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Who should I evolve to 6star and who for food

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  • Who should I evolve to 6star and who for food

    Im having trouble deciding who I should evolve to 6 star and who I should use to feed for the evolution. These are my monsters as of today. Any help would be great!
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    First of all, stop making 4* lvl 30 and 5* lvl 35. Focus on a few monsters to progress faster.

    Don't feed any nat4 or nat5... EVER.

    I am guessing that you don't have a GB10 team yet. That should be your priority. Belladeon is a very good monster to get. You can farm her on Sunday. You should try to get one.
    I did Hwa as my first 6*. I do not regret it one bit. She is amazing and was helping me a lot in most of the content. She is great for farming tamor 3. Safe and fast. She is great in GB10 as she target the towers first and prevent the boss to ever taking a turn. She is great for TOA, especially for the boss. And decent for pvp to start. Later on, she is very good endgame as well for raid.

    With all the 3* monsters that you have at lvl 30, you could easily make a few 6*.

    Try to get Belladeon and 6* her, she is a must have. Make Shanon and bernard 5*, that will help you for GB10. Hwa, belladeon, Shanon, bernard and Acasis for example and you can probably have a slow but safe GB10.


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      i disappoint to use hwa for early gb10, first need to use wind monster or tanks,and hwa are not tank or wind

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      Well, I used to read that all the time as well when I was trying to get to gb10. What I can tell you is that Hwa works really well. Sig, vero, Hwa, bella and bernard and you got yourself a nice 100% and 2 min speed. I had instance were everyone would die and Hwa would duo the GB10 boss with just Bella

      The hardest part of gb10 are the crystals and the boss AOE attack.
      * Hwa will always target crystal first due to element disadvantage to golem so it means you only have to worry about one crystal at most because the other one is locked down. Golem are barely doing any damage so Hwa can tank just fine (rune her with around 18-20k hp).
      * When at the boss, she will prevent the boss to move, so no AOE attack, just the revenge. Also she will make sure your debuf stick longer because the boss never takes a turn. It is easy to have the boss with def break, atk break, spd break and glancing.
      * She places dots so when she dies (she will eventually), then the boss dies almost immediately due to dot damage.

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    Thanks!! Very helpful