over 100 siege farm guilds with more of 300 ex guardians arena rank , even ex legendar reccords. Numbers start to be impresive and it seems com2us don.t care. I wander what are the numbers on other servers considering that on EU server 30+% from top 1000 arena is powerfarming siege....sad.

    If someone have other solutions please let us know!


    Originally posted by *Chow* View Post
    new simple solution thats fair:

    take the existing amount of crystal and distribute it ALL members, and FURTHER, give bonus crystals base on % of contribution.

    ei: a guild of 15 (12 alts and 3 farmer) wins g1 gets a grand total of 3400 crystals distribute among 15 members, which is ~226 per member then the top 3 (the farmers) gets an additional 30% of their ~226 crystals bringing it to 293 total. this will stop farming guilds, and ensure even the weaker members of the guild gets some crystals or if its just a farmer and 14 alts, 226 + 100% contribution is still only 552 crystals. i doubt anyone can farm g1 by themself so if it is a solo farmer its even LESS crystals than that.

    sure many will cry "well then members will stop trying and just free load" yea... and thats where guild management comes in...

    perfect solution, great for everyone and stops farmers in their tracks
    Best solution at the momement.
    We also have other good solutions:
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    People always find a method to powerfarm. I cant see a major problem on this, but com2us should balance guild content rewards to make people play at their lvl. We have gvg, siege and Lab. People who Focus Power Farm Win here and lose there. Balance the 3 contents rewards and people Will stop Focus one.


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      This is unfortunately a tough thing to balance. The end game players you are talking about have found and are using an expliot/loophole in the system. Fixing this without ruining the original idea of siege is not something easily done. Cum2Us has made a small step towards it by putting a cap on how much any one person can get from contribution.

      But how could you fix it?
      Make high level players fight high level players - the rankings are all based on win/loss ratios. Anyone can throw some games to lower their ranking. That's hard to change. Also defining a power level of any one player is hard. I do not refine my runes as often or well as I could so if a top player took my account they could probably make much stronger teams. Is the power level of my island any different now though? how do you make a system to quantify that?

      stop players using dummy accounts - how do you identify a dummy account vs someone that just doesn't play very much. Making the distinction to not ban actual players accounts is hard and those players bothering to do this kind of farming probably would happily find out what they need to do on the dummy accounts to keep them "active".

      Cum2Us seem to want to provide contribution based rewards and so this will continue to be exploited. The only thing I can think of would be to make all players get the same rewards. Of course then you get the issue of people not fully contributing getting great rewards.

      Happens in ALL games, players will find a way to exploit the system. It is my understanding that the same is done in RTA.


      • MadH@
        MadH@ commented
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        WhitePh0enix - What a remarkably well thought out response. I have no other reason to comment, just surprised that amid the tearing of hair and gnashing of teeth there is some calm reflection in here <smile>.

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      limit it to tier typ crystal gains and boom problem solve.

      basically: 1st con = 20%
      2nd get 18%
      3rd gets 16%
      and so on and so on. and boom problem solved.


      • eateat
        eateat commented
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        *Chow* and by the way, the way how you commented back just proves what kind of a person you are. You just another one of those players, just because you can make guardian thinking you the ****. Where all your suggestions are better than anyone else's. Go ahead start a new account and see how your suggestions work. And go ahead spent thousands on this new account to prove you good.

      • Calmar7905
        Calmar7905 commented
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        eateat , i beleve chow is right , spliting guilds and friends is not a solution. Is more easy to forbid defence use of endgame players under a certain rank. Tipe : a g3 player who want to stay in a c3 guild becouse all your friends are there ? No problem , but you are not allowed to use your defences becouse to op for that rank. Also force 3 mobs atack only , so they don't do 30 wins and too high contribution comparable with his own low rank friends.

        *Chow* , think at this like this ... for every 1000 crystals you payed around 20$ (various packs). Your concurence pay 0$ for 1000 crystals becouse they farm in siege. Not fair at all for who pais , not fair at all for low levels who do 0 contribution becouse to strong enemys for them. Spliting guilds is not a solution , and you are very right , what do you say about a advertisment temporary ban for siege power farmers ? i bet , if com2us apply their own rules , that will be a week without very many guardians in rta ;-)

      • *Chow*
        *Chow* commented
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        eateat "look if u started playing the game at the same time. Your accounts will be around the same. Such as if you both start 4 years ago, I am sure that you two will be at least c1. The only reason why one of you is not if it is even possible, 1 of you must have stopped playing for maybe a year total or so. If a player that have stopped playing for just 3 months +, idk if this player will still have friends in the game. Not to mention a bond that makes the two players where they MUST be in the same guild.

        NOT EVERYONE PLAYS THE SAME OR SPENDS THE SAME!!! your idea was STUPID i shouldnt be force to leave my friends just because a bunch of crybabies think that life should be "fair" you win some you lose some, deal with it.

