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A beginner who needs some tips please!

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  • A beginner who needs some tips please!

    Dear all,
    I just started the game (lvl20, had a previous messed-up 25 acc so decided to restart it over and do things quite right) so I would appreciate some tips in order to get a good start (as I am F2P and therefore can't afford too many mistakes, gotta spend my ressources right).

    So here's my team:
    Water White knight 5* lvl35 (unawakened)
    Water Pioneer 5* lvl27 (unawakened)
    Sieq 5* lvl23 (awakened)
    Bernard 4* lvl30 (awakened)
    Shannon 4* lvl26 (awakened)

    These are the ones I use the most. I then have a few 3* natives that I don't use much:
    Water fairy 3* lvl25 (unawakened)
    Wind Warbear 3* lvl25 (unawakened),
    Light elven ranger 3* lvl25 (unawakened),
    Konamiya 3* lvl20,
    Water Serpent 3* lvl3,
    Fire Griffon 3* lvl1,
    Fire drunken master 3* lvl1,
    Fire Pinguin Knight 3* lvl1
    And the 3 monsters I am upping for Veromos (Seal, Cogma and Kacie, all 4* lvl27, I'm farming them with my Lapis, I can solo 1st floor of Faimon (hard) and yeah, I know I won't have it yet but the quests with these 3 monsters are a great deal). I also have a few 2 stars and a ton of arcenmons, but no enough food to evolve them. I have 1x3* (lvl1); 5x3* (lvl25) and 7x4* (lvl30). Therefore the first 6* I get will cost me all the food I will have to prepare based on my 2* I'll have to up, hence why I would really appreciate your help.

    Should I awake Lapis, since she's really powerful (imo at least) or Woosa, or choose a 2* that you really think is absolutely neccessary in PVE (Ramagos?) or wait for another that I don't have? (for example Belladeon who I have heard a lot about, but don't have it yet)

    If you have any other advice, including saying that my team is ****, you are very welcome.

    Thank you very much !

    EDIT: And sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.
    EDIT BIS: Forgot about my resources: I have a couple of runes (essentially the good sets you receive with the scenario quests. Lapis is revenge/vampire +9 for example, Sieq is Fatal/Blade, haven't runed the others yet. I have 1.1M mana and 250 gems (I use them for the premium 750gems pack).
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    Ramagos is oudated, you would be midgame before you can rune him right.
    Awaken Lapis, she can be a tamor hell farmer with vampire and revenge runes from quest. The stage that has fire salamander and sandman
    Farm and awaken belladeon because he will be your healer until you get someone better.
    If you have belladeon, priotize six starring him over anyone else. And farm scenario for inugami for his skillups.
    Dont bother to use devilmon on Lapis, better invest them to woosa and any other Nat5 monster you will get.
    Always use arena wings even if you dont win.
    Prioritize five starring your giants b6/7 team over leveling up others.
    Farm gb6/7 until your team can do b10.
    5 star shannon bernard and 6 star belladeon Veromos Sigmarus/Dark Salamander can farm GB10


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      Excellent, thank you very much!
      I just wonder on Woosa's abilities: I haven't runed him yet so obviously he's weak, but apart from his 3rd skill, the 2 others don't seem to be that strong. Sleep is awaken by any Lapis' ability since it's only AOE, the heal on 2nd skill looks weak, and even the damages don't look awesome.


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        a very basic team for farming gb10 is veromos (6*) light inugami (can be 5* or 6*) light vagabond (5*) wind pixie (5*) wind griffon (5*)
        it takes roughly 5 min and even when using only 5* white runes from scenario it should have roughly 90% success rate

        since u need to level up monsters (fusion food for vero or just the monsters u will use in gb10) + farm skill ups
        u should start by farming scenarios for those starter runes (a 6* lapis with the free vamp rev set u get should be able to farm any area imo)
        that way u get runes and lvl up monsters at the same time and should be able to either farm gb10 or almost be able to farm gb10

        once u start farming gb10 u will find replacements for your scenario runes very fast and will be able to upgrade your starter team

        regarding water pioneer.... he is an amazing monster (quite strong in pvp)
        the 2 turn sleep in s1 isnt reliable but can be annoying in pvp and the heal combined with his s3 shield is also nice
        however woosa isnt rly an early game monster so u might want to put him aside - at least until u have a starter gb10 team (might be able to help in dragons with his immunity for example)

        a few extra tips for beginners:

