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Any way to upgrade my noob starting GB10 team ?

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    Okay, so, update here !

    I now have a way better team then when i started, so it now looks like :

    6* Vero (Swift/Energy) :

    900 def
    1080 dmg
    174 spd

    53% crit rate
    76% crit dmg
    22% res
    54% accuracy

    6* Belladeon (Swift/Focus) :

    18.8k hp
    620 def
    950 dmg
    181 spd

    27% crit rate
    60% crit dmg
    33% res
    51% accuracy ( I'm pretty happy about this one )

    5* Bernard (Swift/Focus) :

    15k hp
    400 dmg
    750 def
    168 spd

    20% crit rate
    56% crit dmg
    35% res
    68% accuracy

    5* Shanon (Revenge/Energy/Energy) :

    14,5k hp
    540 dmg
    650 def
    143 spd

    24% crit rate
    57% crit dmg
    35% res
    43% accuracy

    6* Lushen ( Fatal/Blade) :

    14.8k hp
    2100 dmg
    550 def
    129 spd

    86% crit rate
    102% crit dmg
    25% res
    13% accuracy

    Does it looks good ? I principally upgraded my bella and my vero because they tank attacks ( All the others are wind against water, so...). I am really happy with the 50% accuracy of my Belladeon, My Lushen always plays last, with defbreak, his first attacks does 12k and the third always do 15k. Do you think i should make Shannon go despair or is Revenge/Energy/Energy good enough for now ? Sometimes i'm losing but it's because my Lushe gets stunned 3 times in a row, so i think it's alright, it doesn't do it often.
    Right now i do it in 2mn50, so it's pretty good.
    Should i start to buy ifrit pieces in the guild shop ? ( I can have about 450 pieces a week i think.)
    Right now i have 4.000k mana, should i upgrade runes or should i do something else with it ?

    Edit : So, i did a bunch of calculations, and my 6* Alicia will look like :

    hp: 9885 + 3542,2 = 13 427

    atk: 790 + 911,7 + 276 = 1 978

    def: 692 + 146,52 = 839

    spd: 96 + 20 = 116

    txcrit: 30 + 23 +12 = 65%

    dmgcrit: 50 +79 = 129%

    res: 13% = 13%

    acc: 19%: = 19%

    Is that enough for faimon or DB10 ? I think speed will quickly become a problem, but i did my best with my actual runes xD. I'm trying to get a crit dmg fatal rune but it's really hard ! So for now, i have a 4* one. I'm thinking of letting sig alone and choosing alicia, cuz sigma is hella hard to get while i already have my alicia. What do you think about it ?
    Ps : I'll quickly change these runes :
    slot 2 ( 4*, no great substats)
    slot 4 ( 4*, no great substats)
    slot 6 ( 5*, no great substats, but lvl 15)

    Thanks for reading this far and i hope you can answer me !
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    • finzero
      finzero commented
      Editing a comment
      Faimon Farmer: Alicia > Sigmarus
      DB10 : Sigmarus > Alicia

      Alicia base atk is low (for an atk unit)
      Alicia 1st skill def break is unreliable even at max skill
      Alicia 3rd skill multiplier ain't that great
      Sigmarus 2nd & 3rd skill deal more damage to boss

      you'd want shannon to be faster, since she give atk + def buff. probably after bernard.
      bernard is way too slow, even at early game it shouldn't that hard to get 200 spd on swift.

      2mn50 for GB10 is slow, but still within acceptable if it's got high success rate.
      keep farming, don't waste your mana upgrading bad runes, raise your rune standard.
      dont use 4* rune, keep at least 5* hero, or 6* rare (with good subs) and above.
      as you progress in your game, your rune standard will getting higher.

      get your GB10 team run down to 2 min (or faster).

      don't worry too much about DB10, as most rune from dragon are for PVP (and probably necro).
      you can clear most PVE content with only runes from giant.

