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  • Feeling a bit stuck, looking for advice

    Hello all, it's been a while since I've posted here, but I'm back for the same reason as last time. I'm feeling a bit stuck in where I'm at in the game and not sure if there's something else I should be focusing on. I don't play as much as I used to and my knowledge has dwindled a bit. Mainly I've been trying to focus on two areas: arena as much as possible since I've neglected towers for long enough now, and GB10 farming. Arena has been a bit of a success as I've been landing F2-F3 every week and actually able to start saving some glory points instead of breaking even after the weekly devil. Rune farming is as good as it goes with my horrible RNG. I also mix in rift beasts during the week for my reapps and to work on my Dark Homun. I tend to steer away from NB10 because I don't really remember my safe comp and my quicker comp isn't 100% win rate. DB10 is similar, I remember and use my safe comp because I can't remember my quicker team that was relatively safe. Same story with Raids really, my R4 team is fine but never drops anything good for me, and my team wipes occasionally in R5. I can clear TOA and TOAH.

    My teams are as followed:
    AD: Vanessa(L), Camilla, Harmonia, Rina
    GB10: Lushen(L), Lushen, Loren, Taor, Galleon
    DB10: Verde(L), Bella, Vero, Taor, Megan
    NB10: Shaina(L), Colleen, Loren, Talia, Sabrina
    Raid: FL: Darion, Xiong Fei BL: Colleen, Mihyang, Hwa, Xiao Lin

    I'm mainly looking for advice in a few areas:
    1. How I can stabilize my raid team
    2. How I can improve my Cairos teams and runs (whether it's comp change, need better runes, etc.)
    3. What I should be focusing on at my point of the game
    4. What mons in my box that aren't already built that can potentially help me in different areas of the game

    Here's a link to my updated swarfarm profile so you can see what I'm working with.

    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be able to help.
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    1) res on hwa and xiaolin is low which might be a big problem :/
    they also seem to be a bit squishy (hwa is closer to the desired stats imo - u want roughly 80k EHP for backline monsters while those on vamp can a have a bit less)
    i would try using kona as your cleanser
    and if u dont mind the grind try to use a 2a kro instead of hwa or xiaolin (he brings lots of dmg + brand debuff)
    you can also bring skogul as a front line tank (instead of xiong fei)

    2) for gb10:
    u have one lushen with 200cd - if u give him 85% cr he could (or should) be able to wipe trash waves with s3 without atk buff
    or have galleon move before the other lushen so he could wipe with his s3

    i think the team could use some spd tuning which could save u some time each run + sig should be able to do more dmg than taor imo (deals dmg acording to max hp)
    a turn order like galleon -> lushen -> loren -> last 2 nukers (twins/sig+taor/sig+2a kro/taor+2a kro) should work
    or even lushen -> lushen -> loren -> +2

    for db10
    it might not change a lot of your run time but try using sig instead of taor
    if u want to use twins there - they will need better runes :/ (need more dmg)
    u can also try to bring a loren for the strip
    something like shaina loren sabrina talia + 1 (kahli/megan for example)

    for nb10
    i dont think u need a loren there
    again u need a bit better runes imo - more dmg and some more hp could help since u r receiving dmg from the golems
    u could try using a lich like grego or bringing something like a 2a raoq

    3) if u can do at least 1 rift beast with a consistent score S - i would focus on r5
    if u cant - pick the 'easiest' rift beast for u and try to get that consistent S score - for easier reapp farming

    4) skogul is fun in pvp and can help in r5
    jeanne - also pvp and can help as a safety net for toah teams
    daphnis - again pvp but also can be used as a nice 'toy' against toa bosses
    if u dont mind grinding a bit for dark homu evolution - she can be a better mav in toa
    maruna can work with shaina in toa and a few other places (like dh) - i know u said u can clear toa but they can work in auto teams for example
    leo - pvp and a cheat in lab spd limit stages

    u have quite a bit of pvp mons but i tried to prioritize those that have some pve uses as well

    p.s dont forget FRR is this weekend so its the perfect time to try new builds for new teams
    and if they dont work just revert back to your old teams


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      Thanks for your input Kalionys, much appreciated. I have a few follow-up questions if you don't mind.