        1) set a weak (farming) arena defense and join a farming/weak guild
        that way u will most likely face weak opponents in arena and guild and u will be able to farm glory/guild points easily

        2) get your weekly devilmons and rainbowmons
        since u get easy points thx to #1
        u should get those very useful 'almost feebies' that r very improtant
        4* rainbowmons from guild shop make it easier to 6* monsters
        devilmons r more or less the only way to skill up natural 5* monsters (be sure to save your devilmons for nat5 monsters only - u would usually be in a shortage of them - u can use them to try and skill up very important nat4 but its better to ask for advice 1st or at least w8 till you understand the game a bit better)

        3) using your glory and guild points
        i know those mystical scrolls and other scrolls in guild/glory shop look very nice.... but its better to spend points on other stuff
        from the points left after buying the weekly rainbowmons and devilmons u should buy things that will help your progress (pretty much guaranteed)

        glory points - buy glory buildings
        start with 'energy sanctum' - increases max energy (when its maxed and u reach lvl 50 u will have a total of 90 max energy - very important when u refresh your energy)
        after that 'mysterious plant' is quite helpful
        after those 2 try to work on buildings that improve your monsters stats (spd is considered the most important - after that u can do cd,at,hp,def)

        guild points - buy ifrit pieces (any of the 3 elemental ifrits is good but water is considered the best)
        also u might need to get some of the 3* available in guild shop for fusion if u can get it from summons

        4) basic rune info
        this is quite important since it isnt explained anywhere in-game

        slot 1
        main stat will always be: atk+
        will never have a def+ or def% sub stat

        slot 3
        main stat will always be: def+
        will never have an atk+ or atk% sub stat

        slot 5
        main stat will always be: hp+

        slot 2
        main stat can be 1 of the following : atk+, atk%, hp+, hp%, def+, def%, spd+

        slot 4
        main stat can be 1 of the following : atk+, atk%, hp+, hp%, def+, def%, crit rate, crit dmg

        slot 6
        main stat can be 1 of the following : atk+, atk%, hp+, hp%, def+, def%, resistance, accuracy

        in general atk%, hp%, def% stats are better than atk+, hp+, def+ stats atk+, hp+, def+ can be useful as main stats for slots 4,6 if they have a high spd sub stat (on slot 2 main stat spd will always be better than sub stat spd)

        5) try to keep copies of 'rarer' monster
        try to keep at least 1 copy of every
        i) elemental (water/fire/wind) nat 4* or higher
        ii) l/d (light/dark) nat 3* or higher

        even if these monsters r useless right now they might be buffed later on and it might be hard to get them again (ld scrolls r rare which is why is important to keep copies of ld nat3 monsters as well)

        6) most important of all!!!!

        have fun
        this is a game and with all the guides/tips it is meant to be enjoyed
        the tips help progress faster but u should play the way u enjoy it the most

        hope this helps a bit
        if u have more questions u r welcome to come back here and ask - there r ofc other online guides but unless its game mechanics some guides might be outdated :X
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        This is just perfect, thank you very much!


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          i can say there is two game changing monster in this game,first is theomars.REALLY he should be your first monster that you focusing to get,good luck with getting it ,when you get it,use your best vio runes for him then build woosa with swift runes,and lapis with despair,with beretta vero and mav you can go for toa with that team ,for example,beretta+mav+vero+lapis+woosa,and add theomars on boss stages instead mav

          Second is veromos,untill mid game you will want to use it
          I would try to clean toa first because its extra jewels +devilmon+rainbowmon (i dont count scrolls) if you wanna play long dont use your mana on summoning too much.
          Fuse veromos,gain some mana for him while farming giant boss,collect good runes from it ,swift and despair runes that worth to upgrade,for example ,lapis is good with spd hp hp or spd hp acc if you have enough accuracy,for toa 160 spd will be enough with beretta leader. Collect good tanky swift runes for woosa with spd subs,and energy runes to make your toa team tanky
          After fusing veromos,use vio runes on him make him also tanky if you have good runes it can be spd cd hp otherwise spd hp def or hp hp

          While doing this farm in farming guild for theomars,even tesarion can be good ,even akhamamir can be good for giant boss

          try to get megan,untill that use shannon
          Try to get belladon
          get colleen from achievement and make her good runed with vio runes,she will help you in almost everywhere
          save bernard but dont use good runes on him yet


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            Thank you!
            Actually I just dropped Lushen and from what I've heard so far, I guess he really is the monster I should focus on awake+6*? I heard he is by far one of the best monsters in the game