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"Mid Game" Help NB10/Raid Ish

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  • "Mid Game" Help NB10/Raid Ish

    I've succeeded in TOAN/TOAH few months now. Looking to do some next progress things. I can do NB10 auto 60% of the time, probably needs some 6 Star or Better runes. I'd like actual team suggestions for the best NB10 auto I can make and also a for Rifts.

    I attached a SS of my mons and link to Swarfarm. Please check it out.

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    User profile not active.. cannot see our monstet box

    if u have these monatets try...
    - Lapis, coleen, + 3 multi hitters
    - Lapis, coleen, + Twins + 1
    - Lapis, hwahee, + 3 multi hitters


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      Should be fixed now.

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      Nice u have twins. All u have to do is to 6* them
      Lapis. Coleen. 3 Twins
      Lapis. Coleen. Twins. +1 multihiter
      Lapis. Coleen. Twins. +adrian
      Lapis. Coleen. Twins. +panda
      Lapis. Coleen. Twins. +theo

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    Twins + Hwahee = mid game.
    Adrian + Colleen = early
    Teshar/Lushen + Twins = late-ish