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A Guide to Glory Shop: (Hopefully) All You Need to Know

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  • A Guide to Glory Shop: (Hopefully) All You Need to Know

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction

    ​2. Items
    • Consumables
    • Resource Buildings
    • Stat Buildings
    3. TLDR General Priority
    • ​Sample Prioritization
    ​4. FAQ

    This guide is very long. A simple Ctrl+F works wonders if you want to look up a specific item.

    Greetings Summoners!

    I created this guide in order to analyze the buildings and consumables sold at the glory shop and rate their usefulness/timing. Hopefully, new and old players alike will understand better what and when to buy certain items.

    The Glory Shop

    Accessed from shop -> glory shop tab, all the items here are purchased using glory points.

    How do I earn glory points?

    As of the latest update, glory points are now earned based on your arena bracket. If you are in:
    • 0-899 rating: Beginner rank for 2 points each victory.
    • 900-1199 rating: Challenger rank for 3 points each victory.
    • 1200+ rating: Fighter rank (or better; see below) for 4 points each victory.
    • 1500+ rating AND top 10,000 (bottom right number, after "rank"): Conqueror rank for 5 points each victory
    Losing will give 1 point at all ratings, and each rival now gives 3 glory points in addition to the standard crystal reward. Winning/losing in AD won't net you any glory points.

    I just started / I have beginner monsters / my enemy list contains all high star monsters. What should I do?

    If you have just started, I suggest that you concentrate more on the PVE contents first. That is, don't fuss too much on arena defense, and level monsters that can carry you through the scenario dungeons rather than being arena killers. This will bring you up to par much quicker, and it is harder for new players to climb that high anyway.

    HOWEVER, that does not mean not participating in the arena at all. Your arena invitations (white wings) is a precious resource, and you never want to waste it. After all, you never let your excess energy waste away while playing if you can help it, don’t you?

    If you're not yet level 40 (level cap), it will be harder for you to compete in arena against players with more resources and time. What you can do, however, is to secure yourself at least Challenger rank (900+ rating). This is easy enough to reach and maintain even for new players since you'll start with 1000 rating. As long as you play and find winnable matches to raise your rating, it will be easy enough. Once you reached level 30+ with some 5* monsters, you can try aiming for Fighter rank (1200+ rating). The gap between Fighter and Conqueror (and above) is big, so don't be discouraged if you keep getting pushed back by failed arena defenses. For new 40s, a 1400+ rating (4 points each win and 100 crystals) is a realistic goal to aim for.

    Lastly, never have 10/10 arena wings (full). You'll want to use it every time you can, because you only get so many wings daily. I'd even lose on purpose if I need to go out / have no time to play arena for 1 glory point, unless I'm on the last day of arena reset / competitive. For those putting weak AD as bait to farm glory points, only lose on purpose when you have refreshed 3-5 times and can't find winnable AD. Otherwise, refresh once, wait a few minutes while farming Faimon, etc and come back to refresh again. As you reach 100% AO victory rate, your arena ranking will go up by itself and you don't need to purposely lose to lower it anymore.

    I managed to scrap a bunch of glory points! Should I buy the items from cheapest to most expensive?

    Whoa, not so fast buddy. There are many items in the glory shop, and virtually all of them are useful, but at different stages of the game. Even 2 players may start buying the same thing only to diverge later, and each can still make the correct decision.

    This is where I come in. I'll try to analyze each item and give you some pointers on its usefulness. Because each player is unique and different, I'll also highlight items that emphasizes a certain playstyle so that you can tailor a building order that works optimally for you and not for an average Joe. Make the build works for you, not the other way around.

    Without further ado, let's start the guide!
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    A. Consumables

    Items in this category are only usable once, and you can buy more than one of them. Many of them have a cooldown to limit your purchases, either weekly or daily. The reset coincides with the dailies in-game. Therefore, if you have access to a new wish, new daily quests or daily rewards, you'll know that the items have been replenished. For weekly items, the reset time coincides with arena reward and reset time on Monday.

    Now, how can you make use of this information?
    After reading this section you might want to buy weekly consumables, perhaps on a regular basis or as-needed basis. Given that the reset is on Monday, you can strategize by buying resource or stat buildings earlier in the week and only save up to buy the consumables on Friday/Saturday onwards. That way, you get the benefit of extra resource and/or stat a week earlier rather than doing it the other way around. Of course, the necessity of the items and patience also matter.

    1. Unknown Scroll 12 pts

    This scroll nets you a random 1-3* monster. I highly recommend NOT wasting your precious points on this. Even for beginners, you will come across hundreds and thousands of these scrolls when you progress through the story line, and even more when you're doing Cairos Dungeon (oh hi there Hall of Unknown Scrolls, erm... Hall of Elements). After several days of playing, you will have more scrolls than your monster slot will allow. Even in the case of needing fodder monsters, I'd rather buy them at magic shop for 3k-4.5k a pop than buying it here. Faimon farming (preferably 1 monster able to solo the stage carrying 3 exp fodders) is another good source of 2* fodders (Hellhound)

    Best for:
    Not recommended.

    2. Mystical Scroll (weekly) 240 pts

    This scroll nets you a random 3-5* monster. This is a much better deal, especially if you are going F2P (Free to Play). F2P players have limited ways to earn this scroll (crystal, very rare drop in dungeons, magic shop (priced 110k - 150k), event, etc). If you are a paying customer, you might have bought a bunch of scrolls already, so this is not as valuable. That said, 240 point is pricey, which is typically 2 or 3 days of glory earning.

    Many players fall into the trap of buying these scrolls too early and being left with next to no building, which will hurt them along the road. These scrolls are also notorious for breaking the heart of many players with 3* drops (statistics pooled from the community suggests ~5% rate for natural 4* and < 0.5% for natural 5*). I recommend gambling only after you have set up the basic infrastructure and necessities.

    Best for:
    -Slightly preferred for F2P players.
    -Another avenue to have scrolls when you have surplus points and no immediate need.
    -Typically the regular purchases late-game, when the basic stuff is set up / maxed and you can afford to spend your points on "luxuries".

