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    I personally hated this balance patch. I felt it was borderline illogical for most parts. Many monsters that remain a problem in the game are left untouched, and many monsters which were 'just right' have now regained their title of storage king. It took 4 months for this 'balance' to arrive. Now, I actually don't mind bad summons, I realise that's just part of the game, but poor development and implementation is not something I signed up for at all. This makes me want to stop playing a game I have been playing consistently since 2014.

    At the end of the day however, I believe it would be extremely beneficial (hopefully) for everyone if Com2us would communicate their reasons for balances and changes with the community. Not half-assed answers, but honest explanations for the actions they choose to make. Because currently, all we get is a spreadsheet of seemingly irrational changes to monsters we love, without reason or a back-story.

    Who else agrees Com2us should communicate more with us?
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    The nerf to Laika is like castrating him, let all the Laika owners unit and save his balls from Com2us.

    The buff to OG is ok, but Rica is still the girl with autism in the family, rework Rica pls.


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      I like the idea of com2us being more transparent, especially when it comes to buffs and new updates. I honestly have no idea why they hide their plans from us until they are released! They should be hyped about them and want to tell us all about their plans so that we get excited too


      • MrGregUniverse
        MrGregUniverse commented
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        its hard to think your community is going to get hyped when all of your reasoning is the same ""drive sales"" we nerf laika and buff rica to drive sales. we nerf tablo and iris to drive sales in the rta format. we nerf rakhan to drive sales. we buff all mermaids excluding water to drive refills and drive sales.

        so much hype

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      Though there have been a lot of threads on the balance patch pre-notice lately, your suggestion is definitely reasonable. It's understandable that players want reasons given for changes. We will certainly pass your comments along and push for more transparency.


      • Swazky
        Swazky commented
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        Tnuva that's part of what I suggested in the changes to balance patches. Make them more frequent and use the com2us streams to talk with a dev and do q&a about the reasoning behind the changes

      • bishii
        bishii commented
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        But what reasons do you expect?
        Iris [too strong in RTA people said]
        Tablo [too strong in RTA people said]

        drastic nerfs/buffs are caused by RTA feedback now

      • lucaslee
        lucaslee commented
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        What Tnuva and Swazky has said. We need to know what those drunk devs are thinking

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      Lol..... sorry its just that.... who are you to ask to com2us tell us their plans? Its their game, yes, we spend, yes we are the players, but why they need to tell us what they plan, none game company tell their costumers if they need to do patch, or if they want to change something, they dont gonna do that, just forget about the theme move on man, its only a nerf in a game, its a videogame bro, its not your life (I hope, cause will sad if it is)


      • JoshinIN
        JoshinIN commented
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        It's not totally unreasonable to ask what part of the game Laika was just too strong for. Did they nerf him just for RTA? Did it have to do with him being too hard of a TOA boss? etc.

      • zmarv
        zmarv commented
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        MrGregUniverse ok maybe im wrong, could be posible stablish a conversation with com2us, but like JoshinIN says just to ask why that changes, but im not convincent about tell us everything, just imagine if they think on buff or nerf a mob... sw open a topic about they have in mind... some of the community will be agree the other ones no, if you try to ask everything never will get another buff or nerf

      • MrGregUniverse
        MrGregUniverse commented
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        zmarv what? I do not think its unreasonable to ask a developer, who is trying to push into the E-Sports arena to act like the other E-Sport developers and state their reasoning for the changes. The only reason not to do this is because their either have no reason "we did this because we needed to do something but we did not know what so we did this" style or their reasoning is "drive sales"

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      i think this could clear up a lot of the frustrations after each patch - this would be very welcome
      also when players will try and ask to not nerf/buff they can be more focused on the reason why com2us decided to nerf/buff in that specific way

      p.s. would be appreciated if the reasons wont be "he is too strong" "that mon is too weak"..... that wont rly help

      also moving this to suggestion sub forum
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        The idea is great, that's how it should be on every online games imo, but seriously, who think they really listen to us ?

        Remember the old past days, sw was number 1 on the store with the biggest comunity, for a really long time ... Today most of the old players have left, sw isnt in the top (in term of community) anymore since a long time, but still in top 10 (or something like this) in term of profits.
        They dont care about the comunity, but have great salesmen that know how to keep the "big buyers".
        We all lost many friends, for the same known reason years ago, that's still the same today, years after.
        They add some contents, make some minor changes, to keep the game alive, thats all.

        Sw is still productive, they have others more recent games to focus on, they will not start to listen and talk to us now.

        Sorry about it, just my own (sad) opinion.


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          To avoid confusion to some people who are saying that com2us doesn't need to reveal all their secrets... ( zmarv )

          One easy way to do this kind of thing is the com2us streams. Com2uS_Evan and Desperado do an interview to a Dev or someone with direct contact which clarifies why X buff or y nerf is going to be implemented.

          Viewers are invited to ask questions, propose new ideas and so on.
          This stuff happens in lots of E-sports games so if com2us wants to go the e-sports way, this is an important step

          Obviously they won't answer every question during a stream but some questions might be asked and if the community doesn't change something between pre-notice and the actual balances, at least in future patches stuff can be changed.

          It's just another way of communication (we need as many as possible since sometimes devs seem to be deaf and blind unfortunately)


          • Com2uS_Evan
            Com2uS_Evan commented
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            We would absolutely love to do something like this! I've actually proposed the idea in the past, but since we don't share a language with the devs, it would make communication a bit slow when it's live (we'd need someone there to translate). So for the time being, we try to bring commentary and insight to the news. But we'll keep trying to get new information to the viewers! C:

          • Swazky
            Swazky commented
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            Com2uS_Evan what if instead of a dev it was someone with English knowledge which talks to them directly? Or having a translator in the stream? I think that both solutions are good specially because with the current balance patch logic there are only a few units to address.

            If they change this to something more in the lines of what I proposed before in my post, the stream idea is a bit harder because of the stream length...

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          This is a great idea. Give people time, communicate about potential future changes a couple weeks in advance and figure out how the community feels about it. The way you have currently done the roll out has led to an extremely toxic community and several youtube videos and forum post about account give aways/sales.

          I have hope for the future but my question to you now is are there any plans to settle community outrage? Do you plan to address the current pain felt by your customers? Offer any sort of reprieve? incentive? @Com2uS_Evan @Com2us_Velv
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            +1 - It would create a better community between players and developers. I love the idea.