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    Update here ! Sorry for not responding i was grinding like hell x)

    My GB10 team satisfies me for now, i plan on running hwa 200spd and filling all other slots with dps so that i can do safe runs of GB10, but it's still not for today ! xD

    So, i'm actually trying to finish DB10, i only need to make megan 5* and grind a little more to get sigma ( still need a thousand essences lmao )

    Now i've got a little bit of problems with my TOA :

    So my team is :

    Jamire (6* max) : Violent/Broken

    23k hp
    1000 atk
    900 def
    196 spd
    ( not skilled up )

    Baretta ( 5* lvl 28) : Swift/Broken

    20k hp
    600 atk
    550 def ( Yep that's low but it will become 700 on lvl 35 )
    159 spd

    60% accuracy
    (Not skilled up)

    6* Vero (Swift/Energy) :

    22k hp
    1200 def
    1080 dmg
    181 spd

    28% crit rate
    81% crit dmg
    22% res
    54% accuracy

    6* Belladeon (Swift/Focus) :

    18.8k hp
    620 def
    950 dmg
    181 spd

    27% crit rate
    60% crit dmg
    33% res
    51% accuracy

    5* Shanon (Despair/Energy) :

    14,5k hp
    540 dmg
    650 def
    159 spd

    26% crit rate
    71% crit dmg
    29% res
    48% accuracy

    It worked fine until level 60 in TOA and lvl 30 in TOAH.

    I've got a mav that i'm skilling up right now but he's only 4*, and sigma is my priority for DB10 and maybe TOA because he can put an attack break and he maybe can be good to juste force open the first floors.

    Usually, it happens like this :

    Jamire 2nd skill
    Vero 2nd skill ( stuns at least 3 ennemies )
    bella def break one of thos that wasn't stunned
    shannon 3rn skill
    baretta 3rd skill

    Jamire 3rd skill
    Vero 2nd skill ( stuns at least 3 ennemies )
    bella def break one of thos that wasn't stunned
    shannon 3rn skill
    baretta 3rd skill

    And at this point there are like 2 ennemies that aren't dead, so i take care of them and then go to the next floor.

    But this doesn't seem to work anymore, so i tried to replace vero by verde since Jamire Cleanse everything, but it was worse than before, so i don't know what to do

    My verde looks like :

    21k hp
    950 atk
    650 def
    155 spd ( he always plays last)

    100% crit rate

    I've got zinc so maybe i should rune him despair and make him 5*, but apparently it isn't good to have twenty thousand projects going on, so i don't know if it is worth for now.

    I've followed this guide :


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      With your rune's quality you cannot brute force through ToA.

      Beginner ToA team need be tanky and to survive even on occasion like you describe! And Verde won't really help you there at all!

      Vero, Baretta, Shannon, Bella, and Jamire seem a nice ToA team.

      Depending on situation you can try with hp% lead (Vero) or spd lead (Jamire)

      So focus on improving runes on your giant and ToA team! Later you can replace Shannon with Mav

      I suggest to put despair runes on your Baretta, while those swift on him should go to Mav. Later you would want to change Mav into violent anyway. Unless you already reserved some vio runes for Mav.

      Maybe are you using Jamire cleansing and CD refresh in a wrong way? You should actually try that you use S3 on Jamire right after you used Baretta S3. That way in ideal cirumstances mobs will have 4 DoTs on them. That 60% of damage over 3 turns from DoTs alone!

      Mav would be trully great here!
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        Your team slow is because there was no hitter. You loose, it is because the monsters are defend break and then hammer by the giant.

        You need to 6* your Belladeon, 12k HP is too low, 6* your Bernard, and increase it speed to 200+, replace Jamire with a single hit monster. Sigma is a cheap and effective option, the best thing is it is fusionable.

        PS Lushen is not a good hitter for beginer, since it is a multi-hitter and a typical passing-grade Lushen need to have 3k atk and 200% Crit Dmg.

        Lushen is used for the experienced player for 1-min Giant without healer in the team.

        ie my team
        Lushen, Vero, Teshar, Sigmarus and the irreplaceable member, Galleon, the water Pirate Captain.


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          Okay, so, my TOA team seems right for now, the only thing that i need is a mav and a greater rune quality. I optimized my GB10 team, now it does it in 2mn constant.

