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  • Speeding up NB10

    Hello everyone!
    Hi BigDaddyToe i know you will read this

    So after GB10 sub 1min and DB10 around 1:20 R4-5 i'm going to speed up my necro runs!

    ATM I'm running a 100% safe team but it takes around 4min average. my goal is to drop it to sub 2min
    (L)Shiwa, Adrian, Colleen, fire Panda, Fuco
    except for fuco they have bad runes (for necro).
    shiwa and adrian have good set for necro but bad rune: vio/rev but have one hp% rune on them and most are 5* runes
    coleen and panda have rift runes: full rev 190spd colleen and rev/shield/energy slow supertanky panda panda.

    shiwa adrian and panda are exactly 130spd

    instead of deruning them i was thinking to replace them:

    - my problem is not boss. boss fight takes around 20-25s max
    - i miss AOE damage/defbreak to speedup trash waves

    i was looking at my box and i really cant come up with something so here i am asking for help

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20180926-190555.png Views:	1 Size:	1.72 MB ID:	1814250
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20180926-190605.png Views:	1 Size:	1.73 MB ID:	1814251

    in colclusion:

    what should be my team?
    (Vio/rev) how should i rune them 2/4/6?
    what should be the attack order/speed tuning?
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    Hi Jade0ne

    - my problem is not boss. boss fight takes around 20-25s max
    - i miss AOE damage/defbreak to speedup trash waves
    *** Lapis is the key, with good Lead
    *** Next FRR, build FUCO for NB10, he's VERY GOOOOOOD here

    try this...
    lapis(L), coleen, shiwha, adrian, + 1

    the +1 can be any multi hitter monster

    lapis, coleen, shiwha, adrian, hwa
    lapis, coleen, shiwha, adrian, theo
    lapis, coleen, shiwha, adrian, xiao lin
    lapis, coleen, shiwha, adrian, chilling
    lapis, coleen, shiwha, adrian, panda
    lapis, coleen, shiwha, adrian, .... even verde can work

    - if most are fire unit, can use Shiwa as lead also.. but me i prefer Lapis lead for all
    - also, if you can put some vio or rev on some or all of em to be effective
    - even though some will say, VIo is not needed, it wil give you advantage and better success rate

    Note: i noticed you also have Lushen.. i did not include in the line up as i know in my personal experience, run might not get stable evcen speed is faster.... for me, a 3-4 mins with 99% is better than a 2 mins with 75% success.

    not sure if you have seen this post.. if u have time, pls check it out..

    LAPIS: the NB10 Challenge
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    • Jade0ne
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      Fuco Is the best runed of the team vio/rev atk cdmg atk with +1400atk 80crate 150 cdmg. Boss always steal him so lapis do not last long. Also my lapis is build for toah atm speedy with accuracy. I was thinking of her dark sis maybe instead of the panda

    • BigDaddyToe
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      pls check below

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    Originally posted by Jade0ne View Post
    Fuco Is the best runed of the team vio/rev atk cdmg atk with +1400atk 80crate 150 cdmg. Boss always steal him so lapis do not last long. Also my lapis is build for toah atm speedy with accuracy. I was thinking of her dark sis maybe instead of the panda
    Good morning..
    In that case, remove Lapis, and use fuco.. later when you got better runes for Lapis, can add her back in.

    **** This is what i do when i was starting.. ****
    - Use 4 Fire units, Shiwa lead + FUCO as real nuker
    - Fuco always get stolen
    - 4 fire units easily kills Fuco to get him back

    For your monster pool, suggested team to try with this setup -->
    shiwha(L), coleen, adrian, hwa + Fuco

    - this team is very stable for me way back, runs 2:30 to 3 mins... and by improving runes / stats, trim it down at around 2+ mins
    - focus on that team till you get em Twins, as Twins are game changer specially for NB10
    - near FRR day, use it to strengthen NB10 team.
    - when your Lapis is better, and can survive more, try her again as Lead and she can make run faster
    - Note, lapis is part of my speed NB10 team (with Fuco)

    Good luck


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      Originally posted by BigDaddyToe View Post
      shiwha(L), coleen, adrian, hwa + Fuco
      Got around average 3 min with raid runed hwa and colleen.. not bad but not stable Atm..
      Attack order?

      THX for The tips i Will swap some rune next frr. Should i go more damage at the cost of some hp?

      Fuco is well runed but miss 2 skillup and ofc for last skill CD. So i May lack defbreak.

      Also i was thinking for some weird stuff like jamie or raoq or hwahee or lametta ti replace panda/coleen What do u think?


      • BigDaddyToe
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        Hwahee is an advanced healer for NB10, needs skillup and although you dont need speed on NB10, she needs to be fast to always buff and heal. I used coleen way back, but now, hwahee is my NB10 healer/dd.. the rest i have no experience building as I find them not worthy

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      Try out:

      - Lushen (L)
      - Colleen
      - Fuco
      - Fire Panda
      - Hraesvelg

      Do you have any twins? Shaina / Sabrina are the key to sub 1 min teams.


      • cruxio002
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        Having fire panda is guaranteed 3minutes

      • Jade0ne
        Jade0ne commented
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        not working mostly 'couse they are not runed for necro:
        panda is shield/energy/rev def hp def
        colleen is full rev
        lsuhen is rage/blade but he is faster than panda and fuco
        hraesvelg is swift/energy

        i do have good record on 1:51 with Lapis(L) fuco coleen hraesvelg XiaoLin but they had all rune changed from when i did it and it wanst reliable.

        i will try swapping some rune and do some tests this saturday!

        What about my shiwa and adrian? they have 1 hp% rune each that i dont like much shall i go full dps atk/cdmg/atk ?

        i wanted to try dps panda dps atk/crdmg/atk or def violent focus

        also i'm gonna switch colleen to violent since i'm not doining raids atm but at the same time i'm building hawaee(still5*) since i have lot of skillups.

        twins are in storage 'couse i have only boomerangs! fire and water. ready in 14 days to summon that water chakram if scumstone wanna drop her!
        if i get the twins things are gonna go much faster in all cairos but it will take time to build all 3 of them

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        i will try Chilling (L) for attack speed and crit rate increase, Colleen for Heal and attack up, Fuco for the def weaken and decrease speed, Hwa for damage and slow...then one more damager you cant go wrong with Lapis or Xiao Lin but i prefer Lapis since you have Fuco already for Def Weaken.


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          You could try Yen on Vio.

          After her buff, she's Hwa on steroids as far as Necro goes, especially if your team doesn't need the attack bar reduction to clear the pre-boss run up(boss is immune).


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            you could try my safe Team:

            shihwa (vio, rev), khmun (Swift, Energy), Xiao lin (Vamp, Revenge), colleen (Swift, Revenge), Lisa (violent, Revenge) About 2,5 min


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              Lushen, => for the wave cleaning
              Collen, => att buff, heal, heal block, multiple hit
              Shihwa, => multiple hit, brand
              Fuco => slow, deff break, multihit
              Xiong Fei => deff break, multihit

              you'll want your turn order be like this
              Collen > Lushen > Shihwa > Fuco > Xiong Fei

              IMO, the key to speed up necro boss fighting is slow & deff break, those 2 debuff is the key.
              the best unit for necro is the twin, i've been enjoying my twin on NB10, it's stable around 1.10 - 1.20min run. i hope you'll get yours too soon.


              • er0L
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                but the Lushen has to be tanky enough to survive an attack from shihwa if the necro steals her - if bad rng hits you shihwa Brands first and finishes lushen then off with s1
                and from looking at his Monster-box I think it's to early for him to try lushen