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  • Need Help With Auto DB10

    Hey guys, as the title of this post suggests, im currently struggling with autoing db10. Despite looking through the internet I havent found much that helps me. I can auto gb10 at 1.50 min average with Sigmarus (L) Veromos Lushen Bernard Belladeon

    My current team for db10:
    Sigmarus(L) 13k hp 2900 atk 710 def 121 spd 91 cr 160 cd Fatal/Blade
    Verdehile 23k hp 860 def 160 spd 98 cr Swift/Blade
    Belladeon 25k hp 900 def 200 spd 67 acc Swift/Focus
    Veromos 23.5k hp 1100 def 175 spd 56 acc Violent/Energy
    Megan 20k hp 1400 def 176 spd 29 acc Swift/Energy

    I have noticed my megan's accuracy is pretty low and my sigmarus always dies from getting last hit onto right tower and occasionally veromos gets one shotted. When sigmarus dies there's still a chance for me to win but when veromos dies its over due to the continuous damage. 40% win rate and 3.00 min run time pls help. Thanks everyone for taking their time to read! <3

    p.s ign:cronky on asia server hmu if u wanna see my runes to help me

    any help is appreciated!
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    hi, why don't you try with verde as leader?.
    than, if megan is not working with your build you could replace with fire griffon (dont remember his
    He's very effective in slowing down towers.
    Have you ever pulled hwa?

    Good luck


    • cronky
      cronky commented
      Editing a comment
      I have indeed pulled a hwa, sorry for late reply i forgot i posted on here, i'll probably try that, and thanks!

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    Belladeon should have the priority for violent runes
    The average speed of your team should be 170+. Except for a Swift Veromos who needs to be 220(violent 170+ is enough) or a Sigmarus who needs less speed but no slower than 130+
    Verdehile must always be on violent. And preferably revenge too.
    Supports must have atleast 1k DEF
    Unless your team is super fast Sigmarus must have more HP. The faster the clear time the less it needs.
    And the most important of all.
    Why the **** are you attacking the right tower? This team composition is a face team. They should only hit the boss.