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[GLOBAL] R A G E Recruiting new members to Join (most efficient farming guild)

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  • [GLOBAL] R A G E Recruiting new members to Join (most efficient farming guild)

    G1 Siege GW and S rank Lab is the main rank the guild is looking to maintain

    GW will consist of around 40% inactive players or alts to ensure all members gets the most stones (210+ stones a week)
    We strongly enforce Lab rules of no stray path and use all lantern
    We also have Lab rules of no hitting miniboss until tart is found which ensures the fastest clear time for Lab.
    Six point rule for GW and prioritize color. (No other guild actually allows everyone to hit full 6 point as you can't equally divide targets. We have designated 0 point hitter to solve that issue)
    siege rules of no more than 10 wins per siege (this is to prevent cherry picking)
    all active member that participate in siege and GW must be able to finish Tart on normal (this is the bare minimum requirement for the lab to run)

    Additional benefits
    I actively refresh shop
    I will always bring the guild towards the path of more rewards and better efficiency.

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    What are the requirements set to join this guild?


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      as long as you follow the laid out rules and is able to win against most guild war defense.
      in terms of progression its probably somewhere around at least getting s rank on wind fire water rift beast and cleared R5.

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