      1. Can you explain what EHP is in raids or direct me to where I can learn more about it?
      2. How do I rune Skogul? I've been dying to use him since I recently max skilled one and got two more.
      3. Is Grego the preferred lich to use in NB10 for me? Or is there a better one to use instead? I never really understood how to rune Grego so he's been a storage guardian for a long time.

      4. I can farm rift beasts with the following scores pretty consistently:
      Fire: SSS
      Water: SS
      Wind: S
      Light: A+
      Dark: Iffy, sometimes A+, sometimes SSS

      I was looking to improve Wind score, stabilize my dark score, and possibly land my first S rank in light rift for the lnd, think you can help?

      Wind team: FL: Xiong Fei, Colleen BL: Verde, Hwahee, Shaina(L), Wind Homun
      Light team: FL: Theo, Xiong Fei BL: Sabrina, Hraesvelg, Shaina(L), Talia
      Dark team: FL: Colleen, Xiong Fei BL: Wind Homun, Shaina(L), Sabrina, Talia

      Thanks again for the tips and I will definitely be spending a lot of this weekend experimenting with rune changes.


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        1) the formula is
        EHP = HP x ( 1140 + 3.5 x DEF ) / 1000

        2) skogul should be hp hp hp (maybe hp hp def but i think triple hp is better) - can be vamp or something else but not vio (if u want him for pvp he should probably be vio) and try to get more hp and def in the subs

        3) just rune him vio something (will/rev) he is great for pvp (nat4 towers in siege for example)
        u could do atk cd hp or atk cd atk
        u dont have to use a lich but they have multi hits and grego in specific wont die easily (i rly like 2a raoq but would take u some time to get one)

        4) optimally u should remove xiong fei and colleen from the team
        if hwahee was maxed it would have been better..... but i think u can still put her there alone - or u can use vamp lord (and use his lead as well)
        put garo front line (on vamp if possible) - spd cd atk
        i would bring 2a kro instead of wind homu
        and for the 2nd front line..... dunno tbh :/
        u can try to continue using colleen there or maybe put a relatively tanky vamp lord there or maybe verde
        try a few comps out - and see how it works (And ofc if its consistent)

        for light... try using colleen instead of xiong fei
        also maybe consider putting 2a kro there as well

        for dark...
        you wind homu doesnt have a lot of multi hits.... i would try replacing him with another nuker that does
        maybe grego or again 2a kro (no multi hits but has that 2nd skill)


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          Managed to switch around some runes today and have been playing around with new comps. Got Skogul and Grego runed up and will be working on 6ing them ASAP. Sabrina was switched over to deal more dmg instead of being speedy. I also tuned a GB10 team to Galleon > Lushen > Lushen > Sabrina> Talia, but success rate isn't there yet. I realized today while updating my swarfarm profile that you can't edit homunculus skills so it doesn't show there, but he's skilled to Chain S1, Brand S2, MBM S3. Not sure if that changes your mind about using him for dark rift. Thanks again Kalionys for your help and I'll get a move on with the 2A Kro and Raoq.


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            glad i can help
            if your lushens (one or both) can clear wave 1 or 3 using s3 without an atk buff
            than u dont rly need galleon there
            just add a loren between the lushens and twins (turn order should be 2shen -> loren -> twins)

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          Mihyang isn't a true raid cleanser. Get kona otherwise delphoi raviti lisa skilled is a better option imo. Just make sure 195 speed and 70 resist.

          wind rift is tough. GL.

          for arena offense got bernard chloe to 280 speed yet? Got shimitae L or a speed lead? Lushen x2 bernard megan or shim L. Even aim for 300 total speed.
          reaching 280 didnt take long, it's getting lushen atk slot 2 to 85 or 180 CD and +60 to 90 speed so they dont get cut. Speed slot 2 may work here tbh but I keep saying lushens should be 2700 total attack.


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            It makes no sense to put in Bernard 300 spd if your lushen has 140 spd ...
            Spd tune you have to count on the slowest mob

            e.g if
            Bernard and Megan (Bernard faster than Megan): Megan faster 74% of Bernard’s SPD, slowest monster faster than 64% of Bernard.

            Bernard 280 spd -> Megan 207 spd -> Lushens 179 spd

            so if your Lushen is 140 spd, accelerating Bernard to 280 is just a waste of runes
            Bernard 218 spd -> Megan 162 spd -> Lushens 140 spd

            so if your Lushen is 160 spd,
            Bernard 250 spd -> Megan 185 spd -> Lushens 160 spd