          Got a sigmarus now :

          Sigmarus ( 6* awakened ) :

          14k hp
          2300k dmg
          840 def
          121 spd

          82% crit rate
          158% crit damage
          29% res
          7% accuracy

          He unlocked me a lot of things ( including just brute forcing into boss levels in TOA, because he freezes everybody, then make a lot of dmg on the boss, and that's it, the boss is dead )

          So now i can do DB10 in 3:30mn, wich is great, but the success rate is only about 90% so i think i'm gonna wait until i find a better way of doing it.

          DB10 team : Sig, vero, verdehile, belladeon, hwa.

          don't have enough strippers, but if i remove on of the mobs and try to place Aegir, i lose, so i suppose i'll just wait till i have better monster and better runes and then kick that Dragon.

          All my elemental dungeons are now under 2minutes ! Sigmarus is beast at it. 200k dmg on the water boss is just way too great.

          Argon :

          Yep it's true that i had a slow team because i had no real hitter, but now i've got some, so...
          I already 6* bella, i agree, 12k hp is way too low, he now is at 20k and i've never seen him die since then, so...
          Bernard is 193 spd, having a hard time getting the runes for him but it's gonna upgrade, but i won't 6* him now, i've got Alicia, baretta, hwa, (mav?) to 6* first, because they are useful in more places than Bernard.

          Although it might not look like it, Lushen is actually great if you have runes that can take his dmg above 2k dmg and 100% dmg crit, if i replace him by anyone else is my team, the run slows so much that it sometimes go above 4minutes :/

          My GB10 team looks like : Sig, Lushen, Vero, Bella, Bernard.

          I'd really like having a galleon, a monster like him is just way too much OP everywhere he goes, but sadly, i don't have him, trying to get him with stones, but he appears very rarely :/

          PS: My Vero moves between the def break and the giant, so no worries here !

          I'm actually having fun with the twins Sabrina and Talia, i know it's not good to work on too many projects, but hey, i did some tests, and when talia uses skill 3 ( defense break ) on Chiruka remains random mobs, she actually does 50k dmg, i brought them against the fire rift beast, and she broke my record in no time !

          By the way, i really don't know on what to work after DB10 :

          -Rift beasts ( seems like a pretty bad idea, i'm juste doing it for fun and crystals but meh, why not )
          -TOA/TOAH ( I must say that i'm pretty tempted by that Legendary scroll )
          -R5 ( need to 5* several monsters, but why not after all )
          -Guild battles ( The twins are beasts )
          -Making Alicia a viable farmer ( Got Lushen for chiruka remains, so i don't think it's a good idea, but she might also be good in arena and gvg so dunno )


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            try replacing hwa with spectra for your db10 team - see if she can help

            if u already have db10 team or close to it
            aiming for toa100/toah70 is definitely a good idea

            after that r5 is a good option imo (while trying to get higher at toah at the same time)
            after r5 - u can either build a necro team to farm pvp runes (shield/will/nem)
            u can try to speed up your gb10/db10 teams to 1min spd teams
            and start making rfit beasts teams so u can farm weekly reaaps as well as an homuncullus

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          Hey, so i'm planning on doing a TOA 100 team, because all i need for now is better runes a speedtuning a little bit my units, so it will take time, and why not doing the next objective now !

          I've been thinking about the following team :

          Jamire ( reset cd, makes a lot of dmg on boss )
          Baretta ( DOTs, reset atk bar )
          Vero ( DOTs, stun, AOE cleanse )
          Mav ( Provoke, stuns, heals itself, add the speed bonus )
          Fran ( double heal, single target cleanse, break attack, stuns, immunity, atk buff )

          The only thing that i need is a def break, so i don't know wich of Fran or Bella might be better in this situation

          I'm currently blocked on toa 82, so i think an ultra-safe team wouldn't be bad to go through little stages while i can just wreck boss stages with :


          Cuz sigma does a lot of dmg on bosses ( Btw, Halphas was a hard thing to beat, is the only way to beat it just getting his hp the lowest possible and then strip his invicibility ? )

          Still blocked on TOAH 30 by Camilla, this little girl definitly is very hard to beat. Any idea how to ?

          By the way, who do you think i should 6* next ? I'm thinking about the following ones : Baretta, Alicia, Mav, or Hwa, but i can't make my decision, : Alicia will be good, Baretta too, Mav might be godlike ( like baretta ), but hwa might help me to rekt that DB10, so...

