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  • help for TOA 70

    I am having a little trouble.

    All 5 and 6 star have 5 and 6 star runes.

    I have 6 starred Megan and am leveling her up for DB10 (I am autoing GB10 now) but I am dying - especially Sigmarus is dying. Maybe that will change once Megan is at MAX?

    In TOA I cannot master lvl 70 on normal and therefore, I thought you could maybe give me an idea of what to do, so I am posting my box here for you.

    Thanks a bunch

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    1) can u check your device's font settings? i dont think the letters r supposed to be bold like that :/ (unless u prefer the game to look like that)

    2) for db10 u want roughly 15k hp on sig - do u have that? also try to get 55% acc on monsters that need to debuff the boss/remove buffs

    3) arta in toa is a bit of a tough stage
    what have u tried so far? imo a team with vero bella and colleen would be a good start
    if u could fuse barreta it would help as well
    so the team could be barreta bela vero colleen +1 (shannon for example)

    try to heal block the monster arta is about to heal (the monster with least hp and below 50% hp) to 'waste' his heal
    and be sure to atk break and def break him for reduced dmg
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      I actually wrote Com2us about that. I am using a Google Pixel 3 and after an update it looked like this. Com2us off course just wrote me back "use another device to play on"

      Ok, I will check the runes

      I googled it and have tried the different solutions, but maybe I just need to 6star more mons and get them going with great runes.

      I have played 7 months and did everything wrong from the start, so it's only 3 months since I started researching.

      Thanks for your suggestion


      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
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        iirc the bold words might be because of the phone's font settings - see if there is anything out of place there

        for db10 the only thing u r missing is verde imo
        verde vero bella megan sig should work for db10

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      I got Vero to 200 spd and Bella to 55 acc - but then Bella died (sig, bella, vero, megan, Theo) so I read up on it again and tried replacing Megan with Chasun - and BAM, down the dragon went. 3.12 - slow but now it's doable while I wait for Verde to pop


      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
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        why not use verde instead of theo?
        imo megan is better than chasun

        verde (Lead) megan bellla vero sig should be able to do 2min runs

      • BigDaddyToe
        BigDaddyToe commented
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        I agree with kalyionys for DB10, better to work on vrede + megan.
        Anyways in future u will be using verde in DB10 faster team so better ptioritize to make one. Good luck