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    I’ve been play this game for 3years, Me and my friends all love this game.
    But some friends left after the Homunculus released.
    Because the game getting for high end player ONLY.
    Game need P2W & F2W players.

    First Thank you for Com2us hard work,
    Here are some feedback from all of my friends and me

    1, Problem for RTA is not many ppl play because it is too hard,
    all low rank players they are not going to play because there has no chance to win
    therefore, we have not enough players make good players get higher rank.
    It is difficult to make bottom line players keep playing.
    1. Give 1 point to lose player to encourage them for continue playing.
    2. Unlock all the rewards (just like normal Arena rewards) give a fair chance to all players. That make the bottom line players have chance to get those rewards (that make low rank players keep playing doesn't matter lose or win)

    2, exchange rift crystal to other crystal – exp: 100 Dark crystal to 10 pure magic crystal.

    This feedback from me, friends & my class mates (about 125ppl)

    Thank you

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    +1 even if you loose you should be able to get one point to encourage lower level players to participate

    Also please reduce the loss penalty to 1/2 of the total amount


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      +1 for giving 1 medal to loser. However they should get 0 if they leave during selection phrase.
      -1 to the rest of your ideas. There's need to be competition if not the what's the point ? These stuff are cosmetic and they are like skins which you need to pay to get cooler ones. However Com2us give you a way to get it for free as long as you are strong so you can be competitive and keep the competitive spirit.

      i do agree however that the new system added much more work to players per day so it is a negative update since no one have enough time for all that. If new systems are to be added then the time to work on those should be reduced to balance out. Ex: reduce the amount of world arena wings limit and increase the amount of medal drop per match.

      30 world arena wings per day to be able to maximize its efficiency while each battle last 3-4 minutes averagely take way too much more valuable time for people who have jobs.
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        This post is too broad and very personal. Literally sounds like you want adjustments made only for you on the down low partial reasonomg to the point system is to reward the paying players thisgame is both f2p and p2p friendly you just need to get better or empty your wallet


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          +1 to give 1 medal to losers IF they lose on battle phase. This will help A LOT to the life of rta since noobs will even enter for 1 point (maybe reduce the total wings in exchange to make it fair but idk)

          Also reduce to 20s the wait at selection phase, I'm tired of trolls waiting the whole 30s every time


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            +1 to point to loser and fusion of materials


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              1. The real issue of RTA is the extreme time consumed for a single match. Even the awkward, too heavy game mechanics are secondary to that: I honestly think that time is the main reason for the people steering clear of RTA.

              That said, since it is really difficult from a certain point onward, I think you are right in asking the loser to get a medal anyway, so long as the loss is *NOT* due to disconnection (or it would be abused).

              As for unlocking everything, I don't know really. Makes little sense to rush for cosmetics, IMHO.

              2. Mostly the issue is with CMC, rather than PMC, but I don't think that would be implemented ever. They added reap stones so as to make you use the excesses and, I think, for C2uS that closes the question.


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                +1 for some reward to losing party. RTA is quite a time consuming thing atm, even without dcs or slow connection issues it often takes minutes against a competent player. Than again, even fights are all too often merely decided by some lucky vio chain prog, and plainly receiving zero reward after minutes of fighting is demotivating.