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Humunculus When?

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  • Humunculus When?

    I have a decent DB10, GB10, NB10 teams. All under 2:30 minutes.
    ToA Normal easy, stuck in 79 on Hard tho.
    For those with humunculus, are them worth all the grinding?
    I'm close to summoning one, but I don't like the infinite grinding for skills.
    When do you recommend me to start thinking about an humunculus for myself?

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    Cairos dungeons have nothing to do in homu farming.
    If you dont have any substitute for homu then farm him.
    You can farm for skills if you have A/A+ on fire/water/wind rift.
    Ideally you would want an S on fire first before farming since they drop 10~12pcs on S compared to 4~7 on A
    Wind is probably the hardest unless you have a perna or vampire DDs.
    As for L/D homu, it is better to farm for it when you can get S on most rifts.


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      My water homunculus needs the last two skill upgrades. The problem isn't getting the elemental crystals, but the light ones (I need 770 light crystals, that's around 128 runs at A+, 1024 energy or over 300 crystals in refills). I have S or SS teams for all other dungeons. I can finish TOAH (lady rotation only, the male rotation I cannot pass floor 99) without him, so he's not a priority. I prefer to use my time and refills in fusing skill ups and farming runes.


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        even if the homunculus isnt worth farming
        its worth farming those 3 reapps a week - but to farm efficiently u will need to get at least S rank (naturally SSS rank would be best) in water/fire/wind
        or at least S or higher in just 1 from any of the rifts (but thats not very recommended imo)

        try to see if u can manage to get decent ranks in rifts atm (and if u aim for homu try to get A/A+ at least in light/dark)
        remember that there more dmg is usually better (u can try looking for some guides as well as ask here)

        if u cant than try speeding up your caiross teams (mostly gb10/db10 r important for pve progress)
        also can u r5 yet? if not maybe try looking into building a team for that

        p.s something to note - the homunculus is 'only' worth it when he is skilled up (usually when fully skilled up)
        so if u think u cant skill him up yet..... might as well stop for a while before summoning him and farm more runes