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[Ideas For] Raki/Daphnis/Psamathe/Ganymede/Support Homu+More

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  • [Ideas For] Raki/Daphnis/Psamathe/Ganymede/Support Homu+More

    Yeah. Im trying this. Preparing for the incoming storm. This is a post I wouldve asked ChouTenshi to look at lol XD memories.
    Please note some of these will be multiple suggestions per monster. Also, this post is currently NAT 5S ONLY. Also a very long read but Im proud of it!

    Soul Crusher: Inflicts great damage with an attack that crushes a targets soul, preventing revival if the target is killed. This skill cannot land as a glancing hit .

    Note: So yeah I had NO CLUE what to do with her. Here are the other options if the target is killed:
    -Recover all allies by 50% of the targets MAX hp.
    -Gain 2 turns of invincibility.
    -Deal 35% of the damage to all other enemies.
    -Deal 50% of the damage to all other enemies.
    -Grants all allies the soul protect lasting 3 turns

    Add an effect to his attack:
    -Recovers HP by half the damage.
    -Recovers by 30% of the damage.
    -Irresistibly stun the target.
    -Gets a Recover effect for(1 or 2) turns along with shield.

    Oh my, im dropping a nerf hammer!

    Rageful Return(Passive): Reduced damage by 30%.(More like squeaky nerf hammer lol.)

    oh no another nerf!

    Seal Magic: Attacks an enemy target to set its skills on max cooldown, and sets all enemies attack bars to 0. This skill is irresistible against targets of water attribute, and sets skills on cooldown with a 75% chance against targets of fire attribute.

    Not a major nerf. Removed irresistibility against fire/wind types, and nerfed its use against fire types.

    Now for the homonculus:

    (Light)Operation Beta-Accelerate: Recovers all allies by 20% and their attack bars by 15%.

    (Light):Operation Beta-Protect: Recovers all allies by 20% each. If used on allies with more than 75% of their HP, creates a shield proportionate to 15% of my MAX HP.

    (Light)Turning Point: Removes the harmful effects of all allies and evenly matches the percentage of their HP. After that, recover all allies by 15% of my max HP and increase their defense for 2 turns.


    Gods Shield: Gains immunity against harmful effects. Reduces the damage of all allies by 20% and the chances of allies receiving harmful effects by 15%.


    Aura of Dawn:
    add effect: Damage increases according to my attack speed.(Benefits elenoa mostly).

    Thats all for now! THX for reading!
    Also, tagging some peeps that I highly respect and regard(For the most part):

    Tony Sfinos
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    I almost forgot u

    I also respect u :3


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      Interesting raki change. I like the first idea, or the recover idea if overflow goes into a shield - otherwise preemptive attacks are a waste

      Daphnis, the only one I see as a strong buff is the irresistible stun. The others are kinda "eh" effects, and again are wasted if his 3rd is used preemptively. is psamathe's change a nerf? That sounds like a big buff O_o

      I think ganymede's nerf is a bit much.. his atb reduction can already be resisted, making it only could almost be a 2nd skill.

      +1 for all light homu changes

      Akroma'a change just kinda makes her an expensive darion ._.


      • OccultBoy21
        OccultBoy21 commented
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        Psamathes change is a semi nerf, as the damage is VASTLY decreased, but gains an anti cleave effect.

        As for Ganymede, skillups would be added for + 15% harmful effect rate(To make it 100% chance).

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      Hey! Thanks for including Akroma in this post. I was actually wanting to create a post about her and still trying to think of a decent suggestion. Yours is okay. This would make her an improved Darion making enemies target her first, making use of her passive against harmful effect more useful than just being ignored for later. The chance to negate harmful effects landed on the allies would also be a good bonus. But I still don't know if this would make her more useful? In raids FL maybe? Idk. Also, this might flame other ToAH finishers. XD

      As for the other suggestions, I'll just give my opinions to some. :3

      Raki - I have a friend who uses her as a rep, when used in farming she would use her 3rd skill first, so having an additional effect to activate shatter if the enemy dies, could open a slot for her in cleave teams I guess?

      Daphnis - the irresistible stun would be good as an addition.

      Psamathe - I don't know if this is a nerf or buff honestly. Having to activate Overwhelm that won't glance would interrupt double lushen teams as well as other aoe cleave team. Although the multipliers are lowered its still strong...really...


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        I'm running out the door, but I have to say, I hate the irresistible skills and think they should be taken out of the game rather than putting more in. Edit- oh I think I read this wrong.
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          I do not support this Ganymede nerf mini-bandwagon.

          He is 100% countered by immunity, isn't the most reliable stripper (single target). His attack bar reduce already has RES check. He is a strong RTA/ToaH unit, not OP by any means.


          • OccultBoy21
            OccultBoy21 commented
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            I was reffering to skillups for 100% chance to reduce attack bars. ~read~

          • Stvevan
            Stvevan commented
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            You have to understand here occultboy is very early game. As in pre gb10. So his balances arent exactly right.