        "By the way, since you play x years already. We both know this game is much more of a solo game. You cannot possibly play together as inside the game. Yeah you both may be farming gb10 but you both are farming separately. Yeah you do guild battles, but you both battle separately. It doesn't matter who win the guild war by hitting that plus 3 tower as long as someone wins it I have two real life friends that play summoners with me. We all in different guilds. When we get together we talk summoners war and we good. "

        you right its a solo game, then why are you complaining about a guild content that requires OTHERS to also be in the guild? while not just leave and "solo" it?

        "And my suggestion is to how to counter higher end players from farming siege crystals. Not on how to improve the "omg i added this f1 player, he my friend. We must be in the same guild.
        You have no valid argument to my suggestion, but clinging on to "oh I added this player, he my friend. I must be in the same guild as him." HOW PATHETIC"

        only thing pathetic is your DUMB idea, again i have friends i started with, talk to outside of the game, and yes we ARE in the same guild and we do have FUN being in the same guild. just because YOU SUCK doesnt mean i have to be forced out of my guild with my friends never to have guild activity with them just because YOURE A CRYBABY and cant handle a lost. your suggestion was dumb, move on.

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      Originally posted by Apche View Post
      People always find a method to powerfarm. I cant see a major problem on this
      Initialy wasn't a major problem since was few guilds on powerfarm but atm i see it a major problem since almost every monday we face such endgame players guilds at low rank. We fight against veterans like ZirFir , ex legend pvp , (we are on EU server), and others well knowed players , way too far for our power.
      We undestand that 1000 cristals for siege is a realy POWERfarm. Maybe com2us can cap max rewards for single player without changing to many things. I don't know , not good at this things.
      Com2us should think also that cristals are their money and giving them away so easy will only increase the abisal diference betwin medium players and endgame players.


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        The answer is simple. Cut rewards a single player can receive to no more than 10%. That means no more than 360 crystals for g1 I think it is.

        Make Siege battles based on average best arena rank for the last week. Make War battles and Siege battles a single rank, so loosing Wars will dramatically drop Siege rank. This will drop these kind of guilds to conq or lower permanently thus removing most of the rewards

        And FORCE battles to 3 mons per attack. That way guilds like you say can only take 6 other bases.

        Or you could make Siege based on ToaN / ToaH progression using records. Com2us made it readily available, why not use it to balance the game?


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          Originally posted by DaRealGamesEnd View Post

          And FORCE battles to 3 mons per attack. That way guilds like you say can only take 6 other bases.

          :-) they use a simple strategy , practicaly they cut a line betwin the 2 enemy guilds, only 3 towers taken by them , more are not neccesary. When they do this one enemy guild will be left with 9 towers ( +9 points/min) and the other one with 12 towers (+12 points/min) , 25 towers on their side (+25 points/min) , easy win and siege under their control. They even can decide who will be second and third :-( . Someone will say "broke their line" ... well , is almost impossible for us to beat their defences and even if sometimes we make it with big sacrifices to take a tower in 1 hour they have it back.

          Is obviuos that even if they get limited at 6 tower will not change anythig.
          I see more realistic to cap max reward for single player to 300 cristal in g1 rank. Something like 1st -300 , 2nd-270 , 3rd-250 , ecc.

          Thank you for your opinions folks.


          • DaRealGamesEnd
            DaRealGamesEnd commented
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            Umm..... You have to own the towers, not have cut them off.....

            Owning 3 extra towers and that is your issue? SERIOUSLY? 3 WHOLE TOWERS?

          • DaRealGamesEnd
            DaRealGamesEnd commented
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            Did you ever think of attacking OTHER towers, not trying to take back the ones they took?

            Bloody noobs

          • ShiroiKa
            ShiroiKa commented
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            Dareal: he just said they could take 3 in a line from their section which totally divides the other two teams. They have no choice then but to fight the OP farming guild's defenses, because they can't get to any other opponent. Do try to read.

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          DaRealGamesEnd i beleve you have no ideea haw siege works :-) and haw abisal is the diference betwin a guardia arena rank player (so called endgame player) and a f1/f3 arena rank player (so called midgame player). Try to read better what i say "they cut a line betwin the 2 enemy guilds" , practicaly they take the 3 towers who divide the 2 enemy guilds.
          Yes , is a very big problem when they own "3 WHOLE TOWERS" and not becouse they own them but becouse we have no chance to beat their defences. So try to read and better this time : if they take tower 10 , 9 and 8 of enemy guild and they put only 1 guardian defence for every tower we will still do 0 contribution becouse we DON.T have the power to beat that 1 single defence . No win , no contribution.
          We speack here about siege "bloody noob".
          The real problem are the endgame players playing siege in 3 at low g1 rank where nobody can beat their defences and they act like gods in game. At that rank they are in "god mode cheat" :-)))))))

          I see other posts u made DaRealGameEnds and i beleve trolling and offending is a result of your frustration so i will ignore it. I fell pity for you becouse is realy unhealty to be so frustrated.


          • DaRealGamesEnd
            DaRealGamesEnd commented
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            I believe you are an idiot who can't comprehend how to take other bases without teams you can't beat in it!