          Also, what are the stats requirement for Mav ? I heard it was about 20k hp, 700 def, 45% accuracy and he either moves last or first. What do you think ? Are these stats enough ?

          Btw, i still didn't build my spectra, what stats should she have for maybe TOAH/TOA 100 and DB10 ?

          Thank you a lot Kalionys, i really didn't knew what to do now that i had beaten DB10, i was even starting to do a NB10 team xD You really saved me a lot of time on this, thanks !
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          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            toa resetted today :X
            so u can try to climb to 100 in this rotation (maybe u will find it easier this time)

            as for who to 6* - do u have an auto db10 team? if not try to focus on that imo

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          Hello so i now have a DB10 team, same as before but this time i upgraded the runes of my hwa, so she now have 20k hp and 800def, seems like the problem was from her. Got to stage 76 on auto for this TOA rotation, my team is

          Baretta ( now 6* and despair)

          I summoned mantura a day ago, so i'm thinking about adding him into it, an aoe slow debuff and an aoe def break might be good. I'm thinking of runing him despair. what do you think about it ? Mantura or Spectra ? I already have a good dps with Jamire and Baretta, jamire scales on hp and baretta just deals damage, not a lot, but enough.

          Btw my baretta now has 25k hp, 950 def and 169 spd.

          with the new rune event, should i create a full set of rage for my Lushen or make some will / violent HP% runes ? And also, is Fran better than Bella in TOA ? Seems like her immunity can save a lot of trouble and her heals are better than Bella's. Is that true ?

          Thanks for reading this far and i hope that you can answer !


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            imo u can swap jamire for another monster
            mav reduce cooldowns is 'weaker' but he also gives a spd buff (and mav can stun+provoke)

            i dont see a point in bringing both :X

            mantura is good in toa and yea despair should work on him
            spectra is also good but more in boss stages where his s2 does huge dmg (especially with def break) - doesnt need atk
            just spd cr cd and hp/def

            for the rune event
            re-read the event - u can only make 1 rune (!) and re-roll its subs as much as u want till you like the result (afterwards u will need to upgrade it regularly and hope for good rolls while upgrading)

            imo vio slot 6 hp% is a safe bet - with the right subs a lot of monsters can benefit from it
            but it depends on what runes u r missing atm
            also dont forget the event is 1 month long - so no need to rush and decide right away

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          Hey so finally i did my spectra, so right now it's :

          15k hp
          546 atk
          749 def
          232 spd ( I'm so proud of this )

          62% crit rate
          94% crit dmg
          19 res
          47% accuracy

          What do you think of him ?

          The main problem in my team actually is mav, i'm actually blocking at the stage 80 ( Chiwu ) and mav gets two shot by him. Should i just upgrade his runes level or should i just use another monster for this ? Like hwa or something like that ?

          Here is my swarfarm account if you want :

          I really struggle to beat Chiwu, even if RNG is on my side, i always have a problem that wrecks my run. Thanks a lot for the advices about the event, it'll help me a lot !

          Thnaks for reading , and i hope you can answer my questions once again xD

          Ps : i do about 5 refresh a day, i don't know if it's important to say it, but we never know ( and i have 4,790 cristals )
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          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            spectra seems decent
            could use some more cr/cd but isnt bad atm

            as for chiwu stage....
            it would be hard for a 5* mav to stay alive, and u should give him more hp
            imo spd hp hp is much more appropriate for him than spd def def (at the very least spd hp def or spd def hp)

            u can try bringing hwa (or loren though yours is unruned) instead of jamire (better option for replacement than mav imo)

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          Hey, thank you for your comment ! I've looked into it a little bit, seems like i can trade 2 spd and 260 def for 4000 hp and 8 accuracy. Is it worth it ? Also, i've removed Jamire from my TOA team the moment you told me he wasn't useful for now xD Now i'm running Vero, Spectra, Mav, Baretta, Bella. Does it seems like a good team to you ?

          Also, it seems like my lose condition is that mav gets sleeped, because after vero can't clanse him, and mav can't use his cleanse.

