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  • Improve Reappraisal


    Allow players to lock any sub they want *not* to be reappraised by spending an extra stone, per sub.

    Objection one: It will make the strong stronger.

    Answer: to lock 3 subs of a rune you need a total of 4 reap stones, which is 120 crystal per element, plus 200 pure which are rare enough as drops go. Plus you are capped at 3 reap stones per week. It would take lots of grinding and two week just for a sub reroll and you are not guaranteed to roll into anything non flat, so it is hellishly expensive in its own right. It would not be an extremely common occurrence anyway, and, it is not like while you run rifts you get much else done.

    Objection two: it favours P2W.

    Answer: marginally, yes, probably. But, bluntly put, any improvement favours P2W, to some extent, insofar as packs are provided. C2uS isn't a charity, you know. That said, the previous point is still valid: there is no guarantee that if you lock 3 subs, you will not get a flat DEF when you reroll.

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    although I agree with idea, i feel this will be abused..

    as we all know .. Com2us can simply put an ADVANCE APPRAISAL STONE in market that has that feature to lock sub stat

    and it's happening already, appraisal stone sold for $39... and its just 5 =/ should have made it at least x10.. but guess what.. people will still buy this pack,,, 5 pcs??


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      The reasons for objection one can easily be countered by

      "You can't just slap a tax on everything and say it's a balanced trade-off"

      If this were to be implemented it would be an easy lock all subs until you get the right one

      I could lock all favourable ones or lock 3 single rolls so that the 4th substat is guaranteed 4 rolls. Nice idea but this favors the players heavily by having the benefits from the system outweighs the drawbacks in the long run.. -1 from me


      • luigizanotti
        luigizanotti commented
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        In theory i agree with you. In practice... Just how many rerolls will you have to do to get a non flat, acceptable sub? I bet you would do it once or twice for a single rune a ywar, no more or it would get excessively expensive very, very quickly.

        That is the key: be it money or grind, it would be very, very expensive.

      • Skeletoon
        Skeletoon commented
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        Things like these where the user gets to reduce RNG have a very thin line, so far never been hit. It's either too easily abused or too restrictive; becoming a redundant feature.

      • ChouTenshi
        ChouTenshi commented
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        Originally posted by Skeletoon View Post
        "You can't just slap a tax on everything and say it's a balanced trade-off"
        Oooh, I should remember this line. ^^

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      -1. It's already very nice. Yer proposal would make it way more p2w and easy to get g3 quality runes.


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        It actually be way better if we could actually distinguish which was the initial quality of a rune.

        My suggestion.

        Color code the text of Normal, Rare, Hero and Legendary in correct color when rune is power up +3, +6, +9 and +12 while text would actually indicate the initial quality of a rune.

        And example on a normal rune.

        +3 = [normal] in green color
        +6 = [normal] in blue color
        +9 = [normal] in purple color
        +12 = [normal] in orange color
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          These stones already doing a great job actually, at least now you did not need to really upset if you roll quad-flat non-spd stat on legend anymore (and yeah even though still RNG these stones sometimes can surprises you to give you a high-quality rune)


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            Three changes that are mandatory for reappraisal:
            1) Show us how many rerolls numbers we get before we appraise. I want to know if you get 3 or 4 rerolls.
            2) Increase number of stones f2p can farm to 5 per week.
            3) Increase rune storage capacity to accommodate the saving of leg runes for reroll