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Maruna db10?

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  • Maruna db10?

    Since the release of the twins, I've pulled like 6 talias. my only shaina is from the event, and no sabrina either.

    I DO have Maruna though.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to run talia shaina maruna for DB10 instead of the usual sabrina?

    I'm just really tired of my db10 time. Averages maybe 2:10, standard verde vero megan bella sig comp. I'd like to be able to hit 1:30. Even my dual lich nb10 team averages sub-2m.


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    Sure, just test it out. Rune quality and towers are important though


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      Fire twins are Queens of CC. I am using them and they always deplete the atk bar of the boss. But they cant out damage water twins. I think water chak and fire boom is not a good combo.


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        Shaina Maruna: Early DB10 team (1:45 - 2:30)
        Shaina Sabrina: Semi-Fast DB10 team (1:30 - 1:45)
        Shaina Sabrina Talia Kahli Verde: Fast DB10 team (0:50 - 1:25)
        Lushen Sabrina Talia Talia Kahli and assuming you have god runes: (0:30 - 0:45)


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          normal Team:
          Verde, Galle, Talia, Shaina, Sabrina Best Time: 00:43
          Verde, Galle, Talia, Shaina, Maruna Time one run: 1:08

          it can work, but not as fast as Sabrina + Talia + 1


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            I'm using her myself, no talia but I do have Sabrina.

            Shaina should move first, followed by Maruna,then Talia who should be built for pure damage. Verde would still be a good lead if you have him. You could even still throw in a tarq for the team up so he can feel just like one of the twins! Oh and verde last in turn order, always.


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              I see a lot of people suggesting Lushen as leader for DB10 speed teams sometimes - can I just replace him with Perna?


              • er0L
                er0L commented
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                you could, but he won't help in fast killing the trashwaves

                i run:
                Verde, Kahli (before this FRR Galleon), Shaina, Sabrina, Maruna
                best time: 43 seconds since FRR Zero fails
                i tried running double lushen + twins, but the Team is not consistent, when he is derping, and lushen sure derps a lot
                Plus i don't get the boss down fast enough, because arena Towers aren't maxed and no fight-set

                Lushen as leader is for lategame when you can rune all your Monsters with 100 CR and tons of Atk/CD + a couple of fight sets

              • Ganesa IX
                Ganesa IX commented
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                er0L - I see, thanks for the explanation!