          Relly dunno how to beath this stage, i've seen alot of youtube videos but all of theirs monster are 6* max with godlike runes so...


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            It could be that u just need to 6* mav (better stas - harder to kill)

            If u feel like rune switching might not be worth it or have several possible builds u can try them on frr

            This team sounds like it should work

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          Hey, i just wanna know what you think about the vampire lord. Actually, i'd really like to know if i should prioritize 6 starring him over mav, cuz he looks great but i really have the impression that he has the opportunity to do great absolutely everywhere, but i just don't know what to think about him yet. For example, i used him as a replacement for shannon, my sigma and lushen just got two shoted with 12k dmg every hit, so... Same in rift beasts, he just dies after getting hit 2 or 3 times. Should i change his rune 1, 2 and 5 for an ultra dmg build and 6* him or should i just let him be for now and pioritize mav and/or spectra ?

          Or in another way i could just derune him for now and put some of his runes on lushen, it'll make my Lushen have 3k less hp but have a +39 crit dmg, so my lushen would now be 172 crit dmg. What do you think ? ( Rune 2 could go on spectra too )

          Thanks for reading this far and i hope you have the answer xD
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          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            leave him be for now
            without skill ups he is a bit unreliable (u can skill him up with regular vampires so no need to use devilmons but up to you)

            use this weekend's frr to transfer some of his runes to other mons
            if you rly want to u can try giving him some spare runes to try out later but no need to rush it

            also imo 6* mav 1st (vamp lord wont help your toa team :X )

          • Owe
            Owe commented
            Editing a comment
            Hey so i did some researchs and i found out that i could get my mav to 31k hp and 700 def, is it going to be enough to clear toa h too ? Just so that i know if i should never touch him again after xD
            I also can get my baretta from 25k hp to 28k hp for 3M mana, worth it ?

          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            sry didnt see this comment
            in the future u can mention using @ (that way i'll get a notice that u mentioned me for example Owe )

            might be good enough - but i imagine that with some bosses in higher toah floors that mav would be easily nuked

            the change on barreta doesnt sound worth it (maybe on frr but 3m for 3k hp sounds like a waste unless u get other stats - spd/acc for example)

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          Finally ! I 6 starred my mav and broke through toa 80.
          Im planning on bringing megan to 5* to build a strong AO ( Bernard, Megan, Alicia (Leader skill) and lushen.As well a strengthtening my DB10. I updtaed my swarfarm : . Also, shall i make spectra my next 6* or alicia/hwa/twins shall take the lead ? Also, is a talia with these stats good ? :

          14.5k hp
          2000 atk
          850 def
          139 spd
          87% crit rate
          149% crit dmg

          It's what she should look like with all runes +15 and lvl 40, so i dunno if i should change runes for a good NB10/rift beast team.

          Also, i reruned my alicia :

          8.5k hp
          1300 atk
          628 def
          130 spd
          74% crit rate
          149% crit dmg

          Now i'll try to get tp toa 100 ( I at least expect to get to toa 90 to get my l&d scroll xD ).

          Thanks for reading this far and i hope you can answer my questions !


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            1) beranrd megan alicia lushen wouldnt work imo (if it will it will only be because of lushen)
            alicia (and many other nukers) would need aoe def break to nuke properly
            thats why double lushen teams r so popular

            2) imo 6* either spectra or hwa
            both would be useful in db10 as well as other content (toa for example)

            gz on mav and gl in toa

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          Ok so i broke toa 90 like it was nothing, not even a single mob lost and finished it at full HP everywhere. EZPZ. (And now i'm blocked at toa 98 xD)
          Now, shall i do the "f*ck it" way for toa 99 or build a neal ? Still have the time to do so, and i'm pretty confident in giving her at least 20k hp 5*. My other option is to do : Vero/Bella/V'erde, Jamire, Sig, Lushen, Colleen ( I 5* her btw, she is at 20k hp and 800 def ).
          I'm not sure if it will work but why not. What should i do ?
          Spectra is definitly my next 6*, she'll be 21K hp and 900 def.

