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  • Suggestion for Dupes

    You could create a Temple that if you put a 6* max unit in the first slot and the same unit in the second slot you could transform the second unit in a devilmon.

    -Devs wouldn't have problems as most of the code would similar to fusion/select 4* to get lg pieces.

    -Players that already use their dupes as devilmon wouldn't feel cheated.

    -No new mechnics for dupes that would allow p2w that have lots of dupes to have a even bigger advantage

    -Everyone needs devilmons

    -New way to get devilmons

    -Farmable units could be blocked or not depending on devs.

    Only nat5, as only a 0,3% chance of nat5 would be worth of a devilmon.
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    Is this limited to nat5s? if not it might allow devilmon farming


    • Zetyro
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      Only nat5.

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    +1 for sure. It seems like a very solid idea and gives a new way to gain more devilmon without breaking anything. Not too much, not too little but still offers something that is needed in the game.