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[EU] BROtatos [G3] : Recruiting high level players!

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  • [EU] BROtatos [G3] : Recruiting high level players!

    Greetings & Welcome!

    BROtatos (Recruitment Open)

    1. Arena rating of Conqueror 3 or HIGHER
    2. Must posses a vast variety of monsters.
    3. ToA & ToAH cleared
    4. Raids lvl5 & World Boss Rank Grand Master or Higher
    5. Glory Shop Buildings & Guild War Flags Upgraded to a satisfactory level (Preferred above 50%)
    6. Runed/Geared Monsters for Guild War Defence & Offence (Few solid attack teams should be in place)

    Guild Wars (Server Time):
    1st War: 11:00 CEST
    2nd War: 23:00 CEST
    *Saturday: Second War @ 17:00 CEST

    Alternatively;click the link below to find out when the wars begin in your Time Zone:


    * Contact us on Line chat @ MustBePK
    * Provide the below screenshots:

    (Line chat is a "Must Have" app. in our guild. We use it not only for interviews & screenshots but to communicate with each other on a day to day basis. Lets call it an extension to our in-game chat) -

    1. Monster Box
    2. Arena Statistics
    3. Glory Shop Buildings
    4. Guild War Flags

    This will then be followed by a casual conversation in form of an interview (or the other way round) !
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