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more RNG for RTA

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  • more RNG for RTA

    At the end of drafting phase, before ban phase and leader skill pick, there should be a 5 second rock paper scissor one chance mini game, the person who wins the match gets to pick the battle scaling.

    there will be two boxes,
    first box: As the battle goes on ___ decreases,
    second box: As the battle goes on ___ increases,

    And the winner gets to pick the first box, and loser gets to pick the second box,

    The blank in the box includes 4 options,
    1. HP
    2. Def
    3. Atk
    4. Spd

    This way when players are drafting their units, they cannot pick all defense scaling units because if they lose the rock paper scissor match, the winner could very well pick Def decreases.

    Also swift runes will be game changing if they bring a spd scaling unit on swift, and Spd increases as the battle goes on, swift runes will be much more powerful than violent, and high speed units like orion, bernard, bastet, etc will cut 2 turns and shaking off crowd control without violent.

    With this system, people cannot just bring yolo teams like Laika Seara Perna Etc, because Atk could picked to decrease, and making them hit like a wet noodle.

    Player 1 loses rock paper scissor match,
    Player 1 picked all Def scaling units like Verad, Bulldozer etc

    Player 2 first picks First box, As Battle goes on (Def) decreases to counter player1
    Howeverr, Player 2 picks speed or attack scaling units like seara Laika Theo Perna etc
    Player 1 could only pick a stat to increase now, so he is pretty much fuked before the battle began, unless he finishes the battle before the scaling factor becomes too great.

    Mechanics like this will challenge the players to have a more diverse team including Def/ Spd/ Hp/ Atk scaling units to offset the mini game counter. and have the second box stat increase benefit himself more than the opponent.

    The scaling of the increase and decrease should be the total stat the unit goes into the battle with regardless of base stat or rune stats, so if the winner picks Spd decrease scaling, then units with 300 speed will hurt more than a unit with 200 speed, so if the game stalls til the end, so a 300 speed orion could potentially move slower than a 200 speed rakan by the end of the game.
    This could spike up some interesting and unique PvP builds for monsters to trap opponents.

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    So, in short, if you are lucky in the RPS phase you win.

    Nice suggestion, bravo: it will solve all issues of RTA... by having people flee from it altogether.


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      Because rock paper scissors is an esport