    3-5. Water/Fire/Wind Scroll (weekly) 300 pts

    This scroll nets you a random 3-5* monster of the chosen element. This is similar to a mystical scroll, except that you get to choose the element you want. You pay 50 extra points to screen out 2/3 of the result. This is less efficient than plain mystical scroll, especially to newer players, as anything the mystical scroll gives you is likely to be new to you anyway. As you collect more of them these may gain in value. Some players who like to focus on 1 element and complementary leader auras (mono-element team) will also find this a worthwhile purchase.

    Some people bought this after purchasing their mystical scroll quota of the week, so that they can gamble on 3-5* drops more than once a week. Note that there's no light or dark scrolls.

    Game balance changes, and some elements may have stronger monsters overall than other elements.

    Notable monsters people are aiming for using the scrolls:
    -Fire: Chloe, Arnold, Verdehile, Hwa
    -Water: Tyron, Julie, Luer
    -Wind: Lushen, Shimitae, Orochi, Acacis, Julien

    Currently, people prefer Wind Scrolls than others. This is because nat 4* wind holds many attackers, while fire and water mostly hold supportive roles. Adjust to the meta as needed.

    Best for:
    -Players who have bought mystical scroll that week and need more scrolls.
    -Players aiming for a specific element or specific monster, either to shore up elemental weakness, focusing on one element or as a completionist.
    -Typically the regular purchases late-game after mystical scroll, when the basic stuff is set up / maxed and you can afford to spend your points on "luxuries".

    6. Devilmon (weekly) 180 pts

    This gives a monster called "Devilmon", which serves to skill-up any monster you attach it to. Devilmon is a VERY rare monster. It's not dropped anywhere, the only sources being special event in Devilmon Cove and 1 devilmon bought from glory shop every week. This is very unfortunate as skill-up is a very important thing to do. Of course this can be done for some monsters easily, but for higher star monsters this is pretty much the only way to skill them up.

    What is skill-up and why is it so important?

    Almost every skill can be upgraded, which often boosts the damage, heal, % chance of delivering the debuff, or a reduction in skill cooldown. These bonuses add up, and maxed skill 2* and 3* evolved monsters can often compete with "empty" 4* and 5* and win! But then, you might say, why aren't the 4* and 5* owners doing the same?

    Well then, here's the catch. To level up the skill, you need to sacrifice 1 monster of the same type (not necessarily the same element) or a devilmon. So, if you want to upgrade your water fairy, you can feed her fairy of water/wind/fire/light/dark element and she will gain 1 skill point. You can also use devilmon for this purpose, and thus devilmon is very versatile because it can skill up ANY monster.

    Now, say you opened a mystical scroll, and it gives you a Water Archangel! After controlling your heartbeat (I kid you not, I personally will pass out after getting it, what with the horrible drop rate), you decided to skill-up the archangel. Now, your two options are devilmon or getting another lucky Archangel to feed him. Personally, even if I get another Archangel I will keep both and use devilmon to feed them. They're that valuable.

    Now, back to devilmon. Devilmon is very important, especially later in the game when you finally get natural 4* and 5* (or even some very rare 3*). Almost everyone suggests buying devilmon every week, and I do the same, even though I have no 4* or 5* monsters yet. This is because you can only buy 1 each week, and monsters have multiple skill-ups. For example, if the Archangel have 8 levels of skills, you need 2 months JUST to max out 1 monster. As you get more and more 4* and 5* (I hope!), your devilmon supply will run out fast. This is why so many others and I bought devilmons early.

    Do NOT use devilmon to skill-up 1*, 2*, and (most of) 3*. This is because you can find those types (hellhounds, howls, etc) easily enough. Devilmon is a valuable item, typically used only on natural 4* and 5* (NOT evolved 4 and 5*). DO NOT WASTE IT.

    Some monster types have different star rating (and thus rarity). For example, Water and Fire Fairy are 3*, but Wind Fairy is a 2*. Therefore, you can expect to get more Fairies than another type where all the elements are 3*. This is useful because there are some monsters at 4* which have a 3* counterpart in other elements. Therefore, don't waste your devilmon on them! To be safe, just check the collection tab whenever you get a rare monster to see if there's an easier way out.

    Devilmon is typically located close to Angelmons in the power-up circle (those nasty little devils!). Many people have confused dark angelmon to devilmon (they look similar but are entirely different) or even worse, fed devilmon to a regular 3* thinking it's an angelmon! To avoid this mistake, lock the devilmon as soon as you get it so you can't misclick it and only unlock when you want to use it, or send it to the monster storage.

    Last Tips!
    Whenever you skill-up a monster, the bonus skill point is assigned randomly. Many players (me included) are frustrated when their Water Howl keeps getting bonus damage rather than heal. This method I will introduce will not fix the RNG, but it can at least make the RNG works more in your favor. This method may save you several skill fodders, and is also applicable on same type skill-ups, not just with devilmon. Examples:
    • I have a Water Warbear, and am considering to awaken it. However, I look at the awakened skill ,and - cooldown to its awakened skill is situational and overshadowed by its other skills. Well, you can do the skill-up BEFORE the awakening if you don't like the awakened skill. This way, you are guaranteed to get bonus points to its first and second skill, rather than having 33.33% chance that the bonus point will land on the rezz skill after the awakening.
    • On the flipside, I also have a Water Howl, and am considering to awaken it. I look at the awakened skill, and it's exactly what I needed for a Water Howl (more heals). However, its first skill upgrade is just plain damage, which has little interest to me in a Water Howl. Now, you can do the skill-up AFTER the awakening if you like the awakened skill more than its basic skills. Before the awakening, a skill-up has a 50% chance to hit heal skill (useful) and 50% chance to hit damage skill (relatively useless). After the awakening, now I have a 66.67% chance to hit the good stuff, and just 33.33% chance to get the bad one. This is even more important for a Wind Yeti.
    • Even if all your skills are good, this method can still be used. For a Wind Imp, I'd prioritize its awakened skill even though its basic skills are perfectly fine (second example). You could stop feeding skill fodders after your best skills are maxed if you want to. Even if you decide to eventually max them all, this method empowers your best skills earlier and leaves the bad skills for last.
    Best for:
    -Late game, when you have natural 4* and 5*
    -Even though it's mostly used late game, it's HEAVILY recommended to start saving up now, as you can only get 1 each week. You can't get enough of them, trust me.
    -If you buy them early, you may eventually run out of monster slots from unused devilmon and no 4* / 5* luck. You can either: 1. buy more slots or 2. stop buying devilmon and pray hard for natural 4* / 5* drop.
    -For maximum efficiency, start saving up on Friday/Saturday onwards, but make sure to have enough points before the reset.
    -More often, the policy is "Buy devilmon, then use the leftover points to buy __", rather than "Buy __, then use the leftover points to buy devilmon". Of course, the point above applies.
    -Devilmon bundles are very expensive in real-money terms (as befitting its usefulness), so even paying customers can save a lot by buying these in the glory shop.

