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  • Daphnis Buff Ideas

    Being one of the more underwhelming Fire Nat 5s in the game, I thought I'd create a thread to discuss some of the potential improvements that could be made to bring Daphnis, the Fire Fairy King up in the ranks a bit and make him more viable. Please feel free to comment and provide your own thought on the matter.

    Some ideas to improve Daphnis:
    • Increase his base speed to make him one of the fastest nat 5s and have his third skill scale off speed. This would make his kit shine more as he would then have the opportunity to do overwhelm and reset cooldowns or serenity and strip a single target early. Give him an interesting niche as a unique utility + damage mon basically (which he's sorta supposed to be??)
    • Keep his third skill the same but make it AOE. This would make him more of a threat in guild wars and top tier in TOAH. Increase the cooldown time if need be.
    • Make his third skill exchange 75% of the enemy's HP and only 30% of his own (similar to the Water Panda, but better). The idea is to make him the best single-target, DEF ignoring nuker in the game.
    • Have him gain invincibility and immunity for 2 turns on his third skill instead of the damage shield.
    • Give him a 33% Speed Lead (General) and have him awaken into Crit Rate instead of Accuracy
    • Make him an HP monster instead of an attacker and give him a 44%-55% HP Arena Lead skill. He'd be more similar to the Water Panda, but would have AOE cooldown reset instead of strip and a weaker third skill.

    Anyway, those are just some of my thoughts on the matter, but would be interested in knowing what everyone else thinks. I feel as a single-target damage dealer, he just doesn't compare with any of the other Nat 5 attackers, so let's give Com2us some help in improving this fellow and make the Fair King family great again!


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    Hi, you have a good point, but i feel there are a lot thread already.. have u tried searching in google before posting?
    here are just some examples (and there are tons more I can search by typing Daph name in google.... )[LIST] Suggestions the community wants > Rework Daphnis

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      People will not like the idea of another 33% spd leader mon. I like Daphnis, but I agree, water panda is a much better monster.

      What if he gave aoe immunity after using his third skill, and he kept his shield or got invincibility? I think just giving it to him isn't enough, although I have thought about that idea too.

      I also like the idea of him taking away more hp, or making it an aoe. Something. I don't mind his awakening bonus being acc. I have Psama too and have found it hard to give him enough acc to make his second skill land as well as giving him everything else he needs.


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        Yeah good ideas.


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          Yer first idea isn't even plausible since their base speed is 98. -1
          Yer no, too much like Trinity. -1
          Yer 3rd idea is far too op, and simultaneously underwhelming, he would destroy bosses and such, but be overshadowed by oberon and copper in practical scenarios. -1
          Yer 4th idea is plausible. +1
          Yer 5th idea is just..not even logical. There is no 33% global speed lead. -1
          Yer 6th 55% hp lead exists, arena or not. And I want to see more fire dd, not bruisers. -1


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            These are all pro-meta buffs. I am against pro-meta buffs.


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              There are many threads about Daphnis as BigDaddyToe mentioned, so it is easy to recognize it is an underwhelming nat5 unit.
              I got it recently and tried violent on him (I considered it as a single target nuker) but didn't produce as much damage as to lose 30% of its HP (already low) and after two turns using the third skill it suicides itself in exchange to another unit. Not a very good skill if it dies in vain so you need to put vampire on it for sustain, which does not goes well on it, as the first skill and third are single target and the second skills reduce cooldown for one turn... you need violent on that to get more chances and make him useful.
              In there is a comment that says that it doesn't add anything to a team... and kind of agree on that. It does not heal himself so it relies on another monster for having support.

              From Sage13 ideas, I guess making the third skill AOE could be OK and similar to Trinity (Dark Valkirye), as used with vampire or destroy would make him recover a lot or produce a greater damage. The second one could be OK, but the base stats needs rework (very bad stats for an attack type nat5, this lack of congruence in stats is normally seen in 3 and 4 stars) and I the last idea of think making him an HP monster and improve attack/speed would be a good addition. I really don't think that invincibility could do the trick alone, as it requires some kind of sustain afterwards in mid-long battles. I would not change his awakening increase, as if the third skill is corrected somehow and base stats reworked he would be a good unit.

              Hope this helps


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                -1 as all seem to be OP ideas and if he get it, he is not balance but be broken.