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Please Help building a gb10 team that actually survives.

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  • Please Help building a gb10 team that actually survives.

    I've been playing sw for a while now but I admit I slack off a lot. I never really even built an actual gb10 team, I just used whatever monsters I thought worked at the time. The team that I usually use can auto it in a bit under 2 minutes, but sometimes they simply keep dying. It's not a very stable team. It consists of Sigmarus(L), Veromos, Bella, Ethna and Bastet/Briand. I already know bastet isn't meant for gb10 but her shields are the only thing keeping the team alive (barely). Lately I've pulled a few nice mons that may or may not be good for gb10, including Lushen, Louise (wind pally), Triton, wind dryad, delphoi and a few others. Can someone please help me build a gb10 team?? I'm more concerned with survivability rather than the run speed, though a faster gb10 time would be sweet. Any ideas on a DB10 team would also be sweet. I've attached a few pictures. Thanks in advance :3

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    Acacis+Vero will almost guarantee any team for gb10.

    Try Vero(L) Acacis, Bella, Darion and Ethna. Though Ethna not really that good for gb10. Switch her out with Theo or Lushen or any other wind/water nuker.


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      I'd suggest using some atb manipulation, specially for gb10 you can use perfectly Bernard cause he's wind and will resist better any hit.

      My team: Vero - Bella - Bernard + Nuker (use your wind hell lady or sigmarus, imho) + option, here i'd use Shannon if you have good runes on her, otherwise acasis can do the job but the team will be slow cause she doesn't really help in anything else than surviving. Try both and you'll see.


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        Ethna sucks

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      Your problem is Ethna. She hits too much. I dont know why your Sigmarus can't survive, mine have barely 15k HP. You should give her more Crit Rate than HP and making her faster 150~spd so she could have 2 turns before the boss attacks even without using atb manipulation.

      Sigmarus(L) Vero Bella Bernard Shannon is the golden team for safe play. 15kHP 700Def 130~170spd 45Accuracy for everyone except Sig. Bella and Vero must be in 150~170 range preferably on violent.
      Once you have violent Galleon six starred you can start replacing the supports one by one with damage dealers. The last one I would replace would be Veromos since he can cleanse the def break debuff in case the boss lasts long enough to attack.
      Viable DDs would be Lushen Katarina Akhamamir
      You can also use DoT team before going full speed team with Vero Bella/Mantura Orochi Akhamamir Shannon.


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        Your Sig should survive easily, but he lacks CR and CD

        Go for 75% or even better. It should be easily achievable as he awakens into CR bonus.

        I suppose your Bella is way too slow, no matter which runes you use fore her! That's the main reason why your team dies!

        Swift > - 200+ spd
        Vio > 175+ spd

        For both Bella and Vero. Aim for that! Improve Sig CR and CD and you have half a team for both Giant and Dragon B10!

        Also its imperative that Bella has 55% in accuracy for Dragon B10 for removing immunity! For Vero accuracy its not that much important!


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          Yes accuracy is not important for Vero....until your stuns keeps on missing and the crystals wipes out your team.

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          Well, Vero awakens into +25% acc and what I actually meant was that accuracy should not be emphasized THAT MUCH.

          Something between 30% to 40% accuracy is more than enough for Vero! Ofc if you can get 45% or 55% acc good, but not at the cost of hp%/ def% loss!

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        Just follow this:
        If you die, your runes are not good enough. Be sure to have the stats prescribed in the above tutorial at the least. This is even achievable with scenario runes, so... Not that hard.

        Ethna absolutely has no place there ever.
        Shannon is much better than Bastet here (SLOW is great and needed, DEF+ is great and needed, GLANCING is a plus)
        Then just add Bernard in.

        Finally just use standard team, which is accessible and very reliable, until you get good runes. It means thousands of runs.
        After that, you can progressively replace supports for damage dealers (but not Ethna).

        Simply follow tutorial. There's nothing else to do. Monsterbox doesn't matter at all at this point.


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          Standard team super safe is vero bella Bernard shannon darion.
          take darion out for sig or lushen.

          Vero bella 180 speed swift. Bella needs 45 acc. 55 acc better. Hp slot 6.whole team except dmg dealer should hsve hp in 4 and 6 since you get defense broken.

          My shannon was surviving with 12.3k hp when I started. 155 speed despair and 45 acc.
          Bernard Vero bella keep going to 200 speed and 220 speed on swift.vero bella dont go vio til 175 speed minimum.

          Dmg dealers must have minimum 75 crit rate. 80 good. 85 is best. Than work on cd to 150-170, than speed.

          I than went 2shen vero bella Bernard.
          no galleon after 7000 stones, I went 2shen hwa theo chasun.... Chasun out fot hraesvelg. Theo out for galleon.

          Bella needs acc to strip attack buff.
          EDIT. Bernard needs 45 acc for s2 atk break to survive.


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            I'd go Lushen, Sigmarus, Shannon, Darion and Bella with Sigmarus lead ... Shannon hopefully goes first, sigmarus and lushen dps trash waves, darion helps the team survive a bit more and bella heals. two defense breakers as well to give sigmarus harder hits.