    7. Random Angelmon (daily) 100 pts

    This gives a monster called "Angelmon", which grants massive exp to any monster you power it up to. Thankfully, they're much more common than their devil counterpart. You get these as random drops from Hall of Fire/Wind/Water/Light/Dark and the event-only Angel Garden. They're quite a rare drop, but at least they're farmable, and you'll easily end up with a bunch of them if you spend the time (and energy).

    Typically, people feed it 1* and 2* to max its level (15), then use them as fodder to a monster. For your convenience though, the angelmon sold in the glory shop is of a random element and already at max level. Feeding fodders to angelmon and then feeding angelmon to a target monster is much more efficient than feeding said fodders directly to the target monster. This also means that you can still do well without angelmon (just grind exp as usual), but it's much harder to make do without devilmon. Note that you can awaken them for 50% bonus exp on the same element.

    Overall, this is regarded as a waste of glory points. 100 points is a bit on the pricey side, and you can do speed farm (Faimon, Hydeni) as a good substitute, while you can only get so many glory points. As for myself, I'll only get 5 to complete the achievement, and leave it at that. Even considering ultra late game (once you have maxed out all buildings), devilmon + 4 scrolls is already 1320 pts weekly, more than what you can normally get, and much more useful to boot. As a benchmark, a max level, awakened angelmon takes a 2* from level 1 to 17, and 3 of those will take a 3* from level 1 to max (25). Note that angelmon is refreshed daily, not weekly like other consumables.

    Best for:
    -Players who don't want to waste time and energy farming exp. Angelmon feeding is very fast and painless.
    -Players who don't run hall of elements often and get less angelmon, but still need them.
    -Players with excess points and just want to power-level stuff to 5* and 6*.
    -Typically the regular purchases late-game after mystical and elemental scroll, when the basic stuff is set up / maxed and you can afford to spend your points on "luxuries".
    -Not popular because scrolls are regarded as more valuable than angelmons, and that exp is easily obtained elsewhere.
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      B. Resource Buildings

      Items in this category (and the next) are all infrastructures. This means that you can only build 1 of them and they provide permanent bonuses until you sell them (please don’t!) The resources affected by these buildings are mana stone and energy, with a total of 4 buildings. 2 of them are storage buildings (they extend your maximum capacity), while the latter 2 are growth buildings (they speed up the rate you earn the resources). Note that these are investment buildings. Similar to financing, you are sacrificing current income (glory points) to earn interest over time (extra resources).

      Mana or Energy?

      Almost always energy first. Why?
      1. Energy can be used to get mana, while mana can't be used to get energy
      2. Energy is the gateway to many things. Energy gives you runes, exp, fodder, mana, angelmons, essences, sd pieces and many others. Mana only allows purchase of a portion of it.
      3. More energy = faster growth on game progression and events.

      Now, how can you make use of this information?
      After reading this section, you might want to choose either storage or growth functions to prioritize for each resource. There are mathematical calculations I use (in Excel) that show the CBA (cost-benefit analysis) of each option for curiosity purposes, but I think it’s too long to fit into this guide.

      There will also be math involved. It is inevitable that this part will contain them, but I'll make it as painless as possible. The calculations are long, but always simple (just simple common sense and multiplication/division). You can always try the simulation to your situation. Or, just skip to TLDR: at the end of the post!

      1. Sanctum of Energy
      Type: Energy Storage (+1/level)

      2. Fairy Tree
      Type: Mana Storage (+200/level)

      3. Mana Fountain
      Type: Mana Growth (+5% speed/level)

      4. Mysterious Plant
      Type: Energy Growth (+3% speed level)

      Glory cost Lv 1 Lv 2 Lv 3 Lv 4 Lv 5 Lv 6 Lv 7 Lv 8 Lv9 Lv 10
      Sanctum of Energy 30 80 140 200 260 320 380 440 500 560
      Fairy Tree 30 80 130 180 230 280 330 380 430 480
      Mana Fountain 40 90 140 190 240 290 340 390 440 490
      Mysterious Plant 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500

      It’s useful to know the base rate of resource production without any modifiers.


      Max 30 + 1/player level
      Rate 1 energy / 5 minutes (12 energy / hour ; 288 energy / day)

      • Pond of Mana
      Max 2000
      Rate 420 mana / 1hour
      • Ancient Stones
      Max 3000
      Rate 540 mana / 1 hour
      • Deep Forest Ent
      Max 4000
      Rate 660 mana / 1 hour

      Now that we have these data, we can find out what will happen if resource-related items are built:
      • Sanctum of Energy simply increases the max cap by 1 / level
      • Fairy Tree increases each building’s max cap by 200 / level. Thus, a level 5 Fairy Tree increases the max cap to 3000, 4000 and 5000, respectively.
      • Mana Fountain increases production speed, not decreases production time. Therefore, the calculation is: Rate*(1+0.05*Mana Fountain Level).
      Building No MF Lvl 1 MF Lvl 5 MF Lvl 10 MF Lvl Bonus
      Pond of Mana 420 441 525 630 21
      Ancient Stones 540 567 675 810 27
      D. Forest Ent 660 693 825 990 33
      As you can see, every level of Mana Fountain adds a linear bonus to the mana rate, with a total of 81 (21+27+33) extra mana / hour for every level invested in Mana Fountain. This amounts to 1944 extra mana / day / level on a perfect collection day (no overflow of mana).
      • Mysterious Plant similarly increases production speed, not decreases production time. But this time, it is more useful to flip it over, so that instead of finding out how many energy you will have in 5 minutes, we look for the time needed to generate 1 energy. As we go from (x energy/5 mins to x mins/1 energy, we also flip the operative to: Rate/(1+0.03*Mysterious Plant Level).
      No MF Lvl 1 MP Lvl 5 MP Lvl 10 MP Lvl Bonus
      x mins / 1 ene 300 s 291.26 s 260.87 s 230.77 s -5.45 to -8.74
      Energy / day 288 296.64 331.2 374.4 8.64
      The time required to generate 1 energy does indeed vary, but what’s important is how many energy you can get in a day if you don’t overflow it. This amounts to 8.64 extra energy / day / level.

