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Can we please invest some time in creating individual Transmog Portraits?

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  • Can we please invest some time in creating individual Transmog Portraits?

    I think we have been requesting this ever since transmogs first came out. Especially if one mon has more than one transmog this will help us stay organized. There are many topics on this already. Can we add this the things we want as a community and hopefully get this before the end of 2018?

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    Yes please. It would be nice just for UI reasons too. Also, you cannot argue that it would confuse players, because you can always tap on the portrait and see the monster's name and skills. Its a QoL update too, something we rarely see in SW.

    Wouldn't you like to see your recently transmogged unit you always rep be next to your game name.

    I would think this is easier to do than actually designing the entire transmog. XD


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      There are many topics on it you say.

      please stop creating more just to boost your post count.

      by creating dupe threads you spread the support for the idea. Keep it to one thread please?


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        I actually have to -1 this. As much as I'd like new icons cosmetically speaking, I already have trouble remembering which monsters do what. There's just so many of them. More icons means I'd have to memorize all three icons for (insert monster here), and it's just a pain for me. Only one icon for the monster keeps it easier at a glance to see the opponents lineup without having to touch every icon to read names and skills.


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          Agreed. Icon changes are big

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        -1 that would cause Com2uS to invest time into that when they could be working on more urgent things like account security. Also those extra icons will take up space in the games files which would cause more users to complain about having to redownload SW multiple times. This is not necessary


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          +1, it's a simple thing that doesn't divert too much attention - plus, it would be handled by a different department, I reckon. Things like account security aren't under the purview of the artists, individual images are extremely small and those that have to redownload constantly are at fault - it's not a SW thing, devices clean apps with locally stored data when you near capacity.

          As for learning more icons, you could say the same thing for having more monsters, and well...if you don't expand then it goes nowhere. If we were left with the original monster box of 500 I'd probably have quit already. More diversity the better, learning a bit more isn't particularly difficult. Plus you could say it lends to increased "skill" or rather knowledge in recognizing and reacting quickly to all kinds of monsters - transmog'd or not - in RTA.

          In summation, I don't think the cons carry enough weight to outweigh the pros, which were listed here and in other suggestions like my own.

          It can serve as differentiation between multiples for owners. My Swift Tiana is the transmog'd, my shield will is the original, etc, so I don't have to click each one to see the runes, but mostly...come on we're paying or farming a LOT for a transmog, I want to see the art more than just the battle screen.