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    I like that the light paladin has been improved, but I feel that the most important skill has been ignored. Her invulnerability only lasts for one round, whereas other three and four star monsters have three rounds. I know she removes all harmful effects and undine, for example, removes two, but I still think that's a good trade off.

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    stop (7chars)


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      Originally posted by Axelluu View Post
      stop (7chars)
      I don't understand.


      • BigDaddyToe
        BigDaddyToe commented
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        let me explain more...
        - light pala was given a good buff already.
        - she is a fusable(free monster), don't compare to her hard to get NAT5 sisters
        - she's good now and giving her more buff will make the elemental owners get jealous and maybe get angry and cry for her nerf
        - if she get OP, she might get a nerf or re-skill that might make her worse

        oh how i like to see her to become OP.. but no sorry there might be some issue if that happen

        Have u tried to max skill and use her lately? she's decent and good now =)

      • Spike13
        Spike13 commented
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        She is already OP. She was already scary good before the buff, and she is actually in my best GWO team, with very good win rate

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      already very good..


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        Light Paladin is in a very good spot right now and doesnt need any buffs


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          You have to remember that her second skill is a 3 turn cooldown full cleanse and 1 turn invincibility.

          Combined with her third skill Instant Turn, she can use that skill SO MANY TIMES.


          • Asmosis
            Asmosis commented
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            I thought she got this buff, but when i checked today it was only water paladin that got this buff not light?

            AH with testing, turns out she does get the instant turn but they derped on the description.

            Com2uS_Evan can this be passed on for a description fix?

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          It’s also a cleanse. The skill has a lot of utility and combined with her third skill now, it means she can take no damage from at least the first waves of attackers she provoked.


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            other three and four star monsters have three rounds
            MonsterS with 3 rounds invincibility ? Seriously ? Check your informations first dude ...

            1) the only mob with 3 turn invincibility is Icasha ( light undine ) and it's the 3rd skill also removes 2 negatives effects on the target 7turns CD without skill ups.

            2) SOME mobs have a 2 turns invincibility on a single target Neal ( for 2 turns 3rd skill 7 turns CD xithout skill up), Illiana (for 2 turns 3rd skill 8 turns without skill ups)

            no mob has team invincibility for multiple turns ... And the skill that give invincibility on Jeanne is the 2nd skill which means less cooldown than3rd CD and you get to play just after using it so even less turns ... And only 5 turns CD without skill ups and you get to play so let say 4 turns ...

            So don't complain please ...
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              please you got to be kidding me...


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                Uhmn I just fused her because she is very good right now. Another buff will make her OP.


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                  if anything she needs nerf to her 3rd skill to add an extra turn. her 3rd skill is up non stop!


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                    I agree with the opinions from the other users. She is perfect balanced right now some people might underrate her


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                      She’s perfect just put violent and revenge


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                        She's amazing as she is. Love mine in sieges with 2x rev


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                          You compare her with light undine and etc? May I ask you which skill slot that Light Paladin has invincibility and which skill slot that Light undine has invincibility?