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  • [NERF] Ganymede

    Seriously this guy is OP in AD/RTA/GWD he always procs the violent...
    In RTA he always strips the target with immunity and then procs violent then resets skill and attack bar to zero. This always happens and he has a good base speed and he gets a turn and refresh the cooldown of his Third skill and resets again a target skill and attack bar which is likely to happen every damn time and then were just locked down.

    I suggest that the ventilate thing should be increased cooldown by 1 and it should be reusable in 4 turns if maxed skilled and the third skill as well by 1 reusable by 5 turns if maxed skilled.

    Guys im not that salty that I do not have a Ganymede but he is just broken.

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    This sounds more like a complain about violent runes. come on now.. Perna always procs too but we don't run around asking for nerfs.

    Gany's s1 strip isn't very reliable, which means he is quite reliant on strippers. Use immunity buffers against him while banning strippers in RTA. I've hardly seen gany on gwd personally, but if you can tell me what comps people run him with i can probably help you think of a counter. I honestly think he is a wasted slot in gwd because his ai isnt the best. coupled with the need of a stripper, it only leaves you one spot for something else.

    ** if you lack will runes that would be your main problem

    I wonder why people complain about gany more than ml..
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    • mccool37
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      I've seen him a few times but I think he's mostly used in RTA and maybe regular Arena

    • lucaslee
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      well mccool37 as you can see OP decided not to address any of these i believe he is a relatively new player

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    He is not broken at all. He is counterable by willrunes/immunity, if you are getting offguard by a Gany on AD/GWD you are attacking with the wrong composition.

    On RTA he is a strong pick, you can ban/counter pick gany teams with the proper monsters. Get more resist on your monsters so you won't get stripped that easily. Gany strip on s1 is only 50%/hit, it isn't the most reliable strip on the game.

    There are 50+ monsters that can wreck you up on RTA with a violent proc on the right moment, don't cry over it.


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      -1, Gany is not broken here. Your complaint is more centred around Violent runes more than Gany himself. TBH I find swift Gany’s more frustrating then Violent Gany’s. So yeah, -1 to this!


      • Malcolm bamba
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        You sure dont want any discussion about this...

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      lol everyone knows ganny needs a nerf. hell the devs know it also lol. if you don't think he needs a nerf its because you have one.


      • Karo_Havoc
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        Or because you know how to counter him.

      • TheAce28
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        lol please tell me how you counter a strip and proc into 3rd skill....?

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      Just make his ventilate not self targetable.


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        +1 Nerf Ganymede. Unbalanced monster. Can reduce atk bar of the entire opponent team over and over again, when they do get a turn they can't use the skill they need.

        You could nerf him by removing the aoe atk bar decrease on Seal Magic and changing it to one target
        Making it so that the Seal Magic isn't affected by cooltime decreasing skills.

        Has counters is no reason to not nerf btw. If so, then stun counters almost every monster, how is that a valid reason to not nerf?


        • Katarina015
          Katarina015 commented
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          I agree with you that the attack bar reduce should be on the same target only not AOE.

        • Katarina015
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          With Verad as well..... you cannot get a single turn....

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        Compare him to Sekhmet (Fire Dessert Queen) she steals benefial effects and resets the target for a chance and it can be resisted by chance but Gany has unresistable reset but of course not through immunity and an AOE attack bar deplete to 0.

        And Im not complaining about the violent procs its just the skill set and cooldown of the skills of this Gany is OP.
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          I dont think he needs a nerf, yeah his kit is perfect - by perfect i mean its very well thought just like seara's and its synergize well with his other skills. With violent runes he's so good tho. He's good but i dont think he needs a nerf, but if you nerf him its always welcome coz i dont have him lol.


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            -1 for this, before seing him as a broken monster, Nerf Verad, Hathor, Mo Long, Seara, Woosa, Zaiross, Perna, Psamathe, and many more.


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              I bet
              everyone saying -1
              owns a Gany
              and knows exactly how broken he is on RTA
              i won't try to convince anyone
              i'll just laugh when the nerf hammer comes
              and you will be crying, just like Laika owners


              • FooJub
                FooJub commented
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                Nehhhhhh gany nerf? I'll make a long post about how boo**** com2us is, post a "I quit cuz gany nerf" thread, then come back 2 days later with obligatory buff gany threads supported by 100 3 minute old accounts

              • Tony Sfinos
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              +1 to increase one turn CD on his S2. He basically has no counter when you use him with AOE buff remover in RTA. I think that what makes him OP is the short CD on S2.


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                -1 he is only really OP in RTA. AD and GWD never have problems with him. And no I don't have one.


                • Katarina015
                  Katarina015 commented
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                  Are you sure? Hmmmmm.....