          Also, is starting to do rift beasts right now a good option ? I'd really like to get these reappraisal stones. If i do start it, then i'm thinking of making an arang and maybe an Argen ( I'm actually getting B everywhere )

          Edit : Ok so for toa 98, use heal abuse and for 99 just yolo, i'm taking notes xD. I'll do toa 100 tomorow, better wreck it like it's nothing !
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          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
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            gz on toa90
            what do u need neal for?

            u need to be able to farm water/wind/fire rifts at S at least to be able to farm reapp stones weekly (the higher the score the less u have to farm each week)
            imo it sounds a bit too early for u
            i would prioritize improving gb10/db10 1st and building r5 team
            also toah70 is also sort of a 'landmark' u usually reach before starting to work on rifts

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          Holy f*ck toa 100 is hard af ! i'm at my 12th attempt with Vero, Bella, Baretta, Mav and Sig and everytime the blue is out, my sig gets two shotted, or my mav gets perma stunned... How tf am i supposed to beat this ? Should i remove baretta and use shannon or colleen instead ? i can't use my spectra cuz he gets one shotted :x I really think that my best option is just to farm again a lot for 6 starring spectra or colleen or to build briand...
          I pass Juno stage
          Vero stage ez
          Lyrith so hard i just can't beat it.
          Maybe with an attack buff i'll be able to break Lyrith ?

          Btw, i found out that after i upgraded the glory spd tower, my GB10 had a success rate of 50% because my vero actually didn't cleanse the def break, so i made him do it again. Is there any way to evade that in the future or do you just have to change your runes everytime this happens ?
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          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            yea lyrith is harder to beat for newer players
            just need to remember which incarnation has which passive - make sure to 1st stun and 2nd kill the 2 incarnations before she tries to split again

            im a bit surprised that the blue one is giving u trouble when usually green is the problematic one
            i think that team should work but there is nothing wrong with trying to farm some runes again (just note that toa refreshes in a couple of days)

            as for success rate changed after upgrading spd tower
            tbh its a bit rare but its possible that it would happen
            usually upgrading the towers only helps the team

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          I DID IT ! LYRITH KILLED ! Killed her in only 3 split and 2 merge, team full hp except for baretta who was the tank that took it all. My sig's skill 3 not even maxed ! Feels so great to be able to beat it ! I had to level up runes a little on my mav ( +15ed two) and on my baretta ( +15ed one ). Followed your advices and a guide on reddit ( this one ) and wroke it. The secret is just to have mav proc 5 times to get your sig skill 2 cooldown reduced to nothing Well, it's been four hours and with 19 attempts, i did it with average rune quality and most of my runes not even +15 xD Well, now back to farming GB10. Now i've got a question : I'll do Megan tomorrow, but after that, who do i make ? I was thinking of spectra, but now i've got a doubt : I could fuse the fire panda and make a raid 4 since after megan my DB10 will be stable and the only other way to upgrade it would be getting other monsters. Or should i maybe focus on toaH and do spectra ?


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
            Editing a comment
            gz gj!!

            imo dont rush into raids quite yet
            managing to be able to get the extra devilmon from toah70 consistently is more important imo (unless there is a rly tough stage in toah60/70 like arta)
            it might be better to make sure gb10 and db10 teams r stable and at 2-3min each

            once u have that covered u can should try to build a raid team (ofc in the mean time u can collect the necessary fodder/monster for the team)
            raid is beneficial only if u can farm consistently runes to use those grinds/gems on

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          Hey, so i made my DB10 team much better now with megan, hwa wasn't effective at all compared to megan xD My Megan is at :
          18k hp
          670 def
          169 spd
          49% acc

          I'll try to upgrade her runes as quickly as possible but that'sa ll i have for now, so... Also, i'm doing my next 6* tomorrow, so spectra will be way more effective this time I'm halfway through TOA now.

          My GB10 and DB10 run speed looks like :

          GB10 : 1:40 average with a best time at 1:18
          DB10 : Average 3:00 with a best time at 2:44 that will soon be surpassed.

          The only way i die in DB10 right now is because my sig dies in the zaiross tage ? Got any tip to stop that either than giving sig more hp /def ?

          Edit : answer on page 3 btw
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            whats your current db10 team? is sig fully skilled up?