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  • TOA Legendary Difficulty

    Now with grinds, enchantments, and soon to be ductiling, end game players are able to clear TOA hard with increasing ease. It would be really fun to have a new, harder TOA difficulty. I know there needs to be a balance, so as not to give end game players more rewards, but as someone who can now complete TOA hard, this would be a great break from the grind of rune hunting. Whatever the rewards, I believe this would add a great end game play to keep players hooked and goal oriented!

    TLDR: How about a newer, harder TOA difficulty?

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    -1 this has been asked and rejected multiple times with the same exact reasons. No one enjoys Toah, and they definitely not going to enjoy a harder level.


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      Oh. bummer. I rather enjoy ToaH. Lol. but then i'm more PvE than PvP. Thanks for the reply.


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        Toah after lvl79 turns into grueling manual RTA format where you spend 10-15 mins on a single level, booring. Maybe leg toah will be available in the future once monster level cap has been increased to lvl50.


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          If you want TOAH legendary difficulty, remove your runes.


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            I mean the strategy will pretty much be the same. CC so they can't move. There's not gonna be any different really.


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              Just call it ToA-Verad and be done with it.



              • Kalionys
                Kalionys commented
                Editing a comment
                imagine artamiel in toa legendary floor 90 lol
                i dont think that even with a hathor ppl will be able to pass it