      Note 1

      Why is the time for 1 energy not important and does not imply diminishing returns even though the bonus differs each level, starting fro, 8.74 to 5.45 seconds less? Well it's all a matter of proportion. Assume that every month has 28 days.
      • If you receive your income every 2 weeks instead of every month, you have doubled your income (1x to 2x payments per month) and reduces the time between payments by 14 days.
      • If you receive your income every 1 week instead of every 2 weeks, you have yet doubled your income (2x to 4x payments per month), but you do not reduce the time by 14 days; it is 7-day reduction now
      • If you keep doubling the income (poor manager!), the time is always halved: 14, 7, 3.5, 1.75, etc, but the income is still doubled. In fact, if you insist that you are only satisfied in the "double" if the time is reduced by 14 days after the second week, it means the poor manager has to pay you infinite amount of money to satisfy you.
      Note 2
      All four buildings have linear benefits. There’s no (direct) diminishing or increasing return from level 1 to 10. Upgrading any of the four from level 1 to 2 has the same benefit as from level 9 to 10.

      Sanctum of Energy vs Fairy Tree

      This one is simple. As both are storage type, they only matter when you overflow the resources. When that happens, would you rather have 1 energy or 600 mana (200x 3 buildings)? This depends on where you can farm, but if you have unlocked cairos dungeon, secret dungeon can give you 3000 mana + exp + pieces for 3 energy. Therefore, Sanctum of Energy wins! This goes to show that energy is both more powerful and more versatile than mana.

      Mysterious Plant vs Mana Fountain

      This time, it's 8.64 energy to 1944 mana. In this example, it's even easier for energy to win than the previous example.

      Fairy Tree vs Mana Fountain

      Let’s choose the best mana generator. It’s 600 mana / overflow versus 81 mana / hour generated. This is where your time commitment comes in.

      Say you are an office worker that overflows twice (while sleeping and while working). That’s 2 overflows, so your fairy tree is worth 1200 mana/day. Next, how many hours are your mana buildings not full? Let’s assume your buildings go from empty to full in 5 hours. You empty the mana building, go to sleep and wake up 8 hours later. The buildings are full after the 5th hour, so it’s 3 hours of full mana. You then went to work for 10 hours, which wastes another 5 hours. Therefore, your buildings only generate mana for (24-3-5) = 16 hours. That’s 1296 mana. Therefore, Mana Fountain wins in this case.

      But, say that you are very busy and can only play for 1 hour every day. That’s 23 hours off the game, and 18 hours of wasted mana. You only get mana for 5 hours to fill the buildings + 1 hour of your own play time, which equals 486 mana. Now it’s worse than Fairy Tree.

      This may seem complicated, but it’s very logical and simple:
      • If you play and check the game often, growth (Mana Fountain) is better
      • If you only overflow while sleeping (you check regularly during the day) Mana Fountain is also better
      • Try the example above, or this one:
      1. How many times have you logged in to see your mana buildings full? This is A.
      2. How many hours do you think your mana buildings is NOT full (ie: while playing, you stopped and started playing again before it’s full, etc). This is B.
      3. Compare A*600 to B*81. Which is bigger? A*600 means Fairy Tree, B*81 means Mana Fountain
      • Or else, if you are already confused with the examples, just pick Mana Fountain over Fairy Tree. I tested several scenarios and more favor Mana Fountain than Fairy Tree.

      Sanctum of Energy vs Mysterious Plant

      It’s the same treatment, only that it’s 1 extra energy cap versus 8.64 energy if it’s filled all day. 8.64 energy/day means 0.36 energy/hour. Another simple calculation:
      1. How many times have you logged in to see your energy bar full? This is A.
      2. How many hours do you think your energy bar is NOT full (ie: while playing, you stopped and started playing again before it’s full, etc). This is B.
      3. Compare A to B*0.36. Which is bigger? A means Sanctum of Energy, B*0.36 means Mysterious Plant
      4. Usually, B*0.36 wins, thus the general advice of mysterious plant first. Now you know how the consensus comes about!
      TLDR 1: Mysterious Plant > Sanctum of Energy > Mana Fountain > Fairy Tree (in general)
      Sanctum of Energy makes purchasing energy with crystal more effective.

      However, these calculations so far have ignored glory cost. Buildings will ramp up in price quickly as you upgrade them. Previously I value 1 energy over 600 mana. But, if the energy building has cost so much that 1 energy can buy 2000 mana, I'll consider it. If mysterious plant is 2x more effective than Sanctum of Energy but is 5x as expensive then the best decision is still Sanctum of Energy. This is why I frowned upon advices to max mysterious plant to level 10 before touching Sanctum of Energy, because chances are the level 1-3 Sanctum at the very least will outvalue the latter upgrades of the Plant. This will require even more calculation, however, by dividing it by the cost. Therefore, I will stop here with these calculations. Just use your feeling to see whether you have overpaid some buildings and undervalued some others.

      Compare A*600/UpgradeCost (Tree) to B*81/UpgradeCost (Fountain)

      Compare A/
      UpgradeCost (Sanctum) to B*0.36/UpgradeCost (Plant)

      TLDR 2: Consider the cost too. Spreading out the building cost is always better than focusing one building to level 10. Use your gut feeling.
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        C. Stat Buildings

        As the name suggests, these buildings boost your monsters’ statistics by a percentage. Individually, they’re not that impressive, but when maxed out and combined, they are definitely noticeable. They are always activated, whether you’re in dungeon, scenario, arena offense or defense. Go to settings -> ally buff to check your pre-existing buff. These buffs are permanent and cannot be removed by monster abilities that can remove beneficial effects.

        There are buildings for HP, attack, defense, speed, and critical damage. There are also 2 buildings that do not affect your monsters, but your arcane towers, making them more deadly. These are obviously only used on arena defense, and thus aren’t as versatile. Also, note that some buildings will have uneven progression, usually alternating between odd and even levels. I will indicate the pattern of the growth as well.

        Now, how can you make use of this information?

