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enhance my r4/r5 team

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  • enhance my r4/r5 team


    I'm trying to replace my pretty standard r4 team (colleen, kona, hwa, ..) to something that could do r5.
    Unfortunately it does score as much as I hopped.
    Here are my mons/stats:
    line mon runes hp atk def spd %cr %cd %res %acc
    front xiao lin vamp 17000 1500 1450 153 56 151 37 22
    front xiong fei rev/rev 22000 1000 2200 120 - - 100 36
    front dias rev/rev 22000 840 2100 115 - - 71 30
    back lisa vio 28000 900 1100 210 - - 70 8
    back brandia rage 17000 2100 900 161 75 153 55 21
    back colleen vio 28000 600 800 207 - - 71 51
    What should be my first change to have better result ? Thanks !

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    xiao lin need an upgrade in her runes
    more cr and res to start with

    if u can give here a rev set besdies the vamp it could also help

    other that that.... what other options do u have to replace xiong fei? (he isnt bad.... but there might be better options)


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      my Xiao Lin is already vamp+rev (edit: actually not, it's vamp+blade), but I don't have better vamp runes, I suppose I will have to farm nb10.
      I use to put Mei Hou Wang (rev/rev/guard, 28k hp, 1500 atk, 1700 def, 156 spd, no cr/cd, 50% res and acc) instead of Xion Fei, not sure which one would be better. I use him (MHW) on PvP too, and would like to keep these runes that works well.
      I have a bunch of other potential (~ tanky) frontliners but I don't think they will provide more than mwh: praha, amelia, artamiel, rakan, odin


      • mOoh
        mOoh commented
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        Thx. And what about MHW ?

      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
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        i dont see a reason to put him instead of xiolin/brandia (cause he doesnt have much cr/cd)
        but u can give it a try if u wanna test it anyway

      • mOoh
        mOoh commented
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        I see him as a easy-to-rune frontliner (to replace xiong fei) which can bring some damages, even without cr/cd (+ def break and cannot be stunned). I don't have the runes to have cr/cd + hp/def required for FL even just for one mon
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      I used my MHW FL for a long time. He was Vamp and he did really well. Lots of damage and great tank. Unfortunately, without vamp it is hard to have a DD FL. I still use mine on vio (pvp rune) but only if I am in a good group and if we clear quickly (<2:30). With your runes, he may do very good.


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        I'm sad because if I bring my old mons (hraesvleg, racuni,/kona, colleen, ..) with old runes, I've better results than with mons that are supposed to be way better. That's probably the proof that I've sh*t runes


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          I think xiaolin don't need rev


          • cruxio002
            cruxio002 commented
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            She does
            10 char

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          Can colleen sokoheal r5 there? If not bring bella or chasun imo. Or any 2nd healer almost like delphoi kona.
          id take out xiao lin or Brandia for that.

          Rev xor XL if you can get the stats. You should aim for 75 cr 155 cd and an hp and/or def rune In 2 and 6. Than also need some 30 to 60 res