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    I have been playing Summoners War for over three years and still can't believe that with all the hacking and abuse suck2us continues to let continue that they have not completely and permanently removed violent runes from the game. My belief that by doing so would make the game more fair and balanced for every type of player and drastically cut down on a bunch of headache and frustration! Please do something about this com2us before I quit spending my $300 a month in your support and quit playing altogether!

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    Another victim of


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      Please do tell what the event was for the 3 year anniversary. I thought the game didn't reach 3 years yet?

      On a serious note, lying only undermines your suggestion. -1 because it's your run of the mill rant anyways.


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        Rant aside, I would fully support Violent never allowing more than 2 back to back procs. I do think this would help balance the game.

        Right now, I can do necro at almost 100%. The ONLY reason it isn't 100% as I run Ethna and Homunculus violent. If he steals them and then get 1 or 2 turns, I'm fine. When they get 3 turns, they hit hard enough to knock someone out and I lose. I think Arena is an even bigger one. I did a RTA earlier, dude got 4 turns in a row with Theo. Violent giving up to 2 extra turns is still incredibly powerful. Just a thought, not one I'm married to.


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          you let em vio proc, your fault. simple as that.
          will theo vio proc 3 turns and kill a Copper ? no. fix your strategy.
          will theo be able to vio proc if it doesnt get a turn?no. fix your strategy


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            Awesome comment, as clearly you can prevent every turn of every monster you possibly could fight, and therefore should never have any monster proc violent. SMDH

          • charlesthemud
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            read carefully kid

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          - 30% proc rate
          - no consecutive procs in the same turn
          - Vio cannot proc out of Stun/Freeze/Sleep

          Would this fix Vio? It'd still be the best rune in the game but wouldn't make RNG such an overwhelming factor.

          Also $300 a month?!!