        If you know which stat to prioritize on runes, this will be a breeze. Adjust your preferred buildings by your playstyle. For example, beginner players should focus more on arena offense and PVE rather than arena defense. Thus, arcane tower upgrades are lackluster at that stage of the game. On the other hand, speed is very important, especially in arena where it’s mostly about the speed war.

        Glory cost Lv1 Lv2 Lv3 Lv4 Lv5 Lv6 Lv7 Lv8 Lv9 Lv10 Total
        Crystal Rock 80 130 180 230 280 330 380 430 480 530 3050
        Guardstone 100 280 460 640 820 1000 1180 1360 1540 1720 9100
        Water Sanctuary 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 6600
        Fire Sanctuary 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 6600
        Wind Sanctuary 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 6600
        Light Sanctuary 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 6600
        Dark Sanctuary 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 6600
        Ancient Sword 150 375 600 825 1050 1275 1500 1725 1950 2175 11625
        Crystal Altar 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 11000
        Sky Tribe Totem 240 440 640 840 1040 1240 1440 1640 1840 2040 11400
        Arcane Booster Tower 80 130 180 230 280 330 380 430 480 530 3050
        Fallen Ancient Guardian 120 240 360 480 600 720 840 960 1080 1200 6600

        Trivia: How long does it take to max out all stat buildings?
        • Assuming you get 4 glory pts for each arena wing on average (this means staying at Conqueror+ rank, getting 5 each victory and 1 for occasional losses, plus 3 pts for rivals) and 40 wings per day (max you can get is 24*2 + 3 from mission rewards = 51 wings daily), you'll get 160 glory pts per day, or 1120 glory pts per week.
        • Since you can never get enough devilmon, you'll use up 180 pts each week to buy them, leaving 940 glory pts per week to spend.
        • All stat buildings cost 88,825 glory pts to max in total. This means that you need 94.5 weeks to max everything out. That's almost 2 years.
        • This is also excluding resource buildings. To get absolutely every building maxed, you need to spend approx 2.5 years of investment.
        • Each arena refill purchased (assuming 5 pts gained for each of the 10 wings) will cut approx 1/3 day. Each scroll purchased will add 2 days instead.
        As you can see, these buildings cost a ton, so you need to prioritize on which to get.

        1. Crystal Rock
        1% Twr ATK (1% growth)

        The first building for arcane tower, the effect is straightforward; every level, each of your arcane tower will do 3 extra damage. A full complement of crystal rock fully maxed out will therefore do an extra 300 damage, equal to 1 extra tower.

        An extra tower after 10 levels seems pretty weak, and it is. Even worse, it does not help you on Tower of Ascension, Arena Offense, or Hall of Heroes. It is solely useful on arena defense, and you have to make a proper line-up for it. Overall, arcane towers are useless because in the early game, the meta is speed comp, where the tower won't get the chance to attack. In the high-tier arena, the meta becomes sustain comp with 20k+ HP each, and the towers would only tickle at that point. Therefore, I do not recommend investing in this early to mid game, and only started the investment when all the others are pretty much maxed.

        Best for:
        - In tandem with Arcane Booster Tower for best results.
        - Late, late game upgrade to complete your stat buildings repertoire.
        - Ignore this completely early-mid game, especially when you’re tanking arena rating to farm glory points.
        - Becomes marginally more useful if your arena defense team is built around tankiness with huge reliance on arcane tower damage.
        - Overall, pretty useless because it's so limited and what's it's buffing (arcane tower) is almost irrelevant in arena.

        2. Guardstone
        2% DEF (2% growth)

        A 2% stat (DEF in this case) seems cheap for 100 points, and it is quite so. Many players regard DEF as the weakest stat in the quadfecta of HP/ATK/DEF/SPD, and I agree. However, what I don’t agree is HOW weak the DEF is. Here is my reasoning:
        1. People do not yet understand the calculation of DEF vs ATK, so they focus instead on the more quantifiable stat of HP. While this is understandable, ignorance of how DEF works does not imply that DEF is weak, nor does it imply that DEF is unreliable.
        2. DEF still reduces damage by a noticeable margin. If not, people will not bother rating wind living armor and light imp this highly (they have DEF-ignoring skills). These skills can hit upwards of 10k damage, which shows that DEF is not entirely useless.
        3. DEF debuff is very noticeable as a damage multiplier, which would not be the case if DEF is a minor stat (your grinding capabilties in Faimon will largely depend on fire inugami density, and by extension their DEF debuff)
        4. Many recovery skills are based on HP% of the recipient. Therefore, many assumes that HP is advantaged here as compared to DEF. This is not the case. DEF oriented monster will still recover the same HP%. Yes, the HP in absolute terms will be lower, but the HP is also more “efficient”; 1000 HP from HP-based monster will be lost faster than 1000 HP from DEF-based monster. Thus, they are about equal.
        5. For recovery skills that does not rely on HP% (Ahman, Fairy, Occult Girl heal, etc), DEF receives more effective HP than HP based monsters. A 800 HP heal on a 1000 DEF monster will last longer than 800 HP heal on a 300 DEF monster.
        6. Life-leech (hellhounds, etc) is more effective on high DEF than high HP. This is similar to point (4), where a flat HP is more efficient on DEF-oriented monsters)
        Note that I do not advocate that DEF > HP, but rather that DEF is not THAT far behind. I would trade 4% DEF for 2% HP for example, while others would sometimes go for some crazy ratios like 5% DEF for 1% HP.

        Also, Defense stat got their bad rep from the prevalence of Def-ignoring monsters in arena (hello Lushen, Copper, Katarina, Taru, Shren, etc). In PVE contents, Def is a very valuable defensive stat. For example, if you only have Ahman as healer and facing a lot of DoT (B10 Dragon, Baretta, etc), Def > HP since it's easier to heal high Def low HP units than low Def high HP from Ahman heals.

        Best for:
        - Line-up with high DEF ratings (the bonus is % based). Conversely, bad in a team of squishies.
        - Harder to make use of, as HP/ATK/SPD are more generally useful.
        - Cheap stat boost, preferably upgrade this if the trade-off is around 2 DEF upgrades for 1 HP upgrades (a 2:1 ratio).
        - Additionally boost DEF-based skills (living armor, etc).
        - Worse in arena because of Lushen and other Def-ignoring skills.
        - Much better in everywhere else because you'll often use Ahman as the healer and Def > HP. It makes some healers' job easier.

