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Need more Oblivion Monsters

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  • Need more Oblivion Monsters

    Right now there are only two oblivion Monsters (Tessa and Isis) in the game and one of them is an LD Nat 5. Since RTA and TOAH have so many monsters that use Passive skills I think we should have another option. Could be an opportunity to buff one of the many monsters that needs it, my vote is add it to Jamire second skill. Even just one turn Oblivian could help in a lot of situations.

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    Tesa is lackluster as is, most only use him in very limited situations. this will make him even more useless.


    • Slickdj
      Slickdj commented
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      He is good, but also farmable so it's understandable that he is not the greatest. Adding one or two more options wouldn't be the end of him.

    • mccool37
      mccool37 commented
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      In that case, they could buff Tesa (maybe give him Super Crush?) but as Slickdj said, he's farmable making him an easy option to get and if you absolutely need oblivion, he's a good option. That said, having literally 2 oblivion monsters in the game is, in my opinion, far too few given the use of it.

      Plus, even if Tesarion were to lose value, it's something that can happen whenever a new mon is released (Psamathe caused something like 4+ monsters to drop in value, not the least of which was Vanessa).

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    really hes seems quite popular in rta


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      though i agree that theres a lack of oblivion monsters, creating more monsters which this effect would be a direct nerf to all monsters with passive skills. Its really a subject that needs to be approached cautiously


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        I guess if oblivion is not incorporated into passives or as a debuff on default attack, should be okay. Both skill 2 and 3 usually have CDs thus there will be down time, and thus cannot be exploited using revenge runes.

        Another way is to incorporate oblivion into some RNG based skills (e.g. think Orion "Harmless Prank" and Joker's "Surprise Box").


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          delete oblivion and make silence disable the passive too..,


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            Agree give Shazam oblivion for skill 3 instead of glancing