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  • Main & Alt = Merge

    I was thinking about this last night. I have my main account and an alt account. There are mons on my alt that I wish I had on my main. (I doubt it will happen but let's see) How about merging your main and alt account's to have just one. You can only do it once and once it's done it can't be undone. Monster's, runes, gems, mana, everything goes. Alt account has to be level 50. What do you guys think something to build on or a he'll no.

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    No. Best way to avoid situations like that is to never create a alt.
    And this would be abusable throw Faimon reset.


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      yea totally not broken what so ever... totally viable and wont hurt com2us pockets whats so ever...

      post like this is why com2us shouldnt listen to its community...


      • luigizanotti
        luigizanotti commented
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        I hate agreeing with you, but this time right you are.

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      Lol, you know people would literally just buy starter accounts / hacked accounts and merge right? You might as well suggest we allow trading.


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        Just no. No.


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          Faimon reset... So a big no on this


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            Nope, p2w players would buy other g1+ account and join them together, like purcgace a seara/tiana or lnd nat 5 account.


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              Yes please, just let me start another account till I get Zaiross.

              Oh wait, I just got it on my main. Better restart till I get Psama. Or Viva, why not?