        3-7. Water/Fire/Wind/Light/Dark Sanctuary
        3% ELM ATK (2% growth afterwards)

        These buildings are interesting. They are very cost-effective (120 points for 3% stat? Yes please! Also half the cost of Ancient Sword in total) and buff the 2nd most important stat (ATK), but they only affect 1 element each. This means that you may have to limit your line-up to match the element. However, with the correct setup (mono element with the corresponding leader aura), the bonus is absolutely disgusting. You can invest in this if you are interested in mono-element team, just make sure to test the line-up thoroughly before investing heavily into the chosen sanctuary. I imagine the light and dark sanctuary (esp. dark) will receive very little fund until much later on, and water units aren't that damaging as well. It is also important to notice that many skills are not affected with ATK, such as most heals and clean shot. For example, I would invest in Fire Sanctuary (or the next building, Ancient Sword) if your line-up is Rina, Lulu, Raoq and Ramagos, even if you have 2 water monsters. Lastly, just because you have these sanctuaries doesn’t mean that you are "forced" to use these elements at all times. Adapt and retool your strategies!

        Best for:
        - Teams with a single element in dungeons and arena offense (mono-element fares badly in arena defense unless you have a great leader)
        - Cheap and cost-effective but situational ATK boost. Even if your line-up is not 1 element, if you have tanker+support+DPS+DPS lineup and both DPS are of the same element, it is sufficient.
        - You will turn to these eventually after maxing the Ancient Sword (see below) for even more ATK bonus.
        -Wind is most popular because almost all the good nukers (especially at nat 4*) are wind. Light and Dark are more situational than Wind/Water/Fire simply because how hard is it to get those monsters, light monsters are typically more supportive in nature, and farmable dark monsters aren't that many to begin with.

        8. Ancient Sword
        2% ATK (2% growth)

        The generic ATK building. It is weaker than the sanctuaries, but it is also universal. You pay 150 points for 2% universal ATK, while you have to pay 600 points (120 x5 sanctuaries) for 3% universal ATK. In the end, it's twice the cost for all elements. You just have to decide if the generic ATK is worth more than situational ATK at any given price. Just be smart and don’t upgrade Ancient Sword for 500 points when you can pay 600 points for 50% higher bonus, and you’ll be fine. This is another all-around good building.

        Best for:
        - Reasonably cheap and useful building.
        - Often the building of choice when people just want to buy a stat building without thinking too much.
        - Balance these and the sanctuaries' cost. Often you can ignore 2 sanctuaries (typically light and dark), so it’s 2% Ancient Sword ATK upgrade vs 2.5% of 3 Sanctuaries ATK upgrades.
        - Helpful everywhere: to speed up your Faimon farming runs, to have a better AO nuke damage, etc.

        9. Crystal Altar
        2% HP (2% growth)

        HP is the favored defensive stat, and this building offers a 2% of it for 200 points initially. I will typically keep Ancient Sword 1-2 levels ahead of this as I regard ATK somewhat higher and it is cheaper too, but never ignore this building. Fully upgraded crystal altar is worth more than an extra energy set bonus for all 4 monsters, without the rune slot! Again, don’t completely ignore DEF for HP.

        Best for:
        - Naturally tanky monsters, but more forgiving than DEF is.
        - Additionally boost HP-based skill (Warbear, Ahman heals, etc).
        - The usual go-to stat when in need of defensive stat.
        - More useful than Def when the issue is surviving one-shots (Lushen burst, B10 Dragon's nuke, etc)
        - Rather expensive later on, so balance it with DEF building as well.

        10. Sky Tribe Totem
        2% SPD (1% even, 2% odd growth)

        The most important stat by far, the benefits SPD give can never be overstated. It helps you offensively (first attacks, attack frequency), defensively (heal, shield and immunity cooldown, faster reaction to debuff) as well as for utility (faster cooldown). If you have 100% extra ATK, the result is 2x the damage, and maybe more potent heals. If you have 100% extra SPD, you will almost assuredly get the initiative in battles, you will move twice for every turn of the enemy (thus the 2X damage), your skills will effectively have half the cooldown, and you can react to fight changes (buff, bomb, debuff, cleansing, etc) faster.
        Apparently the devs are aware of it as well, which is why they make the building cost the most and gives 2% only for the first level, and ~1.5% afterwards. Nevertheless, it is still very important and is the cornerstone of arena where players stack speed in a race to make a 4v3, 4v2, or even 4v0 fight on turn 1. A quick tip is to raise them to odd levels, as the buildings are expensive. It's more efficient to stop at level 7 (the last upgrade gives 2%) than level 8 (going to level 8 (even) will only add 1%).

        P.S: A lot of discussion on speed is for arena. If you read around, you'll come across statements like "You need 200+ speed to reach Conqueror rank and 240+ speed to reach Guardian". While it is not the only requirement (you need something to follow up on the speed wars as well), it shows just how important this stat is in arena. If you have superior speed, your ATB units (ATtack Bar units include Megan, Bernard and Wayne) and Chloe will be able to move first and open the path to the rest of the team. If you're relying on speed team and loses the speed initiative, the battle is usually lost because you will get burst down before you can move. The exception is if you have a lineup that can survive the initial burst, although it requires a considerable investment. Even outside of arena, it is still useful, especially for ToA (Tower of Ascension), where often you have to resort to Despair CC stacking. A higher speed allows you to cycle more skills and stun more units.

        Best for:
        - Boost the most OP stat in this game. Higher speed is higher everything: damage, heal, CC, utility, clear time.
        - Competitive arena players or players looking to improve their rankings.
        - Excellent stat anywhere, be it ToA, HoH, Cairos, or arena.
        - Line-up built around speed, such as heavy buffing team or swipers.
        - Beware the pricey glory points, you may be able to upgrade 2-4 buildings for 1 of this. Allocate properly.
        - High enough SPD can make some skill combinations broken OP (always active shields, perma-debuff, perma-stun, multiple AoE overlaps, stacking multiple continuous damage that insta-kills on enemy's turn)
        - SPD has a minor setback of taking continuous damage faster and wasting defensive buffs (offensive buffs are still used up on your turns). However, you also benefit from defensive debuffs expiring faster (typically DEF debuffs. Offensive debuffs such as glancing blow or ATK debuffs hurts you as usual).

