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    Hello everyone. I've been at the game on and off for a couple years now. I'm still solidly mid-game (F3/C1 arena, <1 min Caiross), but I can complete all PVE content now. I'm not sitting on amazing runes, and I'm still learning which ones to gem/grind. But I'd like to start playing RTA, grinding the rewards if not actually climbing that high. I know I have some highly regarded mons, but I don't know how to build teams.

    I would love if anyone could help me choose 5-7 mons to focus on (runes/gems/grinds) around a Gany-Hathor core (just recently pulled Hathor, which prompted this consideration in the first place). I've attempted to list potentially relevant mons I own below. If you can explain why/how the team composition works, all the better.

    --Core Mons--
    Ganymede - Hathor

    --Somewhat known RTA Mons--
    Elucia - Bastet - Verad - Aegir
    Verdehile - Daphnis - Helena - Antares
    Jamire - Ethna - Lagmaron - Triana
    Loren - Fran - Jeanne
    Miho 2A

    --Everybody Else--
    Lapis - Xiao Lin - Sig - Theomars - Galleon - Talia - Sabrina - Beth - Covenant - Vigor 2A - Tetra - Mihyang- Meghan - Malaka - Luer - Orion - Qeb - Izaria
    Baretta - Spectra - Colleen - Xiong Fe - Kumar - Balegyr - Garo - Shaina - Maruna - Hwa - Khmun - Khali - Iselia 2A - Clara - Racuni - Chloe
    Lushen - Delphoi - Fuco - Odin - Hraesvelg - Skogul - Bernard - Copper - Katarina - Chasun - Imesety - Ramahan 2A - Shannon 2A
    Elsharion - Halphas - Eshir 2A - Ahman - Darion
    Veromos - Camaryn 2A - Alexandra - Fei - Kro 2A - Isabelle - Eirgar

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    F3/C1 arena (usually) means that you won't be able to reach c1 in RTA

    In my opinion, Gany + Hathor is the most boring combo ever, but whatever...
    at least your box has good choices to pair with

    Combo is simple
    You aoe sleep with Hathor --> ZzZzzzzzzZzZzz
    Gany ventilates = more ZzZzzzzzzZzZzz + Seal magic = cancer
    and try to kill 1 target each time (forcing your opponent to seppukku), so NO AOE

    Loren should be your 3rd pick and generally you need SINGLE target strippers/att bar manipulators
    Now according to your opponents picks --> Verde - Triana - Fran and Aegir - Daphnis - Ethna --> 4th and 5th pick
    those 9 are more than enough for RTA

    Everything on violent + Will
    Forget getting the first turn
    Ban the aoe strippers --> Tiana/Chiwu/Triton etc
    or Immunity Buffers --> Woosa/Vela/Fran etc

    Usually on F3 and below nobody has will runes
    Good turn priority is the key, keep your units speed close to each other
    Your attackers should have hp, dont go spd/cd/att
    spd/cd/hp is way better for RTA
    Your 5th pick (SINGLE target stripper) should always be the element that has advantage

    dont expect to win, trial and error is the 1st step
    Learn to ADAPT to your opponents picks
    and don't forget to have fun, so good luck
    and may RNJESUS be with U


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      HappyGoLucky commented
      Editing a comment
      Just wanted to say thank you for the response. This helps a lot. I don't expect to suddenly become great (or even average) at this, but it really helps me focus my efforts. I'll have to work on building Daphnis, then farming more vio/will.

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    Very useful explanation!
    if i may add, as alternative, that Bastet Odin Daphnis option seems damn interesting...