            However will does stop ganymede in his tracks. And his atb drop goes through a resistance check. So to then give it a lower chance would be pretty useless.

            Everyone keeps saying Gany is OP. But he isnt going to solo you. Bring immunity and he wont do anything.

            They bring gany but they then also must have either an atb booster or a strip. So you can ban the strip and you are playing vs 3.

            All i see is people blaming gany because of vio procs.... which you only get 1 in RTA so you get a chance to kill.

          • OccultBoy21
            OccultBoy21 commented
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            Yeah, Stvevan
            You're right. Im a lil early game~ish with low PvP experience, so I havent exactly fought good ganymedes or Psamathes. Whenever you see me attempt to "balance"high pvp monsters, its usually based off another monster or from guild friends experiences. :/

            But Stvevan
            What you think of my other bufg suggestions(Brandia/Elenoa, Light Homie, and Raki?

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          I agree that Raki needs a buff to balance her better with her sisters.
          However, I feel that her kit works ok for what she was designed for. Her 3rd skill doesn't need additional gimmicks, it needs true one-shot power to make her a feared target on the field that needs to be dealt with and taken seriously.

          I agree that Psamanthe needs to be nerfed. His skill set combined with his OP leader skill is just too much. Though, I'm not sure how best this ought to be applied. Same goes for Ganymede, but again not sure how best to apply it.

          Daphnis needs to be better balanced, though if Psamanthe and Ganymede get nerfed this may effectively balance this family better. Still though, Daphnis needs something more. Maybe buff his 3rd to give him another turn if he kills the monster.

          No more irresistible stills though. The resistance element of the game is relatively dysfunctional as it is, these skills only compound the problem.

          I like your ideas about light homu.


          • OccultBoy21
            OccultBoy21 commented
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            The only irresistible skill here is Ganymede, and its only irredistible against water units.

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          Just gotta bumpity bump.


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            The one to Psamathe seems like a buff the way you wrote it.

            I'd say to revive, use his 2nd and then die. DUnno if this was what you meant.

            Ganymede seems a bit gimmicky. Make him drop atk bar with 75% chance and the cooldown is not irresistible. IMHO it's fair and square.

            Daphnis... Something like: uses 3rd skill, sacrifices HP, deals damage. Returns 50% of the damage as a heal and creates a shield with the excess of the heal

            For raki she could have the Barbaric King style of 3rd. When Soul Crusher is on cooldown she can for, example, get a speed increase and x% chance to make soul crusher ready to use instantly... Dunno about this one


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              - I've no idea what to do with raki too.. hope I don't pull one
              - Same for daphnis both do need some form of skill change though
              - Not sure why psamathes damage needs a nerf.. he hits like a twig now imo.
              - Gany I've never had problems with it (G2 asia) no idea why people are asking for everything nerfed.
              - I've personally given up on the homu doesn't matter what happens to her (didn't even fuse lol)
              - I didn't think Akroma needs a buff but adding that 20% seems okay.... 15% no harmful effects is too op.
              - I think they do need to up the damage of s2 for brandia's sake its a joke now

              I'm personally against nerfs cus i generally have no trouble with any unit in particular. Please find a strategy to solve problems and not ask for nerfs :/
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                Raki - Make her Soul Crusher put enemy skills on CD for both hits and always land as a critical hit in addition to the anti-revive. Also, gain soul protection when this skill is on CD.

                Ganymede - He should not be able to reset himself, just like Jamire.

                Psamathe - Make his Rageful Return single target.


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                  And Bump. I decided to edit this old post, seemed like one of my better ones ~0¬0~


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                    Is it possible to vhange the post name from [Balance] to [Ideas For]?


                    • Com2uS_Evan
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                      Yes, I can do that for you! (:

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                    Just wanted to add, if the Pioneers can have guaranteed non-glance on their skill 2 (North Star's Wisdom), I think it is reasonable to add it to Raki's skill 3 (non-glance).


                    • OccultBoy21
                      OccultBoy21 commented
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                      That would make her able to K.O Daphnis as well(Meaning her arena Lead would make sense in a shield will Cleave team.)

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                    **** you on gany. I literally just got him and finally can play the game with the other cashers. Do that to him, take off the irresistable part for tiana and remove the part where she ****s her own team.

                    Raki needs love. I got her like 3 nat5s ago. One was my 3rd Leo. I still haven't 6'd raki. I 6d the leo though.

                    hell imma not spend more till after next balance patch. Any nerf to gany and im removed from their grasp forever. Already rekt my chance at playing at any competent pvp level with the gut nerf of iris.
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                    • OccultBoy21
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                      The gany idea is still in development(It would be hard to change Tiana without screwing Cleave teams.

                    • luigizanotti
                      luigizanotti commented
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                      ''hell imma not spend more till after next balance patch''.

                      This is wisdom. I think I will follow suit.