        11. Arcane Booster Tower
        2% Twr SPD (2% growth)

        Another piece for the arcane tower building. This tower speed boost means your first tower shot will come that much earlier, and subsequent shots will also be more often. From pure numerical standpoint, this is preferred to attack power, simply because 2% SPD will scale better than 1% ATK. However, you must keep in mind that this DPS boost is less “reliable” than that of Crystal Rock. Here’s why:

        If your towers hit twice with Crystal Rocks maxed, they will deal 110% damage twice. With Booster Tower, you will deal 100% at least twice, but you basically roll a dice to see if the match is long enough to make the tower hit thrice. If the fight ends right after the second tower shot, it means your ATK tower will get 220% damage while SPD tower will stay at 200% as if unbuffed. Only when the fight ends right before the third shot will SPD tower net 300% as opposed to 220%. Therefore, it is more risky to spend in this instead of Crystal Rocks in return for more dps. In statistics term, the Booster Tower route has higher mean and higher variance.

        Sadly, this suffers from the same reason that arcane towers are pretty much useless in arena. You could reach guardian rank and higher without investing in these towers at all. Maybe if Com2Us decides to visit this building in the future and buff it (+ % max HP as damage would be a good start), it would be worthwhile.

        Best for:
        - In tandem with Crystal Rocks for best results.
        - If you can ensure a long fight, as then there will be more chances of hitting an extra time or 2. Otherwise there’ll be more variance.
        - Late, late game upgrade to complete your stat buildings repertoire.
        - Ignore this completely early game, especially when you’re tanking arena rating to farm glory points.
        - Becomes marginally more useful if your arena defense team is built around tankiness with huge reliance on arcane tower damage.
        - Overall, pretty useless because it's so limited and what's it's buffing (arcane tower) is almost irrelevant in arena.

        12. Fallen Ancient Guardian
        2% CRIT DMG (3% even, 2% odd growth)

        Aside from the arcane tower buildings, this is perhaps the most situationally useful stat building. 2% CRIT DMG is a bit pricey even at 120 points simply due to the limitations as compared to, say, ATK. You need to have a team that either make use of critical strikes or has decent rates. This is pretty good for burst team that relies on critical damage, and will also naturally become better later on simply because the ATK% buildings will apply to monsters with a lot of ATK% 5* and 6* runes and yield smaller DPS proportionally (diminishing returns), as compared to CRIT DMG which is rather scarce. Also, most nukers end-game will have this rune set: Rage/Blade, Atk/CritDmg/Atk. This building will thus amplify the forte of such monsters. The combination of being generally useless early and being more situational perfectly relegates this building to a late game purchase. Note that many skills (healing skills and Clean Shot being foremost of them) cannot proc a crit.

        Best for:
        - Teams with high critical chance or critical-enhancing skills (which is almost all end-game units).
        - Bursty teams that rely on critical.
        - More situational, but will generally get better later on when min-maxing (late bloomer).
        - Some calculations:
        A monster gets 132% ATK (plain 5* 3x ATK% runes upgraded), 20% CRIT DMG and 15% CRIT from runes, with the usual set up of Fatal + Blade (30% ATK, 12% CRIT). With 262% ATK, 70% CRIT DMG and 42% CRIT, a fully powered Ancient Sword (20% ATK) will give 7.63% increase in DPS, while a fully powered Ancient Guardian (25% CRIT DMG) will give 8.11% increase in DPS.

        What to Focus on?

        It depends on your playstyle. Generally, it is:

        SPD > ATK (both universal and element-specific) > HP > DEF > CRIT DMG >>> Arcane Tower
        CRIT DMG will gradually move up as you get better units and access to 5*/6* runes, eventually residing right about equal with ATK.

        - If you have a specific line-up that gets better with a certain stat, ignore the general advice above and focus the stat more.
        - If you like to play a certain element (or two), then sanctuaries are a very attractive upgrade.
        - Arena lovers will prioritize speed even more, even though it will get very expensive for the last few levels.
        - If you're relying purely on speed advantage to climb the arena, maxing this early ("early" as in after maxing Mysterious Plant and maybe Sanctum of Energy) is a viable strategy.
        - For all other cases, just balance the glory cost and the benefit.
        - Arcane tower buildings are really, really weak. Even HP or ATK building is often more useful in arena defense, not to mention that arcane towers fall off late-game. The only draw is their cost, as you may have to choose between 2% DEF and 14% extra tower ATK, in which case they’ll start to look appealing.
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          TLDR General Priority (spread out the building cost, there's no reason to start level 1 sanctum after level 10 plant)
          P.S. Left-to-right, then up-to-down priority

          Must-haves: Mysterious Plant, Devilmon
          Very important: Sanctum of Energy, Sky Tribe Totem
          Important: Stat buildings (choose max 2 element buildings to focus at first, usually not light/dark)
          Good to have: Mana Fountain, Mystical Scroll,
          Water/Fire/Wind Scroll, Fairy Tree
          Luxuries: Arcane Tower buildings, Angelmon
          Avoid: Unknown Scroll

          Sample Prioritization

          New player for all-around benefits (F2P)

          For new players with limited resources, I recommend getting the investment buildings (resource) strong. You won't be buying energy with crystal for a while, so go for energy growth and storage first, probably at a 4 growth : 1 storage ratio. Starting your second to fourth week, you'll want to be buying the devilmon quota. F2P also means you'd appreciate every mystical scroll, but splurging on them isn't a good idea as well. You should also skip the water/fire/wind scrolls; just buy the cheaper mystical scrolls until your buildings are good enough and even then, only after the mystical scroll itself.

          Late-game minded

          If you are only concerned on late-game wealth and power, you need to focus on devilmon even earlier than usual. Skip all scrolls for the moment and get the energy buildings strong since you'll be farming a lot. Arcane tower buildings are limited in usage, so for best efficiency focus on other stat buildings. Keep your team synergy in mind and upgrade your buildings accordingly so as to reduce waste (eg: if you don't use crit-focus team, ignore ancient guardian). Mana buildings are hit-or-miss; if your farming method gives a lot of mana stones then it's not as important.

