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Drop more Summoning stones at a time in Cairos dungeons

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  • Drop more Summoning stones at a time in Cairos dungeons

    50 stones are needed for a summon. Cairos drops 1 whole MS (when it actually drops). Cairos drops 2-3 summoning stones at a time (when it actually drops). I think this needs to be fixed. Please keep the drop rate the same but drop more (at least 10 stones at a time sounds ok to me) summoning stones at a time in Cairos dungeons, and other places where they drop (except ToA maybe, but there too I would like to see at least 2 to 3 drop per floor).

    (I know there was some post here regarding this topic, and I intended to bump that post. However, I could not find it using the search function. Hence this post.)

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    caiross rifts/raids and events - its kinda ridicolous u do rifts and u get 1 summ stone....


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      +1 these stone drops dont make sense.


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        I'd wish...but they'll never do it.... SS are the garbage filter drops they place to water down the rewards. Cairos is not that bad when the run is like a min long...wait till R5 gives you 1 SS.... Raid drop is MUCH worse.


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          +1 but raise drops in ToA too (or at least ToaH)

          Clearing ToA/ToaH gives you 80 stones (8 per 10 floors) and well, 1 stone summon for an entire ToA is pretty bad.


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
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            u get lots of other stuff in toa so u cant rly compare (700 crystals ls ld devilmon 3 ms and a couple of rainbowmons....) its not like the stones r the main point of toa

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          for all those complaining about toa only giving 1 stone a level. i guess you dont know thiis but it used to not give anything and people still said thank you for having it. dont be greedy be fair. dungons/beasts/raid should give way more stones but not toa


          • ihatenoise
            ihatenoise commented
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            No ones being greedy its their game and improving it will keep their paying customers playing. The players dont actually need anything, we dont even need a game. We arent the ones making a living from it.

          • mrloog
            mrloog commented
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            yes, it is when ss didnt released. after ss released i think it just time problem =))

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          That's a really good argument. I didn't really care about this matter but now that you brought the 1 whole MS vs 2-3 SS, I have to side with you on this.


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            Yep, indeed this has been brought up several times. I have as well in the past, so obviously +1.

            It's too small a fraction of a MS.


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              +1 yea, 5-15 stone sound alot better since they drop so infrequently anyways


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                I personally agree. It's a little strange that 1 Mystical Scroll seems to correlate to so few Summoning Stones. But I guess having the selection of Monsters reduced down so much is worth a lot. After all, I probably wouldn't have gotten Camilla, Xiao Lin, or the last component for the Fire Panda without them. I will pass this one along, though I can't guarantee that we'll see it implemented in-game. But I will make sure this is at least heard. (:


                • Imagi007
                  Imagi007 commented
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                  Thanks ^_^

                • finzero
                  finzero commented
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                  It's a little strange that 1 Mystical Scroll seems to correlate to so few Summoning Stones
                  well summoning stone give slightly increase the chances to get monsters you want, so it not really strange if it more rare that MS

                  but i will still +1 this xD

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                Guild Battle Points provide a decent framework for equivalence (not that I ever buy them there, it's a horrible deal). 1 MS per 200 Guild Points, 15 Summon Stones per 170 Guild Points. So 1 MS is equivalent to 17.6 Summon Stones. Pretty easy to justify upping their amount to at least 10-15 per drop.