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Milestone - Share My Joy and Share Your Knowledge!

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  • Milestone - Share My Joy and Share Your Knowledge!

    On April 29, I had been playing SW for 1 year. In this post, I'd like to share my joy, list my achievements and ask for your insight for a personal challenge.

    Cheer with me! Go have some cake, beer or whatever suits your pleasure to celebrate with me! You deserve the best goodies in the world! Hurray!

    This year i cleared G10 and D10 under a minute (N10 1:10), all elemental dungeons between 31 and 42 seconds and TOA and TOAH since November. I get SSS regularly on all rift beasts except water (working on it, only S for now), and finally, today, i got a stable and reliable r5 team!

    Personal Challenge - Insight welcome
    My first nat5 ever has been sleeping in storage for sooooo long. My challenge is to use Pungbaek in a AO team that's better than a standard double Lushen.

    My base plan is :
    • Very fast Bagir strips and def breaks a squishy (S3)
    • Very fast ATK buff (probably Konamiya for a very fat Pungbaek)
    • Pungbaek pungs the squishy and pongs the rest
    So, if you had to build a team around Bagir and Pungbaek (or just Pung), how would you complete it? Which ATK buffer would be best? And would you complete with a second cleaver, an ATB booster, a shield-runes bruiser, a soloer?

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    nice progression for a 1year old account!
    imo 4th monster could be spd lead skill (to help you outspeed) with 3 fight sets for more dmg

    just be sure to notice that a defense with Triana for example could be a bit problematic
    u would usually want to target the Triana so she wont prevent the kill on another monster - but Bagir might glance and wont place def break on her

    also u would need to avoid light panda defs :X (cant use an atb booster like kona)


    • JeannettePoisson
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      Thanks for you answer! Those are all good points.

      I don't have many choices in speed leads yet, so a leader bernard could certainly help a bit with everything. But then, it's "kill a few units at once or lose".

      (And double lushen is much safer... Hard to find any use for Pungbaek )

    • Kalionys
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      double lushen might be good as far as c1/2
      after that u usually see defs that can withstand double lushens (will double nem healers for example)

      offenses for higher ranks can still be double lushen if u have very good spd tuning and very good runes

      if pung can nuke most of the team on his turn than he is a viable option instead of double lushen
      u can use either offense when u feel its more likely to win (and dont forget that Bagir will always need to pass at least 15% res check for removing buffs and another 15% res check on def break)

      a lot of strong ao usually include tiana galleon and a couple aoe nukers (usually zaiross + 1) - since double lushen cant always be used

      bernard lead can be nice but there could be other options for atk% arena lead (trevor if u have from past hoh for example - have 33% atk arena lead and can be good sustain with vamp runes - so might be able to finish off remaining mons.... can also be triple fight ofc for more pung dmg but than less sustain)

      and try to have an option for spd lead skill anyway (shaina for example or barreta if u have nothing better) just in case u need to fight teams with spd lead of their own - so u have better chances to outspeed
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    • JeannettePoisson
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      My my, thanks for all the advice! I don't have Trevor, but now that you mention it, he would have been perfect to finish off the remaining darlings. (Shame to me - i fed all of this family, thinking i would never use it.)

      Shaina is a great option, and not that i think about it, she could be a backup def-breaker just after Bagir.

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    could you post your box? do you have a more reliable stripper? Maybe an AOE stripper like Chiwu or Triton to reduce enemy attbar? For something like: Shaina, Aoe-Strip, attbuff, Pung
    I find shainas defbreak really reliable + she stuns

    as Kalionys suggested: when Bagir Fails, the fight Fails and in upper c2 there are a ****-load of Monsters with annoying passives or (Auto)revive like Vanessa, Triana, Perna, Cami, etc.. My rush hour deff is Vanessa, Perna, Cami, Triana (high res) all besides Cami on will. I doubt that you will win this fight with a pung AO. Alicia or Zaiross would be better Options in combination with Triana but normally you can't build them that fat


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      this is unreliable for the pure fact that youre banking EVERYTHING on bagir.

      miss a strip and its gg. strip but doesnt def break its gg.

      the best is to bring an aoe stripper and galleon why? because all galleon need to do is land ONE def break and pung can do his job. more leeway.

      personally i hate using pung, ive use shield will, fast cleave and just about anything you can think off. the issue is, all rng aside, if there is a triana on add, youre screw, if you dont strip and def break triana, youre screw. over all punk is just so meh, i would rather bring teshar than pung tbh. everyone praise him but to me there so many better option. sure he does raw damage on fire mons, but id rather take my chances with lushen than to bring pung and pray to rng


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        A spd cleave team is kinda hard as a starter AO imo. It is also very frustrating because you rely on your monsters rng too much. I would suggest bruising your way up to get a sense of what the defense are like, how fast they are etc. When you have a good sense, you will know better what works or not using your box.


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          I won't post my box, because the objective is not to build an AO. The objective is to find a real use for Pung, and i don't care if someone finds a solution with monsters i dont have

          Originally posted by *NotChow* View Post
          this is unreliable for the pure fact that youre banking EVERYTHING on bagir.
          (...) over all punk is just so meh
          (...) if you dont strip and def break triana, youre screw
          I agree with all statements.

          Why Bagir? Because he's an attempt to free a spot.

          Bagir->Bird->fat Pung = one spot left.

          While standard cleave set-ups would require either a very fast Pung or an additional ATB booster. That's one of the reasons why Lushens are so strong: having much less requirements, it's very easy to use 2 lushens instead of 1 (ATB boost, ATK+, swush swush swush)

          That's why i call it a challenge to find a GOOD use for Pung. And it's hard. So i'm asking the world to show some genius!

          Gorben, you insight is fair, but I already have an a bruiser AO with adaptative variants I can climb above 1500 easily, even though it's useless, as i don't have any kind of decend arena """"""defense""""" for now :P #stillNoob
          I'm not asking how to create any AO, i'm asking how i could possibly use Pungbaek AND feel he does something better that others can't.


          • er0L
            er0L commented
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            But do you have any other Strippers?

            I tried to make a Team with Pung, but as stated from the others: you won't get lucky with Bagir

            Other Option would be to build a Shield/will cleave Team around pung with galleon but this doesn't work against teams with stripper

          • JeannettePoisson
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            I do have strippers, but it's irrelevant. I don't care if someone finds a solution with monsters i don't have.

            But i think I'll have to accept the evidence: most other cleavers are better ;_;

          • er0L
            er0L commented
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            thats why I asked for monster you have, not for monsters you don't have.
            I would go for an AOE stripper