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[BUFF] Raki - Fire Hell Lady

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  • [BUFF] Raki - Fire Hell Lady

    Hey, her sisters were buffed before. Give some love to Raki please. Buff her next patch

    My main use for her is in GW against perna and revive comps. The team I use her with is Galleon, Raki and Bernard. So basically I try to nuke down their nuker first, then they can't revive or whatever. However, I am encountering problems as we face stronger guilds, so I figured some buffs would be good for her third skill.

    Some possible changes they could do:

    Soul Crusher - Add def break/brand on first hit (this is to help ensure kill if galleon does not get def break off)

    Soul Crusher - Never lands as glancing (Similar to Laika passive, but is only for 3rd skill. Good for killing Theomars in Theomars + Reviver comps)

    Soul Crusher - 1st hit strips beneficial effects (It would be nice to remove def buffs on enemies to make 2nd hit, hit harder)

    Soul Crusher - Add increase cooltime effect(well,this would be useless if her use is to kill perna, since she already has anti-revive, but i would just want to list down possible additional effects for Skill 3 of Raki)

    Soul Crusher - % chance to ignore def(ignore def is always good. You know, just like Bethony... but I guess this would be near OP. That wind panda would be countered with this)

    If you don't want anything up stated up there, how about an increase in the multiplier for 3rd skill?

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    She already has one shot capabilities with her 3rd skill because of the high multiplier. I don't think she needs any additional effect except for modifying the multiplier to do additional damage based on enemy HP since reviver comps are often paired with Tanks as a bruiser. It bit pro-meta but shouldn't be too OP.


    • click2wave
      click2wave commented
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      Ooooh. I like that HP based damage. She does have a high multiplier, however there are times when she really really needs def break to kill. And what counters turn 1 nuke that relies on def break? Will runes.

      Thanks for the input tho

    • Skeletoon
      Skeletoon commented
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      Pro-meta buffs are never a long term solution so buffing to counter the current meta, in this case will runes, would not be desirable if in the case will runes may no longer be relevant.