            Look, Siege is meant for mid to late game. Of cause noobs like you, idiots who haven't learnt anything about the game yet will have serious issues!

            Either develop your game ad progress, or shut the hell up.

            3 Towers doesn't cut off access to the other teams. It restricts it, that is it!

            You are why no guilds with semi advanced / advanced players will take in newbies. Most of you are too stupid to listen and learn. Dumb ****s think you know something because you have played for 5 minutes!

          • Calmar7905
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            @DaRealGamesEnds why you give me the impresion you're one of the endgame players who power farm siege ? I can undestend if you just want to defend your 1000 free cristals/siege.
            Haw i already state more up , your frustration will be ignored.

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          This realy need a fix


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	20181029_175202.png
Views:	0
Size:	1.92 MB
ID:	1820668Click image for larger version  Name:	image_73728.png Views:	1 Size:	1.45 MB ID:	1820603Click image for larger version  Name:	Summoners War_2018-10-29-17-33-58.png Views:	1 Size:	1.67 MB ID:	1820664Click image for larger version  Name:	image_73729.png Views:	1 Size:	1.69 MB ID:	1820604 So.... started this thread exactly 1 week ago , monday 22/10 becouse to tired of all that powerfarm guilds in siege... guess what folks ... we are powerfarmed again...
            I seriously thinking to stop participating at siege. Is a pain to see my guildies and mates in a continous atack failure.
            Siege just started and like every guild master first thing i do is check owr enemies to face. So i go to guild search , input the name of the red enemy guild and see haw many they are , war rank , activity and more or less capacity of his members (never trust last one , very tricky). Ok then , red are good but accesible. Let's check the yollow fellows too... what the beep i see : 15/30 members ... a lot of inactives ... no , not again ...
            Ok mates take out the lub please , here we go...

            P.S. today we face guild LCsisi on EU server and , his low challenger players....

            P.S.2 they read this post becouse they didn.t atack on us at all and they force us to atack only them :-)))))))
            Last edited by Calmar7905; 10-29-2018, 08:54 AM. Reason: owr enemys : guardians vs fighters


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              Agreed. Needs a fix... A fix in the system. A crystal ratio drop does not sound so good... This is such a hard thing.


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                I think a lot at haw this can be fixed :
                - cap rewards for single player
                - limit inactives in siege , like siege members should be all actives
                - limit player deff use at a lower rank in comparation with arena/rta reccord ( a guardian should not be allowed to use his defences under rank 1000 , a champion under rank 3000 , a fighter under 5000 and so on) , i beleve this will stimulate competitive and active play too
                - force use of 3 mobs/team atack or a maximum of 10 atacks
                - find a way of keeping knowledge of players who abuse power farm and temporary ban them from siege (i see this one preety drastic)
                This are just some ideeas , i don.t know if are possible or not , or maybe you folks have better solutions.
                I just hope will be fixed sooner possible since i deciced to give up at a unplayable siege partecipation until then.

                Sory again for my bad english , hope i made myself undestand.


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                  I totally agree with this.. they need to nerf this kind of stuff .. . It`s not fair for people in low rank ... im an active C1-C2 player.... how can i beat a G3 player to be honest? It`s not fair at all... for me they should be restricted and they should put us to play against a guild which is close to us ... no C1 against G3 ... !!

                  Hope to fix this crap.

                  Have a nice day


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                    Yes , need a fix. To many times we have to fight guardians at low g1 or high C3 in siege. We have to pay for 1000 cristale. Are to many for free so is normal guardians farm us.
                    Make 1000 cristals in C rank and F rank so se can get 1k xtalls for free too.

                    F3 arena rank here , C3/G1 war/siege rank.


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                      What about If the matchmaking were changed to consider the quality of the players inside a guild, for example not making fights between guilds that have guardian players against conqueror ones...


                      • Calmar7905
                        Calmar7905 commented
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                        I don.t know if betwin a C3 player and a G1 is so much diference haw is betwin a fighter and a guardian. Personaly i can face C1/C3 even if i.m a F3 , some i loose some i win , is haw a game should be.
                        Your ideea is good if is possible to make a matchmaking who consider the quality of players. To avoid too big diferences betwin players.

                      • Papapiloui
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                        Same thing there, you can still trick the system, e.g. have a guardian level but stay at conqueror level ;-)

                      • Calmar7905
                        Calmar7905 commented
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                        Papapiloui , not realy , the matchmaking should be based on arena/rta reccord of a player , not actual rank. Once a player have guardian reccord should be consider as such even if he get low in rank later. Someone would say "this is not fair for ex high arena/rta players who drop rank becouse inactivity or becouse they focused only on arena and rta and not on rest of content". Well , a top rank is a top rank and you can.t ask to be seen like a value in some places ( "hey , i have guardian rank dude") and don.t take consideration of it on other contents (" hey , why i am fighting against guardians , i only have guardian reccord but i.m a f3 now and i.m in a very low guild ...") .