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Nat5 crafting/ unused double pulled Nat5

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  • Nat5 crafting/ unused double pulled Nat5

    The Main part of my this topic is about really sad double or triple pulled (not worth to build several ones) nat5. I know that it isn't possible to make a trading system for monsters, because the game would be killed and that is good that there is no trading system. BUT?! What to do with, for example in my case, 3x Tritons -.- And there are a few players with double pulls and no one knows what to do with them. And using them for skill ups or evolving other ones is still not worth I guess

    My Idea: How about making a nat5 crafting menu, like the feature with giving away 2x 4* stars for leg pieces but in that case maybe something like sacrifice 2 nat5 and get a random one?! I think that would be fair, cause to get 2 unused nat5 is a really small chance and giving them away for a random one is a good deal for everyone in my opinion. Of course unlucky ones will maybe get a sacrificed one back, but at least they have a chance to get something new ^^
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    Even 3 for 1 would be fine, but there is some demand to be able to do something good with these so damn rare/epensive nat 5 dupes.


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      +1 great idea! 2 for 1 seems fair!


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        How bout exactly like the legendary crafting one but you have to sacrifice 2 Nat 5 for 15 transcendence pieces.

        The cons have to outweigh the pros if you're‚Äč going to implement this kind of system.

        Ofc, Nat 5 that come from fusion hexagram will be excluded


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          Thanks it's not mine, I saw it on the forum before

        • Skeletoon
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          It's definitely pay to win but only applies to maybe 1% of the user base. Even so, discarding two Nat 5 for the price of one; wouldn't that be even more p2w?

          And like I said, what's Com2uS going to gain from this? Less users complaining about dupe Nat 5? A lot of users were shocked that they let the crafting legendary pieces exist since it was "free" to use.
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        • 2_Good_4_U
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          2 nat5 for 15 pieces transcendence? Never !!!

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        @Skeletoon: 2 nat 5 for 15 pieces is just way too expensive. then you need for the first time 14 nat 5 for a CHANCE to get a new one.
        These nat 5 are so damn expensive/rare that 14 for maybe 1 is just not helping at all. What would all the not superduper p2w guys do, who have like 2-5 dupes?

        Im totally with you regarding fused nat 5s, they should be excluded. Ifrits, too.

        Talking about "whats com2us gain":
        1. most important: more satisfied customers. More and more ppl (and even f2p) will get dupes with the time (at some point everybody will get a dupe, for f3p it's even more frustrating, if you 4. nat 5 is a dupe). And nobody wants them, so there has to be done something earlier or later.
        I can imagine, some ppl wont pay that much anymore when they got 2 dupes in a row - at least i will only use my money for refills and not for summons anymore. The frustration about useless dupes is to high.
        2. they could sell a token to craft a nat 5 from sacrificing 3 (or 2). make this token buyable like 2-4 times a year and then no assumed 100 nat 5 hoarders can instantly get all nat 5. make this token cheap, put it into a nice package and then ppl who dont pay regularly will also be willing to pay (like for some other rare packages, too).


        • 2_Good_4_U
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          that's it, same like u. I will never pay money again till they give the option to do something with the dupes. 3 x Tritons from cashing wtf -.-

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        This is just the basic idea and btw I am just searching for a way to do something with the dupes. To skill up or using to evolving with a nat5 dupe is wasting in my imo. And even c2us would be win, cause p2w players will cash and don't care of dupes cause with this content they have the chance to sacrifice them and get maybe something new. So at least both sites will win, c2us can earn money and at least we have the feature to use the dupes.

        of course fusions and ifrit should be excluded


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          +1 to this idea, totally agreed with it, I have triple FMonkeys, double Ethna and Double Triton, and that represents like 40% of my NAT5 population


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            +1 nice idea my 2nd 3rd and 4th Nat5* were Chiwu....