          Arena lovers

          It depends if you're just started or have been in the rope. Starting arena players should just forget hoping for 4* and 5* arena killers from bought mystical scrolls. Raise potent 2* and 3* evolved and properly runed, and spend the points instead on stat-related buildings. In arena, speed is king (sky tribe totem), then other stat follows according to your line-up. Long-time arena players could buy MS and elemental scrolls depending on which monsters you need to climb (usually Chloe, Lushen, etc). You can be very efficient and powerful fast by concentrating on 1 element and using the corresponding sanctuary to buff it even more. Veteran arena players should always max speed building first, followed by ATK and HP. Despite being arena-oriented buildings, arcane towers do so little to help secure your AD; ignore them in favor of other buildings. Lastly,try min-maxing using crit damage, you may be surprised.

          Full-time player

          Players who are active throughout the day can afford to invest much less in storage buildings. Pump those growth buildings even higher than usual because you can claim them more often than other people. Angelmons are less needed as you typically grind more to make up for it. You might also want to limit your mystical scroll purchases and grind more mana instead. As you will be online longer, you will see more magic shop cycles and thus better chances to stumble upon a mystical scroll there. These scrolls typically begin to appear from level 25 onwards. Make sure you have enough mana to purchase every MS that comes your way.

          Moderate to heavy spender

          If you decided to help support the company (thank you for it!), you will get better access to mystical scrolls and other stuff than most. Therefore, why not skip (or buy much less of) consumables and buy those buildings that you can't otherwise get with real money (barring the inefficient arena wing purchase with crystal)? A possible exception is devilmon, as the bundle is quite expensive and rare. Skipping those will put you ahead on the curve, as you can afford to invest in buildings earlier than others. Also, if you're the type of player that has the disposable income but not the time to play often, storage buildings rise in importance since you will typically have the resources hit the threshold several times a day.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          1. This guide is way too long. TLDR please!
          Some buildings are better than others, but if you upgrade them too much the cost will be too expensive for its benefit. Simply move to to other buildings first. Don't blindly go for level 10 building A, then level 10 building B, etc, but think why. "A is good, but I can buy B+C+G for the same cost", "I don't need to get __ consumable since I can get it easier from this method", "I'm going to replenish energy with crystal several times for this event. Oh wait, I can upgrade Sanctum of Energy twice first!" These are some thoughts you should be having. Above all, be flexible!

          2. OMG your so called "guide" sucks!
          If you have any comments or inputs, please post your replies below! I won't pretend to say "please comment in a constructive way" and whatnot, simply because I'm not a super veteran in this game. I like honest opinions, so just fire away! To be honest, I just started not even two weeks ago (18/08), so I doubt this will be perfect. Take it with a pinch of salt, if you wish, although I hope you will find it helpful.

          3. OMG you have a typo/grammatical error/wrong opinion!
          Please reply or PM me, and I'll fix it! Also, I don't believe an opinion can be "wrong", but I'll happily edit the guide if you have convincing arguments for/against it.

          4. Why so much math on part (B)? Can't you give a qualitative analysis on it?
          The nature of the comparison necessitates using numbers as a reference point. For qualitative analysis, simply read the TLDR, use your gut feeling and common sense.

          5. I followed your suggestions and have a jumble of non-maxed buildings! My guildies/chat/forum say to max ___ all the way first before even considering buying ___!
          This is called cost-benefit analysis. Simply put, some items have benefits greater than the other, but after several upgrades, the cost will be so high that other items will be more cost-effective to you.

          Let's take a concrete example: Ancient Sword (2% ATK) vs Fallen Ancient Guardian (2% CRIT DMG). Most of the comments suggest prioritizing Ancient Sword over the Guardian, simply because ATK is more versatile than CRIT DMG. At 150 pts vs 120 pts, Ancient Sword is indeed almost always built first. BUT, when you have upgraded Ancient Sword several times, the bonus remains the same while the cost increases. Say the cost now is 600 pts, so now it's 600 pts vs 120 pts. This is 5 times as expensive. Would you rather have 10% crit damage rune or a 2% attack rune? Personally, I'll take the crit damage this time.

          What you want to compare is the ratio. Maybe you value ATK as twice as valuable as CRIT DMG. Therefore, you buy Ancient Guardian when the price is less than half of Ancient Sword's, and vice versa. Determining this ratio is outside the scope of this guide and may require min-maxing, so just set a ratio you're comfortable with and thought reasonable, and work from there.

          6. What's your IGN?
          Abs01ut3 as well. I'm already level 40 and is a frequenter at channel 8088 Asia (le reddit channel) and a proud member of Aftermath Asia.
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            Originally posted by Abs01ut3 View Post
            Let's assume that you manage to get 8-win streak before finally losing. You will then get: 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 1 points, and the loss removes the buff so your next victory will be 3 points again.
            I think you get +1 when you win the 4th consecutive battle, so the effects only kick in for the 5th battle. If so, it would be 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 1 points.


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              Originally posted by TTBv1.1 View Post

              I think you get +1 when you win the 4th consecutive battle, so the effects only kick in for the 5th battle. If so, it would be 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 1 points.
              Your version is the correct one. I will update my post accordingly. Thanks for the astute observation!


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                Awesome guide thanks alot!


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                  Hey man, great freakin' guide! Seriously. Now if only more people would use the forums instead of clogging up the chat channels with asinine questions and read stuff like this, they wouldn't have to waste their time waiting for a response they'll never get! hah. I will be forming a new guild pretty soon. (just wanted to finish leveling and runing my Ahman first) and you should join. I will only be inviting players that are seriously interested in min/max and theory crafting. I only sit in channel 102, my IGN is HOODS. Just look for me and add me as a friend and I will be sure to send you an invite as soon as I get the guild formed either today or tomorrow, whenever I decide to farm the mana. Cheers!


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                    super great guide will take time to read it, i love reading these evaluations


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                      Well done Absolute, really helpful guide for any new player starting out. I will definitely start saving up those devilmons and have already upgraded my energy buildings. The guide deserves a sticky!


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                        Wow a long but super great guide cheers my friend =) keep it up


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                          Amazing guide! This should be a sticky post!


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                            Great guide, my friend. I'll be referring it more often now.


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                              Great guide! Kudos to the effort you gave on this.

                              The first line in your third post says: "B. Resource-related Buildings" but I think it should be "Stat Building" or whatever you call them.