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[LIST] Suggestions the community does not want

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  • [LIST] Suggestions the community does not want

    This thread is dedicated to suggestions that the community feels will ruin the game if implemented or does not need to change. These will have overwhelming negative feedback.

    This thread will not act as a list of suggestions that have no chance of being implemented but rather a list of suggestions that the community dislikes in general due to it being possibly game breaking.

    I alone will handle these and use my own discretion to decide what suggestions will appear on the list. I will aim to be as unbiased as possible, meaning that I will likely put the suggestions on the list that get overwhelming negative feedback even if I myself like it.

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    Monster Trading


    - No difference between trading with friends or managing multiple accounts to trade to one account
    - Expected to either be too abuseable by players or too restrictive to be of any use


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      Buffing Leo


      - Has a use in countering the current speed meta depending on how fast your attack bar booster is
      - Game changing monster with a unique passive
      - Even if he goes against will runes, he retains the advantage the speed decrease which can be advantageous throughout the battle
      - The argument of bypassing will runes can be compared to Lushen being allowed to crit on fire mons due to them being his weakness
      - He can either do incredibly well or fail depending on the situation. He's more of a gamble than a unit that needs buffing. You are taking a chance on whether the enemy has will runes. The higher the ranks, the more likely there is will runes. This is where you need to change your strategy. From the typical auto win the he gives if there are no will runes.
      - He has a niche. Even if he does not have much place in PvE, he definitely has a place in PvP.


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        Changing elements


        - There exist the issue of units in their respective value do not have equal star grade throughout.
        - The fear of abuse because fusion monsters will allow players to acquire a different element, causing an imbalance as the existing fusions have heavily desired elemental counterparts.
        - Destroys the RNG factor of the game unecessarily. Unlike fusion monsters, this feature isn't solely aimed to help progression when needed.
        - Currently meta units will now be too easily accessible for all players, reducing RNG which is deemed to be the factor that keeps the game alive.